My Love Story / Daniel’s Testimony about his mother Gypsy Taub


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Hello I am Daniel Gonzalez, Gypsy’s son. Being raised by Gypsy. Gypsy has always loved me and my siblings a huge amount. She always tried her best to make use happy. She has never once hit me and she was always very respectful of my privacy. She has never once approached me sexually. She raised us with respect. Honestly I am very happy with the way my mom raised me. She has always done her best to help me and my siblings grow and heal. Growing up with her had good things and bad things. She did yell at us sometimes but she never hit us or anything. She was kind to us and always defended us against anyone who was being mean to us. Gypsy has always wanted the best for us and always wanted us to be happy. Gyspy has always treated us with lots of love and respect. She always taught us to be honest and she was also honest to us. Honestly I don’t know where I would be without her she has helped me heal from my Abuse from my father that she didn’t know about when it was happening. Words can’t express how grateful I am for having her has a mom.I can’t believe she is being accused of child abduction and child abuse. That’s something she would never do. My mom has never tried to hurt or abuse us in any way. I feel that Gypsy is being accused of something she didn’t do.


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