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My Naked Truth TV – San Francisco elections – don’t vote for Scott Wiener!!!

Dear body freedom supporters,

we are staging a protest against Scott Wiener and the nudity ban on November 1st, Saturday, at 12 noon at Harvey Milk Plaza (right next to Jane Warner Plaza).

We invite you to join us nude, dressed or anywhere in between if you don’t want to continue losing your civil rights and your rights to fair housing, if you don’t want to watch San Francisco get sold to the highest bidder by the Republican puppet Scott Wiener.

Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell took $200,000 from a Republican real estate investor and power broker Thomas Coates during the last election. Thomas Coates invested one million dollars into Proposition 98 that would have eliminated rent control in the entire state of California. Is is clear to you now who Scott Wiener represents? Google “Scott Wiener + Thomas Coates” and read major San Francisco news papers as they expose this dirty alliance.

Please help us defeat Scott Wiener in the coming elections! Join us on November 1st!