About Gypsy Taub

Dear friends,

My name is Gypsy (Oxane) Taub. I am and activist, a single mother of three and the founder of Jerry Garcia Family Clinic (http://www.jerrygarciafamilyclinic.org/), A youth shelter and a compassionate rehab for street kids in Mexico.

I have been incarcerated on false charges for a year and a half. There trying to give me Seven Teen Years of prison time for posting non-sexual love letters and music on blogs and for trying to help an abused teenager get to a youth shelter and get foster care.

My Trial is currently set for august 9th. jury selection starts on July 6th.

If you want to learn more about me, please, visit http://www.jerrygarciafamilyclinic.org/ My Detailed BIO is posted there

Please, watch these 2 videos about my healing work with street kids in Mexico and my body freedom activism in San Francisco

feel free to visit my heeling blog http://www.gypsyshealingblog.com/

Please, come back to this page soon. I will be adding more posts.

I love you all. God bless you.


2 thoughts on “About Gypsy Taub

  1. Horst Zeidler

    Hallo Gypsy,

    ich wünsche dir für deine Verhandlung alles Gute und hoffe für dich, dass deine Haft beendet wird. Dann werden deine Kinder endlich wieder ihre Mama zu Hause haben.

    viele Grüße und bleibe Gesund,

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