AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH by Gypsy Taub part 2

AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH by Gypsy Taub part 2

In July of 2019 I reached out to his father, William Forest Pitts, who was living in Alabama. I

asked him to move to California so that he could be with John and so that he could protect

him from Raven. I offered to let him stay at our house for free until he gets on his feet, gets a job

and gets his own place to live where he could take care of John and hopefully get full

custody. Forest was friendly in response at first, but then turned against me. I reached out to

him again in October of 2019. Here’s the email I sent him:

Exhibit E4

I did my own investigation of Raven and found a lot of satanic images on Ravens Instagram and

Facebook pages. Among other things, she glorified the satanic temple and 30 of her friends

liked her praise of the satanic temple.

Exhibit I2

(The above Exhibits is located in a folder on the very top of the list of Exhibits)

In my attempt to help John I reached out to the vice principal of Willard Middle School, Mr

Albeck. He did absolutely nothing. He never reported John’s cuts to anybody.

I reached out to the CPS, to Berkeley Police a few times, to John’s father Forest Pits and to

DA Roisman. Here’s my correspondence with DA royseman.

Exhibit E2

No one was willing to help John. No one was taking his situation seriously .

I did some research of my own. My daughter Inti introduced me to her friend Grayson who had

grown up in a group home. Grayson told me about an Oakland youth shelter called

Dreamcatcher. Grayson said that Dreamcatcher was the only place that did not returned abused

teens back to their abusive parents and did not surrender them to the police.

I went to Dreamcatcher and met with The general manager Dwayne Chenevert. Dwayne

confirmed that neither parents nor police were allowed to enter Dreamcatcher. He told me that

John would be safe there and would be able to get a CPS referral and get into foster care. I

was told that if John doesn’t like his foster parents he would be able to return to dream

catcher and get new foster parents.

Daniel really wanted to help John too. He was really happy that I finally found a place where

John could be safe from abuse and where he could get into foster care.


Daniel and I posted information about dream catcher on blogs called “friends for life” and “help

for teens”. We posted the address, photos of the shelter and to the mural near it. We posted

detailed descriptions of the building and all its entrances.

In November of 2019 Daniel sent John his old phone through their mutual friend Leo. He

sent John his phone so that John could communicate with his friends without being spied

on by his mother and so that John could order a lift or call a cab so that he could go to


In the meantime, I appealed my restraining order. And the appeal was due to go through by

January or February of 2020. Daniel and I became concerned that If I win my appeal Raven

would kidnap John and take him out of the Bay area where none of us would be able to find

him, nor help him. Since she had kidnapped him from his father before we knew she was fully

capable of that.

Exhibit: Prelim 8

We realized that the easiest way for Raven to permanently take John away was to take him

out of town during Christmas break and to simply never come back. That way he would be

caught by surprise and wouldn’t try to run away to Dreamcatcher to avoid getting permanently

taken away. Daniel and I realized that we were almost out of time. Christmas break was about to start in a few days.

(That Christmas Raven actually did take John out of town, but since i was arrested on new charges, it was safe for her to bring John back)

On December 15th, 2020 Daniel sent John a note through his friend Leo. In that note he told

John that he wanted to meet him at Target near Berkeley high.

β€œShe is going to take you away from this area forever very soon. This is our last chance to help you.

Meet at Target near the entrance at lunch tomorrow. Leave your bag and your regular phone in the locker.

If you miss tomorrow, meet at lunch at Target the next day and the next.”

(“She” refers to John’s mother. “Our last chance to help you” refers to Daniel and myself.)

Daniel wanted to ask John if John wanted him to order a lift so that John could go to


On December 17th, 2019 Daniel went to the Berkeley high area and waited for John in front

of Target during lunch break. Clearly, there was a lot of surveillance there and a lot of Berkeley

high students. Daniel waited for a few minutes. He saw John on the other side of the street

but John did not come to meet Daniel. He just kept walking. Daniel figured that John

wasn’t ready to go to Dreamcatcher and left the area.

While Daniel was waiting for John in front of Target I was at the bank. Then Daniel and I met

up and started walking home. My vehicles were both broken so we were on foot.


On our way home we looked around the neighborhood for at least an hour looking for my

sweater that I had lost there two days prior. We did find my sweater (orange and black). I also

found a stack of magazines. I looked at them for a while. Daniel was getting tired of waiting for

me. I caught up with him and we headed home on foot on MLK (Martin Luther King Jr way), One of the biggest streets in Berkeley.

I was wearing a long bright pink wrap around skirt, clearly not trying to hide.

Exhibit I8

It was obvious that we were not hiding from anybody.

i was arrested about eight blocks away from Target at least an hour after Daniel tried to meet

John. I was charged with attempted child abduction, contributing to the delinquency of a

minor and a few restraining order violations. I was given $345,000 Bail that the court refused to

lower. One of the supporters of my healing work and my activism put his house on collateral and bailed me out.

When I got out of jail on January 10th 2020 Daniel told me that Leo had a message for me from

John. John said that he was sick of living with his mother, that he wanted to get away

from her on his own and that he wanted me to stay out of it because he didn’t want me to get in


We should have stayed out of it and let John deal with his situation on his own. He knew

where to go, that was the main thing. But we wanted to make sure that John had the money

to pay for a cab and a phone to call a cab or to order a Lyft.

We made multiple posts on the friends for life blog telling John where we hid money for him.

Daniel also hide a phone and $50 for John in a locker at Berkeley high.

Exhibit P11

Page 1 Lines 18-27

P 2 l 1-25

P 5 l11-15

Exhibit P12

Whole page 1

P2 l 1-12’

Exhibit P15

All our posts were discovered by Raven, then the police. All the money and the phone were

confiscated by the BPD. Not only did the police refuse to help John, but they made sure to

Page 8

sabotage all the help that we tried to give him. They made sure that he had no way out of his

abusive situation.

After the restraining order was issued I was worried that John would commit suicide or go off

the deep and in some way or another because I knew that he had feelings for me. I

created a blog called “Lemurian dreamers” where I posted music, healing meditations and

letters for him. I didn’t want to violate the restraining order.

None of my posts contained any threats or any sexually explicit content.

I never stalked John Doe. I never physically followed him and never made any threats. No one is alleging that I did any of those things.

I never tried to kidnap nor conceal him from his family either. My son and I were trying to help him get to a youth shelter called Dreamcatcher.

My DAs offered me 3 plea bargains letting me go home with time served, starting just a couple of weeks after I got arrested. I declined because I wanted to go to trial instead to prove that I was innocent.

My case is under appeal due to the fact that my charges are unsupported by evidence and due to many other violations of my rights by the court.

I never intended any harm to John Doe nor anyone else, ever. I have no prior criminal record and no disciplinary violations in prison besides being late for class on a day when I was sick.

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