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When I exposed George David for his sexual harassment of my young daughter he responded with a barrage of insults and false accusations. Watch this video to get a better understanding of my conflict with George Davis.

IN THE MIDDLE of this video is an interview with my children about George Davis’s sexual harassment of my daughter. That video also includes my speech at the Women’s Day nude event in APril of 2016 where I exposed George Davis publically.

And to George Davis and his defenders I say this:
“I don’t give a fuck who you think you are. If you have no respect for my children stay THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE!!!”

If you want to read George Davis’s open letter that I made this video in response to here it is:

Open Letter to Gypsy Taub from George Davis:

I wish it were not necessary to write this letter, but recent actions against me by Gypsy Taub leave me no choice.

Many of you are asking what is all this infighting between Gypsy and I about? From a detached perspective, I am like many of you, scratching my head because right now most people consider the Body Freedom Movement and other naturist movements as small niche movements. Forget that it directly effects every one of us every day. Body Freedom and the making of a consciousness where all human bodies and body parts are considered normal and natural involves disrupting government/corporate censorship, creating realistic body image acceptance, ending excessive conformity, stopping overreaching church and state power, enhancing physical and mental health, and letting people fully enjoy the fun physical comfort and pleasure of a nice day.

As many of you know, Gypsy has publicly made allegations that I sexually abused her teenage daughter. The allegations do not involve inappropriate touching, rape, or any other legally actionable activity — they involve only Gypsy’s own twisted interpretations of remarks I have made, lifted out of context, and distorted to make them sound ominous. You can read the accusations on Gypsy’s site, 2016/06/page/3/.

As everyone who is familiar with her is aware, Gypsy sees the world as full of plots and conspiracies. She believes that vaccines are an evil conspiracy by the medical establishment to harm people. She believes that the Orlando nightclub massacre never happened, and was a hoax staged by the government to distract attention from election fraud. She believes that the 911 attacks were organized by the U.S. government.

Conspiracy theorists are masters of constructing elaborate conspiracies out of unrelated bits and pieces lifted from conversations and recollections. Gypsy is a dyed-in-the-wool conspiracy theorist. It should surprise no one that she could construct a story of pedophilia out of a few innocent remarks.

Legally, I could sue Gypsy for slander and libel. I would prevail. But considering that Gypsy doesn’t appear to have any significant assets, it would be excessively costly in time, effort, and money.

When Gypsy publicly denounced me in June, I was totally fine with the concept of never working with her again. However, a few days ago, Gypsy called Andy Golub, the New York City body-painting artist for whom I secured a permit for an October 23 San Francisco Body Painting Day and Parade. (Details of that event are at She repeated to Andy her sexual allegations about me and threatened to “expose” me and cause trouble at the event if Andy worked with me. She then told Andy that she wanted to help him put on this event.

What is actually behind Gypsy’s outbursts? Does she suffer from Narcissistic Peronality Disorder (the “Donald Trump” personality)? diseases-conditions/ narcissistic-personality- disorder/basics/symptoms/con- 20025568

This interpretation would be consistent with her attempt to take over Andy Golub’s event. Is it possible that Gypsy’s attacks were triggered by the fact that I have been organizing a Body Art Show event for September 24, the day before the Folsom Street Fair? — Does she perceive this as evidence that she is losing some of the control over the Body Freedom movement that she has gained in recent years by her persistence, energy, and attacks on her opponents (real or imaginary)?

Below is my letter to Gypsy. It is somewhat ironic that I take on some of Gypsy’s paranoid perspectives in dealing with her.


For your information: Andy Golub does almost all of his own production work. He raises his own funds, and gets his own artists and models. He is way more interested in art than the politics of Body Freedom. Except for the permit which he now has, he does not need any further help from either you or me. Except for maybe getting body painted and going to the after-party, I have very little more to do with San Francisco Body Painting Day. . . . My focus is on the San Francisco Body Art Show, September 24, Do you want to be in charge of that too?

So, tell me. What would you like to see me do? Commit suicide like your first husband? Run away from you like Jimmy (current husband)? Get into a flame war with you? Sabotage your events and projects? Shrug my shoulder, smile, and call you out as a nutcase and loose cannon like everyone else does? Write more open letters about you? Marry your daughter? Wear your slave collar and beg for forgiveness? Recognize you as the goddess that you claim to be becoming (Caligula anybody?)? Find you a psychiatrist?

I, like many others, find you toxic and divisive. I suggest you move on to whatever direction you want to go without intersecting with me, as I prefer to do with you. In case there is any ambiguity in the last sentence, it translates to “FUCK OFF!!”

George Davis