NUDE VALENTINE’S DAY PARADE – SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15 @ 11 am @ Jane Warner Plaza, San Francisco

Gypsy Taub protest against nusdity ban san francisco

Gypsy Taub protest against nusdity ban san francisco

Gypsy Taub and Daniel Gonzalez

Gypsy Taub protest against nusdity ban san francisco

Hi, everybody!

Come celebrate Valentine’s Day with us in the nude! We make love naked. How about you?

What could possibly be a more appropriate dress code for celebration of love?

Come celebrate body freedom and freedom of expression with us!

Let’s remind everybody what San Francisco is really about.

San Francisco was named after St Francis who was a nudist. He preached in the nude.

One day St Francis built a church using his wealthy merchant father’s money. When his father took him to court St Francis stripped naked in front of everybody, threw his clothes to his father and said: “I shall go naked to meet my naked lord.”

Nothing could be more ignorant and hypocritical than criminalizing the human body in a city that is named after a preacher who preached in the nude.

In early 2013 a law was passed in San Francisco that is commonly called “the nudity ban”. According to this law you can go to jail for a year for merely taking off your clothes on a warm summer day. (That’s if you do it 3 times in a year. If it is your first or second time you get a $100 fine.)

Nothing could be more hypocritical than criminalizing God’s creation – the human body.

Criminalizing genitals is no different from criminalizing flowers – they are plant’s genitals. Imagine if flowers had to be covered. Imagine if plants got thrown in jail for blooming and showing their flowers.

And what about animals? Imagine having to put underwear on your dog and worrying that if your dog rips it off it will be thrown in jail.

How come we have less rights than dogs and flowers?

It’s time to legalize humans!

NUDE LOVE PARADE will start on Saturday, February 15th at 11 am in Jane Warner Plaza. We start marching at noon (hopefully). We will loop around a bunch and end up at Haight and Stanyan.

The parade is fully permitted by the SFPD, no one will get arrested nor cited.

Come join us! We want to see you naked.

Parade route:

Jane Warner Plaza, South on Castro, West on 19th St, N on Diamond, E on 18th, N on Noe, E on Market, N on Church, W on Herman, N on Fillmore, W on Haight to Stanyan.

15 thoughts on “NUDE VALENTINE’S DAY PARADE – SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15 @ 11 am @ Jane Warner Plaza, San Francisco

  1. Robert

    Hello Gypsy,

    My name is Robert,

    I love how open minded you are and what you are doing about body freedom, and helping people with addiction. Keep up the good work!

    I used to live in Europe, and go to beaches there almost every day. In Europe we have clothing optional and often nude beaches, which isn’t a big deal. When I go to the beaches here, I find that people here don’t have clothing optional beaches. But doing research on finding beaches here in California coast there are nude beaches, just not a lot of people know about it because there are no signs saying that this is a nude beach.

    When I was at a beach a small group of people I saw were nude at Drakes Beach, I asked them if this was a nude beach. They said its a clothing optional/nude beach. So I went nude and enjoyed the beach.

    My point is that if I hadn’t seen these groups of nude beach goers I would have not known that it was okay to go nude on the beach there.

    That got me thinking while at that beach. What we need are signs posted on beaches along California coast that are clothing optional / nude beaches! We don’t have any of these signs! In Europe we have lots of signs stating that this is a nude beach. If people start to see signs that this is a nude beach, then more people will not hesitate to strip it down on the beaches, even if people slowly start going topless more often then eventually there will be fully nude beaches that will be common place. Then if we were to be called out by a ranger then we point to the sign well there’s a sign that states that this is a nude beach and you can’t get cited.

    Nude beach signs can be found on Amazon and other websites, I wonder if your group could set aside funds for putting up lots of these nude beach signs at California beaches that are not heavily used by people to slowly get people to go to nude beaches. Then eventually put up signs on popular beaches?

    What are your thoughts about this ideas?

    Have a good day!



  2. Kelly

    So sorry to hear Gyspy is back in jail. I figured this would be a long road for her. Im a retired officer of the Court in Florida and the system throughout the USA is the same. I so hope all the best for her and her kids.
    I reached out to her daughter a while ago and tired to shed some positive energy her way. I don’ think I was successful.

    Does anybody know if the parade took place on the 15th?

  3. richard torres

    I can’t wait for this wonderful event. I attend it almost all the time. It will good to see some new faces as well as old ones. I am so glad you are doing it again Gypsy!

  4. Horst Zeidler

    Hello Gypsy,
    I wish you every success for your parade on Saturday. A particularly nice weather and a lot of active participants.
    many naked greetings from Germany by Horst

  5. UK Dan

    Yay great to see you’re still doing it despite you’re recent problems! Looking forward to seeing it and being there in spirit, even if I can’t be in person this time!

    Btw that pic of you and Daniel is so cute! Even if the rest of him has grown up now, you can really see he’s kept that cheeky expression! 🙂

  6. Mark

    So excited to finally attend with my kids and wife (even our dog!) after much deliberation. Can’t wait to see you and your family there and thanks a lot for organizing it again.

  7. Christopher Leslie

    I must say I have always wanted to try the nudist lifestyle, but unfortunately I have never met any open minded people yet. Hiking or camping naked in the wilderness is one of goals and I just want to say it takes a lot of heart to fight for a cause you believe in the nude! Honestly I don’t see the problem with being naked public at all and to all nudist out there, stay AWESOME!

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