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Dear friends, this is Gypsy Taub.

I’m writing to you from Santa Rita Jail.

District Attorney, Brian Owens, and Judge Yolada Northridge Threw me in jail on Monday. The bail is set at $2 million.

I was given 9 new charges for allegedly violating the restraining order that was issued to my sons fifteen year old friend, Phoenix, last June.

The DA keeps amending my old charges every time they give me new ones, which is illegal as far as I have been told by lawyers.

My charges are about love letters that I allegedly posted on a blog.

My son Daniel attempted to help Phoenix get to a youth shelter and get into foster care to get away from his abusive mother, Raven Thrasher. Daniel left money and a phone for Phoenix in a locker at school.

They found my fingerprints on that phone.

It was one of our spare phones that we use to lend to friends and homeless people. Most items in my house have my fingerprints on them since I am the person who bought them and most likely used them in the past.

I’m being charged with crimes because my son tried to help Phoenix escape from his abusive mother and because I alleged posted love letters on a blog.

First of all, no one ever forced Phoenix to read any blogs. The only way he would have seen that content is if he willingly went to those blogs to read them. I don’t see that as a violation of the restraining order, even if it did happen as alleged, not to mention that the restraining order itself was obtained against Phoenix’s will, he didn’t even show up for the restraining order hearing.

Phoenix put four cuts on his arm right after the first temporary restraining order was issued. When we found out about his cuts we called the police. Phoenix’s mother refused to show him to the police.

Phoenix has personally told me that he loved me. He also expressed his love in other small ways.

Phoenix cuts himself on a regular basis and all of Phoenix’s friends know that his mother is abusive. They all witnessed her fits of rage over nothing.

About a year ago Phoenix told me in a phone conversation that he was grounded and wasn’t allowed to see my son Daniel for a month because he raised his arms in self defense when his raging mother got really close to him.

He didn’t disclose any further details at the time but it’s clear from what he said that his mother beats him.

All of Phoenix’s friends know that his mother spies on him all the time. She intercepts every text message that he sends and receives according to Phoenix himself. She locked him out of his email accounts to make sure that he can never receive any messages from me or anyone else. Phoenix is never allowed to leave his house. He is never allowed to see his friends. There are good reasons to believe that the only reason she let him use his phone at school is so that she can track his very move.

Phoenix has never been allowed to use any form of social media.

Phoenix’s mother took him out of school to separate him from his friends a few years back and kidnapped him from his father when she moved to California from Alabama, according to the Phoenix himself. Daniel was trying to help Phoenix get into a youth shelter because CPS and police routinely return abused children to their abusive parents despite their abuse reported by those children.

The only place that protects teenagers from abusive parents and from the police is the Oakland Youth Shelter called Dream Catcher.

A year ago, we gave one of our puppies to Phoenix’s mother. When we asked for it back she refused to return it for almost two days.

When we got the puppy back it was very traumatized and appeared to have been tortured. It started having spontaneous fits of rage that it never had before.

If Phoenix’s mother, Raven, is capable of torturing a dog, what would stop her from torturing her child? That would explain why Phoenix cuts himself on a regular basis. He showed Daniel many of his cold cuts.

Phoenix’s mother has posted a lot of Satanic art on her Facebook and her Instagram account. Her username is Goatfethers13. Goths are often used in satanic rituals.

Raven Thrasher glorified the satanic temple on her Facebook timeline. She said they were a good progressive organization.

Instead of investigating Phoenix’s mother the DA threw me in jail with a 2 million dollar bail.

When my kids were abused by their father and the satanic cult, the DA shut down the investigation and the kid’s father’s name mysteriously vanished from the DA’s database. It sure seems like Phoenix’s mother is well connected to the DA too. I wonder if they participate in pedophilic satanic rituals together.

And here’s another case that appears to be protected by the DA’s and by the court:.

Colorado daycare owner, Carla Faith, was recently in the news for hiding 26 children behind a false wall. She was given one misdemeanor charge and a bail of $3000. My bail is 2 million dollars. I have a total of 20 charges, four of them felonies, the rest are misdemeanors. I face about 20 years of prison time right now.

My alleged crimes are writing love letters on blogs and helping my son send money and a phone to Phoenix in attempts to help him get away from his mother’s abuse.

My restraining order was based on nothing but false accusations with zero evidence. The so-called judge (who is really a commissioner and not a proper judge), Tamiza Hockenhull, issued the restraining order in retaliation against me because I confronted her at a prior hearing and called her “Racist”, “Unfair”, and “A disgrace”.

This is all documented in the court transcript and my appeal brief, where I expose Raven Threshers multiple lies.

Please read my appeal brief. It is brilliant in my opinion. I am very proud of it:
The transcripts and my appeal brief are all posted on my blog – www.MyNakedTruth.Tv , My appeal process is due to be finished any day now.

I am confident that my appeal will be honored and that the restraining order against me will be deemed invalid because it is a clear case of “Abuse discretion – as they call abusive decisions made by judges”.

Eight of my constitutional rights were violated during that hearing. That’s on top of false accusations and retaliation against me by commissioner Tamiza Hockenhull. On top of that, the alleged victim, Phoenix, never showed up for the restraining order hearing.

Decides that, Phoenix put four cuts on his arm right after the first temporary restraining order was issued. When Phoenix’s mother requested the restraining order against me she wrote that Phoenix was afraid of me. This was a lie. According to the discovery that I was given by the DA. Phoenix had been interviewed by the Berkeley police and said that he was not afraid of me.

Here is what I wrote at the end of my appeal brief:

“If the authorities, including the appellate court, really care about protecting minors from harm, they should be a lot more alarmed and concerned about a teen cutting himself and possibly trying to commit suicide, then they should be about a teen receiving a love letter regardless of who it is from.”

And here are a few words about my prior charges.

I was arrested without a warrant on December 17th and charged with attempted child abduction, felony stalking, felony child abuse, child molesting and three or four restraining order violations. I was arrested four blocks away from Berkeley High School while walking home with my son Daniel.

This was an hour after Daniel attempted to meet with Phoenix at a nearby target to offer him a lyft ride to the youth shelter. To get away from his abusive mother and get into foster care.

I had zero contact with Phoenix that day and prior to that.

The restraining order never even included Berkeley High School to begin with.

My arrest was 100 percent illegal. I was kidnapped under the color of law.

When I was incarcerated last time, my bail was three hundred and forty five thousand dollars. I ask two different judges (Judge Travino and Judge Yolanda Northridge) to reduce my bail. They both refused, even though it says in “Defendant’s rights” (pamphlet that is given to inmates when they face the judge), that “If in custody, we have the right to be released on reasonable bail while awaiting trial.”

When I was incarcerated in December, my kids kept calling the jail and were repeatedly told that I was jailed for murder. My kids kept asking; “Who died?”.

By the way my PFN number (inmate number) was incorrect on my paperwork.

My bail was never reduced. My friend and supporter of my activism had to pay eight thousand dollars and put his house on collateral to get me bailed out last time.

Luckily the appeal of the restraining order is almost finished.

If the appellate court really does uphold our constitutional rights. My restraining order will be deemed invalid.

I have faith in the appellate court. Their decision is due to be rendered any day now.

That decision will make it clear whether they really do uphold our rights or whether they are in bed with the out-of-control criminals who call themselves D.A. ‘s and corrupt judges of our terrible, unjust and outright criminal court system.

In conclusion, I would like to address the issue of sexual oppression of young people and the people they love. In California, the age of consent is 18. But many young people get married every year at the age of 14. This requires consent from one of their parents.

If Phoenix and I wanted to get married. It would be perfectly legal for us to be married and to be lovers, if Phoenix’s mother gave us consent.

Since she chooses to go against Phoenix’s will, he is not allowed to be with me, no matter how much he loves me and no matter how much he wants to be with me.

Since Phoenix’s mother has no respect for her son’s feelings nor desires, our love is considered a crime.

I’m facing about 20 years of prison time right now because of my love for Phoenix, even though I have never been alone with him and never touched him short of giving him a hug in front of many other people.

How is it okay that young people in this country are literally owned by their parents? This is nothing short of slavery.

In conclusion, I would like to add a few words regarding the big picture.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. I also believe that we all (including myself) create our own reality one hundred percent.

I see this as a spiritual challenge to grow and to let go of all the old fear and limiting beliefs.

I invite all of you to do the same. Let’s all evaluate and face our old fears and limited beliefs. Let’s grow spiritually and let’s create together a beautiful world of love and freewill.

Above all let’s open to the love that God and Goddess have for us. Let’s let the magic in and let us all move forward toward the deepest love, the highest truth and a brilliant future on a personal and global level.

The nude Valentine’s Love parade will not be canceled. I will be with you in spirit. Have a great parade for love and freedom for all of us.

Much love and naked hugs to all, Gypsy.

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