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My Sentencing Hearing on November 4th at 10am


This is the link to the court hearing:




Dear Friends,


Thank you all so much for your generous donations, your love and support!


The judge is not willing to wave anymore time. I’m going to have my sentencing hearing on Thursday, November 4th at 10am In Department 5 at Rene C Davidson court in Oakland:

1225 Fallon St, Oakland, CA 94612


The Judge can give me years of prison time, let me go home on time served or anything in between. Please, come and testify to help me go home.


My daughter Inti had a stroke a few days ago due to a combination of circumstances that would have never happened had I been home. She needs my help so that she can recover.


My own health is under attach hear in jail. They’re using deadly chemicals that are not supposed to be used indoors and not supposed to be used without special protective gear. This is totally illegal. They are spraying this shit multiple times a day. They a literally killing us. They don’t care.


My children and I need your help. Please, help us!


With Love,





P.S. If you want to testify please contact my lawyer Chris Dobbins at 510-928-0454 or at his email chrisdobbinslaw(at)yahoo