My Love Story / Open Letter to Vice-Principle Mr. Albeck of Willard Middle School


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Mr Albeck,

I have always known that you are an oppressor and that you abuse your power. But what happened a week ago blew away everything I had ever heard about you.

I came to school and asked to talk to you. I told you about Phoenix’s mother making a bunch of false accusations about me – not the first time it happened. I have told you in the past how our conflict with her began – we gave her a puppy and took it back 2 days later because we realized we wouldn’t be able to keep the one we had left because it was more aggressive. Phoenix’s mother was acting in very nasty punishing ways in response, and ever since then she has been determined to destroy me and my kids. She made an illegal recording and then distorted everything that was in it and tried to put me in jail and get all my kids taken away from me. All because I took the puppy back and refused to kiss her ass afterwards.

I told you that Phoenix’s mother tortured our puppy. I told you that he was the chillest dog ever before we gave him to her. Upon his return he got sick and then started having violent fits of rage attacking and biting his brothers and even us. It’s been 6 months and it still continues. He bit me really hard 2 weeks ago while sleeping and cuddling with me. According to Leo Phoenex’s mother went through 3 dogs in the past year.

It’s a well known fact that serial killers start by torturing small animals.

I also told you that Phoenix cut himself numerous times while in her custody. I told you that she separated him from his father, and that caused him to put a very big and deep cut on his arm.

You knew all of this. I told you that Raven is accusing me of sending Phoenix sexual emails which is 100% bull shit.

I have also sent you my video about my work with street kids in Mexico at least a month ago:

You know full well: I am not the kind of a person that would ever harm anyone, especially a child.

Yet you proceeded to wage a which hunt on me. I bet you were motivated by jealousy.

You were spying on your students as you always do (as I found out recently). You saw that Phoenix had a letter in his hand and you forced him to give it to you. He asked you what was in it and you refused to even let him read it.

Yes, it was my letter that I wrote to him because I was worried about him cutting himself or worse. I told you that he has feelings for me, you knew it full well.

So I have a question for you and for everyone at Willard Prison Complex. I have a question for everyone who supports and upholds public humiliation and the fascist regime that is blossoming in America today thanks to people like you.

What moral right did you have to steal and then to read my letter that wasn’t addressed to you? What right did you have to rape Phoenix’s soul and my soul?

You didn’t stop there. You proceeded to throw me out of school (I was waiting for Ms Lenz to help me finish some paperwork for Six Flags and was helping her while waiting). You showed up with 2 security guards. You could have at least asked me to leave first, and if I didn’t comply you could have come back with security guards. But that way it would have been a lot less fun for you. You wouldn’t have been able to get off nearly as hard.

You didn’t stop there. You called the cops, got Phoenix’s torturer mother involved and filed a restraining order against me. By the way, every single accusation listed in the restraining order is a bold face lie. Every single one without exception. Phoenix’s mother had to make up lies because there is nothing illegal about having feelings, nothing illegal about expressing them and even dating a minor is perfectly legal as long as there is no sex. I have never broken the law, not even close.

Raven wrote that Phoenix doesn’t want to receive any communication from me. Yet Phoenix has never told me nor emailed nor texted me asking to stop. He could have blocked my email address but chose not to. And when you took my letter from him he asked you and then he asked Daniel what was in the letter. It’s obvious that he does want to receive my communications.

The only people Phoenix needs protection from are you and his mother. And I say this not as a joke, I say this seriously.

As the result of your nasty, despicable, slimy, vile attack on our love Phoenix put at least 4 fresh cuts on his left arm the next day. Daniel said that Phoenix had never cut himself that much at one time before. It’s a good thing he didn’t go all the way.

You are responsible for Phoenix’s wounds and you would have been responsible for his death had he gone a little further.

You take a paycheck every week but you are not at Willard to help anybody. All you want to do is punish the world for all the abuse that ever happened to you – that you never dealt with.

You need to be fired before you drive someone all the way to suicide.

Daniel told me that literally every single kid hates school. I asked him why. I asked him who makes the students miserable. He said that short of a couple of teachers who are not nice, you are by far the main reason why everyone hates school.

I came to school after a long break to submit Daniel’s vaccination exemption. I saw a number of students hanging out outside. I was really disturbed by how utterly miserable and how broken the students looked. I am a therapist and I work with teenagers a lot. I can see a lot of things that may go unnoticed by most people. It was clear that there is something terribly wrong.

In my country Russia we had so much more freedom and so much more respect from the school staff than your students do.

Willard Prison Complex puts communist Russia to shame, that’s how much worse it is at your school than it was in Russia under communism.

We were allowed to leave the classroom and the school grounds at any time. We never had to go through the humiliation of begging for a bathroom break. We were allowed to sit with whomever we wanted starting at the age of 10. Our teachers never ever read our personal letters. We passed notes to each other in class all the time. Sometimes the teacher would intercept them. The notes were placed on the teacher’s desk (without being read) and at the end of the class the students were able to get them back. And we also got an education that was astronomically better than anything that you give your students. The kind of homework Daniel did in 7th grade was the level of our 2nd grade, may be not in all the subjects, but in many, and I am not even exaggerating. Science classes in American schools are the biggest joke and nothing short of a disgrace. Daniel was offended by what was taught in his science class this past month. And it’s not necessarily Ms Lenz’s fault, it’s how America dumbs down its population.

My conflict with you started when you tried to shame, demonize and ostracize Daniel for making a sexual gesture to his friend who laughed about it. You were accusing him of sexual harassment, which shows how utterly stupid and ignorant you are. It is clear that you have never even read the definition of sexual harassment.

The other day you attacked Marcel for making a sexual gesture to Daniel. Daniel defended Marcel and you started raging at Daniel.

What is your problem exactly? Just don’t tell me that you didn’t have sexual desires when you were 14.

What right do you have to instill body shame and sexual shame in young people? It’s this kind of attitude that makes it impossible for children to report real sexual abuse. In most cases children are afraid to report sexual abuse out of shame.

I bet a million bucks that you are a lousy lover. I bet you your sex life is a joke. I bet your marriage is also a joke because without intimacy there is no real companionship. I bet you are a shitty father and would not be surprised if you did inappropriate things to your own kids. It’s a well known fact that the most likely people to be sexual predators are the prudes that are riddled with shame.

On top of it all, I was told that you, Mr Albeck, always intrude in student’s personal lives. I was told by Daniel that you would totally go and intercept any letter anyone had and read it. I can’t believe how disgusting you are. In my country people who read other people’s private mail are considered such socially unacceptable low life scumbags that no one wants to have anything to do with them.

In Russia we had 15 to 20 minute breaks between all the classes. We had plenty of time to socialize, play, rest and be ourselves.

At Willard the only time students can socialize and relax is the lunch break. And that’s where you come in and start spying on students, looking for someone to humiliate, oppress, degrade. No one can feel free at Willard, not for a minute thanks to YOU.

You caught a student who was smoking weed and made her life hell. You know full well that weed is a medicine. She was doing it to help her with anxiety. If she was over 18 she would have been able to get a medical card in the past (before weed was legalized for recreational use) and it would have been legal for her to use this wonderful medicine. But you go around exploiting bad laws to do as much harm as you can to the children.

I bet you there are a ton of students at Willard who are on psyche meds. Some of those psyche meds are known to be 50 times stronger than heroin. They annihilate people’e mental, emotional and physical health. But I bet you – you have no problem with that.

What good can any of you teach our children when you choose to uphold fascism, when you hide the truth, or openly lie, manipulate and oppress? And your excuse? You want that paycheck, right? The time has come to take a serious look in the mirror.

I bet you say you don’t like Trump. But how are you any different from Trump? If all you do all day is hide the truth or lie, manipulate and oppress. That’s what Trump does. In reality Trump is a perfect, crystal clear representation of the choices that mainstream Americans make every day. In Russia we had a great saying: “Every nation deserves its tyrant.”

I want you all to think about that and ask yourselves how you personally contributed to the tyranny that is being waged on America today. How honest are you with yourself? Do you act out of love or out of fear? Are you a freedom fighter or are you a cog in the wheel of fascism? What is your personal impact on the young people who have no choice but spend a lot of their time with you? Because if you are not a part of the solution you are a part of the problem.

And finally, I want to ask Mr Albeck a question.

I know that by law you have to report abuse. I know that by law you are strictly required to notify authorities whenever someone reports abuse to you.

I told you a week ago that Phoenix’s mother tortured our puppy and I told you that Phoenix cuts himself. Did you report the abuse that I made you aware of?

I bet you didn’t. When Daniel told me about Phoenx’s 4 fresh cuts I called the police. They came and they said they were completely unaware of Phoenix cutting himself even though that specific officer knew all about our case with Phoenix’s mother.

So you didn’t make a report about Phoenix’s mother allegedly torturing puppies and about Phoenix cutting himself in her custody?

You deserve to be fired. In fact, the only morally right thing to happen would be getting you fired. Debbie Dean should step in and fire your ass. If she doesn’t then the whole school is rotten to the core. We will have to go to higher levels to expose your criminal behavior towards students, how you don’t report suicide attempts, and instead look for ways to humiliate and break our children.

I have been making TV series for Public Access in Berkeley and San Francisco for a good 16 years. You have probable seen some of my shows without knowing they were produced by me. I have been a media activist for a long time too. Google my name: Gypsy Taub. You will see news media reports about my activism in nearly every big national and many international publications: San Francisco Chronicle, SF Weekly, New York Times, Newseek, The Guardian (in England), and many many more, BBC radio, every possible local TV channel and even Fox news. Our story trended on Yahoo news as one of the top 5 stories in the nation. Sundance channel filmed a whole episode about my activism. There are numerous documentaries in the US and Europe made about my activism. The list goes on and on.

I will make sure that Mr Albeck is exposed for his criminal negligence and his nasty abusive attitude towards students.

And finally, for those of you who want to know the truth I am attaching my letter that I wrote to Phoenix in an attempt to prevent him from going off the deep end in the midst of his mother’s insane which hunt on our love.

You, Mr Albeck, your school, Willard Prison Complex, and the police – you all are treating me like a criminal, like a high level terrorist – and for what? For loving a suicidal teenagers and helping him heal.

I will attach my letter. Please keep it to yourselves, I don’t want students to tease Phoenix, he doesn’t need any more cuts on his wrists.

I am also going to attach the healing bundle that I made for Phoenix about a month ago and emailed it to him. Success bundle technique is a magical ritual. You cut out newspaper and magazine images and words and put them together in a bundle. Then you do 3 different meditations over the course of a week, the bundle is later burned. It’s one of the most powerful techniques that I have ever discovered. The image is attached.

And please listen to this amazingly beautiful song by Muse (called Uprising) It has 168 million views – so this change is coming and unfolding in a huge way. And if you continue upholding fascism we are going to come after you!


Gypsy Taub
(510)-337-4122 (voice mail only)

PS: I am going to send a shorter version of this letter to Willard students. That version does not include anything about Phoenix but still addresses Mr Albeck’s tyranny. I will send you the student copy later today. Please feel free to share it widely.

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With love
Gypsy Taub



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