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Dear friends,

David Rosenberg made a news report about my situation on KPFA radio.

If you want to hear, it starts at 23 minutes. Here is the link:

I’m still working on getting bailed out and getting my case dismissed.

The DA was willing to let me out four months ago, with no additional jail time, as long as I plead guilty to the false charge of felony stalking and agree to five years of felony probation and ten years of no contact with Phoenix. Since I’m not willing to plead guilty to crimes that I did not commit and not willing to accept any of those conditions I refused the plea bargain.

Instead, I’m going to stand my ground and get this case dismissed.

I would like to say that I don’t feel like a victim. The people who went out of their way to put me here have their own lessons to learn and I have my own lessons to learn that have to do with facing and transforming my own negative emotions, becoming conscious of my reality creation and reclaiming my personal power.

Global spiritual transformation is finally here. I have spent decades (lifetimes) preparing for it. So have many other people whether consciously or subconsciously. It is finally manifesting in our world. What you have seen so far was but a warm up. The best is yet to come.

According to Lazaris, this transformation of consciousness is the biggest that has ever happened and that will ever happen in the history of humankind.

We are on the verge of manifesting the dream. Our world will not only survive, but will flourish beautifully. We are blessed to be here on this planet at this magical time.

It is the darkest before the dawn. Remember this and think positively. Embrace this transformation of consciousness in your heart and in your mind. Release your fear. Be open to receiving the love and the joy like never before and welcome the new age.

3 thoughts on “Layla

  1. Greg Knox

    I’ve loved your videos for years, and you are in many ways a very cool & beautiful lady. However, you are handling this in just about the worst way possible. You story is like a Choose Your Own Adventure where you go for the worst option every single time.

    There is zero, ZERO chance these charges will be dismissed. I read your briefs and they are just what the DA wants the judge to see. Hire a lawyer with whatever money you can make, but even a public defender would be an improvement at this point. And if nothing else, stop incriminating yourself on your website !!!

  2. Steven Switzer

    The link to the Lazaris material doesn’t seem to work.

    I am rather curious to see and hear some of this material; it seems similar to the material produced by Jane Roberts Butts who used to channel material by an entity called Seth, and material by other trans channelers, such as Kevin Ryerson, famous for his connection with Shirley MacLaine. But I still wanted to see and hear the material anyway out of curiosity. I went to the Lazaris website, but this is all paid material, but I just wanted to see and hear some samples of this stuff before I pay anything.

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