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George Davis expelled from Body Freedom Network for sexual harassment

Dear body freedom lovers,

the next nude event for us is the Body Freedom contingent at the Gay Pride Parade. Please join us this year! It is so much fun to march down Market St with our signs as the crowd cheers and celebrates body freedom with us!

We need some help to pay for the parade application and also for our amazing lawyers this month. Please send donations by paypal to gypsytaub(at)gmail(dot)com. If you want to send $ directly to Gill Sperlein or if you dont have paypal please email me.

I will not be participating in any events organized by George Davis. If you weren’t present at the Nude Women’s Day Parade here is an update for you. George has been sexually harassing my daughter for along time now and I finally decided to expose him to the movement and to the world. If he comes to another event of mine I will get a restraining order against him. Considering that a minor is involved it will not be hard to get the restraining order. I have email threads and other proof for those who have doubts and for the judge, of course.

I believe that people like George are hurting our movement, not to mention the damage done to the children who are subjected to sexual harassment and possibly sexual abuse by such people.

I plan on organizing another nude love parade in the summer. It will be called “The Summer of Love Nude Parade” and will happen sometime in August, on or around Jerry Garcia’s birthday.

Many nude blessings to you all! By the way, I went swimming nude today at a regular non-nude beach in Mexico!

I love and miss you all!