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Cool jail story

I had a friend here in jail. she was here on false charges. The alleged victim had been pressured to lie against her.

But then the alleged victim decided to act like a man and to set things straight. He sent a letter to the DA saying that
he didn’t want to press charges against her and that he wanted her case to be dismissed.

He sent a copy of his letter to her lawyer just to make sure that both sides were aware of his refusal to press charges.

He called the DA and told him to dismiss the case. The DA dismissed her case my Friend was released from jail


I just read your letters of support. from march of 2020. I was really touch by your kind words.

I should be having another bail hearing soon. I’m going to include all your letters in my bail reduction motion.

If you have not written a letter of support for me before and would like to write one, please email it to me at gypsytaub(at)gmail.

feel free to also send copies of your letter of support to my DA and my lawyer.

DDA Brian Owens
1225 Fallon St, Room 900,
Oakland, CA 94612.

Ph: (510)-272-6222

email: brian.owens(at)acgov(dot)org

My lawyer:

Chris Dobbins
645 A Canyon oaks Dr
Oakland, CA 94605

Ph: (510)-928-0454

email: chrisdobbinslaw(at)yahoo(dot)com