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Gypsy Needs Your Help

Dear friends,

thank you so much for all your letters of support that you sent to the DA.

If you haven’t sent one yet and would like to write one, here is the contact info for the Brian Owens DA. pleases send a copy of your letter to my lawyer Chris Dobbins

My full legal name is Oxane Taub.

My case number is:

Here is the contact info: 19-CR-010394

DDA Brian Owens
1225 Fallon St, Room 900,
Oakland, CA 94612.

Ph: (510)-272-6222

email: brian.owens@acgov(dot)org

My lawyer:

Chris Dobbins
645 A Canyon oaks Dr
Oakland, CA 94605

Ph: (510)-928-0454

email: chrisdobbinslaw@yahoo(dot)com

thank you so much in advance!!

Dear friends,

This is Gypsy Taub.

You might know me from the Grateful Dead tour (or Widespread panic, string cheese, Phish, Phil and friends tour or another music festival) or you might know me from my activism, my healing work or threw personal connections.

I really need your help. I have been incarcerated on false charges for almost six months, having no idea when i will be released if ever.

The DA set my bail for 2 million dollars. The DA keeps telling outrageous lies to different judges. The court has refused to lower my bail at least six times. In the coming week we are going to try another bail reduction motion as well as ask the appellate court for help.

If none of that works I will need help from friends to bail out.

I work with Bail Bonds Bail Hotline. They really support my healing work with the street kids in Mexico and my activism in the U.S. They are willing to give me a great deal. They can get me released if I come up with about $1 million of house collateral and $30,000 cash. One good friend of mine has already given them $200,000 house collateral.

If you want to know more about my story you can read my latest Bail Reduction Motion that I attached below.

If you think you might be able to help me or if you have any recommendations please contact my daughter Inti Gonzalez at loverlily3(at)gmail(dot)com

Please forward this email to your friends. Thank you so much for reading. God bless you.
I love you all,


Oxane (Gypsy) Taub’s Testimonies for the Coronavirus Writ

My name is Oxane (Gypsy) Taub. I’m a single mother of three children, an activist and a troubled youth counselor.

I’m almost 51 years old.

I suffer from severe asthma attacks and weakened immune system.

I have a spotlessly clean record. I have never hurt anybody in my life. I’m not a dangerous criminal.

On the contrary, I do very powerful healing work. I help street kids in Mexico heal from addiction and PTSD.

You can watch a 5-minute documentary about my work with the street kids here:

I have a 15-year-old son named Daniel Gonzalez.

Daniel used to be best friends with his classmate Phoenix, who is the same age as Daniel.

In December of 2018, I made friends with Phoenix’s mother, Miss Raven Thrasher. But shortly after that there was a conflict between her and I over a puppy that we gave her and then had to take back.

Ever since then Miss Raven Thrasher has absolutely hated me and has done her best to destroy my life and my children’s lives in every way she could.

In June of 2019, Miss Raven Thrasher got a restraining order against me based on false accusations. She was accusing me of stalking her son Phoenix, which had never happened.

She told the judge and the police that I sent her son sexual emails. Which was also a lie.

BPD officer Singh reported:

“On 06/05/2019, Raven Thrasher reported her son Phoenix received 30 emails from Oxane Taub (Gypsy). Initially, R. Thrasher told me that some emails were “sexual advancement” in nature.”

See exhibit A, line 3 – 4

The emails were reviewed and reported on by officer Jitenzra Singh, and then additionally reviewed by supervisor Brian Wilson.

Officer J. Singh reported:

“In my review of the emails, I could not find any evidence of explicit sexual content, and the video links appear to be either inspirational or music videos.”

See exhibit B, line 6 – 7

The restraining order against me was issued by commissioner Tamiza Hockenhull who was retaliating against me because I had confronted her at a prior hearing and called her a “disgrace” after she refused to give me and my children a restraining order against my violent neighbors whose violence was documented in video footage.

See exhibit C, page 28 line 16, 18, 21

I appealed the restraining order (appeal case number A158159 div.4).

The appellate court should have already rendered their decision by now, but due to Coronavirus it is taking longer.

Commissioner Tamiza Hockenhull issued a restraining order against me because, according to her, I wrote too many emails, regardless of their nature. She said that it was inappropriate to say “I love you” to a minor.

Her decision was also based on an email that was written by my son, not by me. That email contained some cuss words. It was sent from The commissioner was fully aware of that.

See exhibit D, page 25 line 7 – page 26 line 11

See exhibit M

Since the restraining order was issued Phoenix’s mother, Miss Raven Thrasher, has dedicated her entire life to destroying my life and my reputation.

She continued barraging the police, the DA and the judge with her endless false accusations.

Berkeley Police Department and the DA went out of their way to help her with their own false accusations.

As a result I have 20 charges against me that are absolutely outrageous considering the evidence that they are using.

I was given a molestation charge even though I have never touched Phoenix and no one is alleging that I have. That charge was based on emails that were non-threatening, nonsexual and, frankly, totally random and irrelevant.

See exhibits E, F

The lyrics of the song “Lover, lover, lover” are explained here:

See exhibit B, line 7 – 18

I am also being accused of posting descriptions of spiritual healing techniques, meditations, nonsexual love letters and music on blogs. I am being charged with restraining order violations and criminal protective order violations based on that.

On 9/11/2019, I was charged with a restraining order violation because I drove past Phoenix’s house and stopped at the traffic light.

The address in question (1509 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley) was not listed on the restraining order at the time. Instead, some San Francisco address was listed as Phoenix’s residence.

See exhibit L, Page – 1

I was illegally arrested and then released on my own recognizance by judge Sandra Bean, who added Phoenix’s Berkeley address to the restraining order.

Judge Sandra Bean gave me explicit permission to use that big intersection as long as I don’t park and don’t get out of my vehicle.

See exhibit G, end of the page

Two weeks later, on September 29th 2019, I was charged with two more violations of the restraining order and two violations of the criminal protective order for merely driving past Phoenix’s house and not even stopping (The light was green).

Every time my son, Daniel Gonzalez, tried to contact Phoenix (who used to be his best friend for years) I get charged with a restraining order violation and a criminal protective order violation even though no connection to me has ever been established.

On 12/17/2019 My son Daniel tried to meet Phoenix at Target during lunch to offer to pay for a Lyft ride to a youth shelter where Phoenix could be safe from his mother’s abuse and where he could get foster parents.

As a result I was charged with attempted child abduction, child abuse, felony stalking, willful cruelty to a child, contributing to delinquency of a minor and a number of restraining order and criminal protective order violations.

I was arrested at least 10 blocks away from Target. At least an hour or two later as I was walking home from Union Bank, where I use the ATM. Bank statement is attached.

See exhibit H

I was told by Berkeley Police department that I was arrested for being near Berkeley high, even though there is no restraining order against me at Berkeley high.

See exhibit N

They claim that they saw me near Berkeley high stadium, which is a few blocks away from where the students go during lunch.

My son Daniel Gonzalez left money and a phone for Phoenix in a locker at Berkeley high so that Phoenix could get to the youth shelter on his own if he needed to.

As a result I was given more criminal charges, even though it was my son who sent Phoenix the money and the phone.

The DA said that they found my fingerprints on the phone. Clearly, everything in my house has my fingerprints on it.

I was remanded into custody on 2/10/2020 with an astronomical bale of 2 million dollars. Even though the bail schedule at the time called for a bail of $560,000 and even though the Corona virus bail schedule calls for $300,000 bail.

See exhibit J

Considering that my charges are false, my astronomical bail is even more unfair.

The court refused to lower my bail in violation of my constitutional rights to be released on reasonable bail.

By law, bail cannot be set with the intent of punishing the defendant.

California constitution prohibits “excessive” bail (Cal. Const. art I, §§12, 28(f)(3)).

An Automatic review within 5 days of order setting bail should have happened, but never did.

Pen C §1270.2

I have been incarcerated for almost a total of 6 months even though none of my charges have been proven. The court keeps treating me as if I had already been convicted and sentenced to some unknown amount of time.

I’m being treated like a dangerous criminal and not allowed to go home to my children while rapists and high treason criminals are getting let out of jail right and left.

I respectfully request that this court release me on my own recognizance, or at the very least adjust my bail to where it should be according to the new bail schedule ($300,000).

See exhibit J

I respectfully ask to be released while awaiting trial for the following reasons:

On April 13th 2020, the California Judicial Council instituted a new emergency order mandating $0 bail for most misdemeanors as well as non-violent felonies. An emergency bail schedule was put in place. According to that new emergency bail schedule, my bail should be $300,000.

See exhibit J

I suffer from severe asthma attacks that are induced by my allergies and by anxiety.

See exhibit K

I have had those conditions for many years and have been treating them with Chinese herbs and raw organic diet.

Since I’ve been in jail I have had no access to Chinese herbs, nor a healthy diet. My allergies and my asthma got a lot worse.

I saw the doctor in jail. They said they could not give me an inhaler to use when I need it.

They put me on allergy medication called loratadine.

Loratadine has a number of side effects.

It gave me really bad headaches, stomach aches, diarrhea and made my nose bleed.

I had to discontinue taking that medication. They have no other allergy medication here in Santa Rita jail.

I also suffer from suppressed immune system due to my back injuries and my PTSD and anxiety, which I have had for many years. I have been placed on disability for those conditions at least 5 years ago.

Additionally, I’m almost 51 years old.

I am a high risk for Coronavirus.

Here, at Santa Rita jail, at least one nurse, a few guards and at least 33 inmates have tested positive for Coronavirus, from what I have read and heard on the news.

Conditions at Santa Rita jail are extremely unsanitary. Toilets don’t flush properly, sink clogs up. There are a lot of plumbing issues due to outdated and neglected sewer systems.

I saw sewer water flooding the hallway, and the shower in the dressing room was filled with sewer water too.

Staying in this jail with my health conditions in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak is truly a death sentence that I do not deserve.

I have never touched Phoenix and no one is alleging that I ever have.

I have only seen Phoenix about five times in my entire life, before the restraining order was in place. Three of those five times Phoenix came to my house to see my son. I have not seen him since the restraining order was issued and no one is alleging that I have.

The easiest way for me to see Phoenix would have been to go to Berkeley high School during lunch.

Since my son is also a student at Berkeley high, there is no restraining order against me at Berkeley high. I could have easily gone there to talk to my son’s teachers and hope to run into Phoenix.

Even though it would have been very easy I have never once done that.

The only time I went to Berkeley high was in May of 2019 to register my son Daniel for the upcoming school year. That was a year ago before the restraining order was issued.

Since Phoenix moved away from Berkeley last September I have no clue where he lives.

I have not been charged with any restraining order violations for driving past his house in his new location. Once again, I have no clue where he lives.

I do not know and have never known his phone number.

At the age of 51 I have a spotlessly clean record.

I have never once missed a court date.

I am not a flight risk. I have three kids, five dogs and a cat. I am on disability and have no other way to support myself.

And finally, even though DA Brian Owens wants to make me look like a very dangerous criminal by insisting on keeping my bail at $2 million, he clearly doesn’t really think that I’m all that dangerous. He offered me a plea bargain three months ago. He was willing to let me out of jail right away, with no additional jail time, as long as I plead guilty to his false charge of felony stalking and as long as I accept 5 years of felony probation.

See exhibit P

Since I have no intentions of bleeding guilty to crimes that I did not commit, I refused his plea bargain.

I feel that the DA purposely piled up a bunch of false charges against me. I feel that he purposely inflated my bail to the astronomical number of 2 million, so that he could keep me in jail and rape my spirit. He is purposely subjecting me and my three children to tremendous mental and emotional suffering so that he can break me and pressure me into pleading guilty to his false charges to legitimize his criminal abuse of power.

I kindly ask this court to release me from jail in the interest of justice and in the interest of protecting my children from the tremendous suffering that is being inflicted on them.

If you want to see the exhibits i can email them to you. Please contact me at loverlily3(at)gmail(dot)com