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Dear friends,

here is my next poem for my guitar (and songwriting) class:

FREEDOM by Gypsy Taub

Freedom, who are you?
A lover, a teacher?
A mother, a child?
A sinner, a saint?

A divine seductress
Who playfully showers
Boundless love
On our hungry hearts?

Are you a rebel?
A tornado of change
Who uproots stagnant swamps –
Outdated beliefs?

Are you a destroyer
Of all that imprisons,
Breaking down walls
Of our limiting thoughts?

Or a tropical rain
Drumming so loud,
Cleansing our bodies,
our minds and our hearts?

Are you my rage –
A violent thunder
That gives birth to a lightening
That exposes the truth?

You feel all my pain,
Understand all my darkness,
You accept me as I am –
Weak, broken and lost.

You let me cry, scream and break things,
Be jealous a greedy,
You always forgive me
And inspire me to grow.

I am in love with you, freedom,
You never cease to amaze me.
You always find me
No matter how lost I become.

You wake me up and you call me
To a wonderous adventure.
You challenge me gently
To rise up once again,

To express all my feelings
And to feel them intensely,
To live life to the fullest,
And to follow my bliss.

You ignite my desire
With your fearless passion,
Spread it like wildfire
From my heart to my lips.

Like a passionate lover
You kiss me all over
And show me the beauty
Of being myself.

You take off my blindfold
And you show me the rainbow.
You give me the courage
To create a new world.

You bring me forgiveness
For myself and for others,
Complete self-acceptance
From within, from above.

You allow transformation
Of my pain and my darkness
Into true liberation –
Unconditional love.