I am out of prison

Dear friends,

I am out of prison. It feels great to be out. 

I have a lot of healing to do. I plan on spending at least a year focusing on healing myself and my family. I am not planning to organize any body freedom events for at least a year. If anybody wants to organize a body freedom event, please respond to this post in the comment section and I will get back to you and explain the process.

I plan on staying out of prison. People ask me if I plan on having any contact with the so-called “victim” of my case. The response is that I will only have contact with him if he dissolves the 10-year stay away order which he can do very easily by calling the DA. If he doesn’t care enough to do that then there is no reason for me to ever see him again.

If you want to say anything to me, please use the comment section. If you don’t want your comment to be published, please indicate that in your comment and I will not publish it.

My very best wishes and naked hugs to all of you! I love you.


11 thoughts on “I am out of prison

  1. Steve S

    I am glad to hear you are out of the can! Being locked up is not fun. I was locked up in Canada for a month and a half. So, I have some sense of what it is like. Best wishes. I look forward to seeing you naked again.

  2. Nudist or Exhibitionist?

    Dear Gypsy,
    I’m delighted that you’re out of prison, and I hope you are able to rebuild your life with the love and help of your family and friends.
    I have been to lots of skinny-dipping parties, hot tubs, saunas, free beaches, naturist travel clubs, clothing-optional resorts, and even the controlled environments of old-fashioned nudist camps. I truly think that being unclothed along with other willing participants is healthy for body and soul. But what you have been doing is amazing, stripping down in public! The idea of taking off my underpants in public and walking through San Francisco streets naked, without even a fig leaf, is fascinating and terrifying at the same time.
    I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but for many years, the traditional nudist magazines couldn’t show bare penises because of postal regulations. The men in the photos had to hide behind people and props, or turn their asses to the camera, or worst of all, had their dicks airbrushed out so that they looked like they didn’t have any. Then the nudist publishers sued the government again and again until the censorship was brought to an end. I always envied the guys who got to show everything, from head to toe, and then finally I got to appear full-frontal in a nudist magazine. I felt thrilled and embarrassed at the same time, knowing that anyone who bought that magazine would be able to see lots of private parts, including mine! But the idea of baring all and exposing my genitals at one of your events, in public, in front of lots of total strangers who would be able to photograph me butt-naked — I just can’t imagine what it must feel like! What do you think?
    Anyway, I’ll keep following your page to see if you ever schedule more parades, and maybe I’ll make up my mind then.
    Stay natural!

  3. Kelly

    I have followed you and your Body Freedom efforts for some time now and I was so sorry to learn how things took a turn for the worse and when you were placed in custody how that much have affected your family. I attempted to reach out to your daughter shortly following your incarceration and offer support, but understandably, Im sure the lifestyle and life disruption was a challenge for them. I kept an eye on this site for updates as I did not want to bother them but I always wondered how things were going as they lived their lives in your absence. I can only imagine it was difficult.
    I live in Florida and my busy lifestyle doesn’t allow me to attend your events but I watch for videos and photos on various sites.
    I wish you and yours the best, moving forward. Congratulation on your freedom.

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      Thank you so much for your support and for all your kind word, Kelly!
      I hope to meet you some day.
      I am doing great. My life us getting better and better. Miracles keep happening. And it’s only going to get better.

  4. Natural Lee Dope

    Glad to see that you are free and back with your family! Your a beautiful person that does great things for the people.. Looking forward to seeing you pick up where you left off… Sending positive healing vibes your way….

  5. Rob Craig

    Sending you and your family supportive and healing energy so that each of you can thrive in life from here forward.

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