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My Naked Truth – Adam part 1

This is an interview with Adam who is a 911 truth activist from New York City. We talk about nudity, hoe Adam used to hang out naked with his friends when he was in highschool. We talk about his sex life. Later in the interview we start talking about 911 truth. We both believe that 911 was orchestrated and carried out by the highest levels of the US government. We continue this discussion in part 2.

In his interview Adam mentions a film by Alex Jones called “The Road to Tyranny”. Initially, Adam believed the official story about 911 and was ready to enlist in the military to fight “the terrorists”. After seeing “The Road to Tyranny” Adam changed his mind.

The other 911 truth documentary mentioned un the interview is “Painful Deceptions” by Eric Huffschmidt. This used to me my favorite 911 documentary until I saw Loose Change. Here are the films:

The Road to Tyranny:

Painful Deceptions:

Loose Change: