case dismissed-another cool story

Dear friend’s,

I want to share another cool story from Santa Rita Jail.

I have a friend here who had a really bad case based on false accusations. They were trying to give her a lot of prison time. Her case was about retaliation and deception, a lot like mine.

Lucky for her, her alleged victim showed up to trial and dismissed the case.

He told the judge:

“She has never harmed me in any way. I don’t want to press charges against her. I want her case to be dismissed”

and the judge dismissed the case

Its a good thing he showed up, because had he not shown up, they could have proceeded without him and convicted her.

This is a great story! its kind of like the story that I posted earlier called “cool story from Santa Rita jail”. They are both great story’s. they both make me feel great!

By the way, my trial has been set for June 28. I will post more details when they are available

Much love to you,


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