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Dear body freedom lovers,

You are invited to march with us in our nude Body Freedom Lovers contingent in PRIDE PARADE on Sunday, June 30th.

Our Parade Placement # is 138, we assemble on Block M (arrive on Mission St at Main St) before 1pm.  

San Francisco Pride 2019, June 29-30


Our Parade contingent is called “Body Freedom Lovers.” Wear whatever you like, preferably NOTHING, at the exhibit booth and whole Celebration area on both days, and march NAKED in the Parade. We want our pro-nudity message to be loud and clear!

Nudity is legal at all of Pride, but you should fanny-pack some clothing in case it’s cold, or leave some with a friend.  Our exhibit booth, run by and shared with our friends at Fans of Urban Nudity (F.U.N.), opens at noon on Saturday and 11am on Sunday, location TBA.  The Parade starts at 10:30am Sunday, but our Contingent (the SFPride term for a marching group) assembles at a time and place TBA, see below.  Pride Parade is where we get the most exposure with the least effort. It is very important to make our statement about body freedom to the hundreds of thousand of people who will be there. Please join us! Bring friends! Write us here with any questions. And if you haven’t done it, I strongly urge you to march!  The feeling of love and support from *everyone* for nude expression will make you feel *so* blessed.  It’s the experience of a lifetime.  See you there!

THE PARADE, Sunday June 30:

MARCH NAKED in the Pride Parade!  Yes it’s totally legal to be totally naked through the march in the Parade and at ALL of Pride.  This is a rare chance to march naked and proudly for Body Freedom, it’s legal and it’s free!  This whole event is exempt from the city’s nudity ban along the parade route and at the Celebration Area when those events take place.  The Pride Festival runs from 12-6pm on Saturday, June 29 and 11am-6pm on Sunday, June 30. The Parade starts SUNDAY, JUNE 30 at 10:30am and ends at about 2:30pm.  

Our Parade Placement # is 138, we assemble on Block M (arrive on Mission St at Main St) before 1pm.  

Our parade contingent # is BO1902, and our contingent is named “Body Freedom Lovers.”  The Parade goes south on Market until it disperses at Eighth St, at which point you can walk naked straight into the Celebration Area.  

To march with us in the Parade, you should be completely naked, though shoes and minimal body ornamentation are fine.  That is, breasts, buttocks, and genitals should be completely visible.  However, persons with attached or worn medical devices such as sanitary napkins, ostomy equipment, etc., may march if those items are visible or minimally covered. Please bring water, sunblock, and clothes for warmth in a small pack, or have a friend hold them while you march.  Please bring friends, it’s free! How often can you legally march in the nude?    

IMPORTANT: Try to enter the assembly area from the SOUTH of Market St, because Market St. is totally jammed with spectators and blocked off because of, well, the parade!  Otherwise you need to walk a couple of blocks up on Market Street to go around the starting end, near the Embarcadero. There are portable toilets on each of the staging streets.  Bring some toilet paper…

A map of the parade route is below:



THE EXHIBIT BOOTH, Open Sat 12-6pm and Sunday 11am to 6pm:

The Booth, shared with Fans of Urban Nudism (F.U.N.) will be in the Pride Celebration, which occupies a roughly 4×4 block area around Civic Center in San Francisco.  There is a map of the Celebration area at the bottom of the page here.  Note, the Saturday map actually defines the area correctly, it’s not as large as the Sunday map shows:

Like last year, we are sharing an exhibit booth with Friends of Urban Nudism (F.U.N.).  They are running the booth and it is registered in their name, but we have split the cost.  We had good attendance with members from both of our groups last year, so we decided to join up again.  It will have a banner reading “Naked Body Freedom” across the top.  You can be naked everywhere in the celebration, so enjoy it naked!  We need volunteers: please, any time you can spare to share the load would help. And please just stop by even for a minute to say hello! We need folks to promote nudity and all Body Freedom and hand out flyers. No training or experience required! HAVE FUN!

I will be there. I hope to see you all at Pride on Sunday, June 30th and/or at my Birthday Suit Parade to celebrate my 50th birthday on Sunday, June 23.

Big naked hugs,