Dear body freedom lovers,

welcome to our nudist contingent at Pride Parade!

Come march with us, ladies and gentlemen! Drop your inhibitions and drop your pants and panties!

We believe in total freedom of self expression unrestricted by fabrics and oppressive rules of society. Just as the gay movement pioneered sexual freedom and freedom to love whomever one pleases we pioneer body freedom and the freedom to love ourselves in our most natural state. We hope you join us as we march down Market Street nude thus giving everyone permission to love themselves without inhibitions. Some day we hope to have a nude parade the size of Pride.

Our contingent placement number is 142, contingent name: Body Freedom Lovers, group M2

We need to assemble on Main St between Market and Mission by noon.

Our marching time is scheduled to start between 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM. We are going to bring music so we can dance and have a good time while waiting.

We will be marching in a line (from left to right). Please comply with this rule for we look our best that way. When our group becomes a disorganized mob with some people rushing ahead and others lagging behind with big gaps we don’t even look like a group any more. Trust me, we make a much more powerful impression when we march side by side and form a solid line across Market Street. If our contingent is bigger this year we can have a line in the front of our group and have the rest of us behind the line. Please make sure to pay attention and stay with the group in an organized way so we can deliver our message of body freedom in a focused and powerful way.

In order to participate in our contingent everyone needs to be fully nude. Our message is body freedom (the whole body) and not body shame (when you see a woman wearing shorts in a naked crowd she makes a very clear statement that she is ashamed of her genitals). Please do not invite people who are not willing to be fully nude. They are more than welcome at all our other events but the nudist contingent at the Pride Parade is the only exception. We hope you all join us! Please drop your pants and drop your inhibitions!

Big bags are not allowed at the parade (see instructions form Pride below) but please remember to bring WATER, SUNSCREEN, COMFORTABLE SHOES!

Please donate to our legal fund and help pay for Pride parade application! (On the right side of this page is a “Donate” button.)

I hope to march with you all on Sunday!

with love,


Here are Pride organizers’ instructions:


If you are aware of a gap developing between you and the contingent
ahead of you, try picking up your pace to the extent that safety
permits. Also, there are “Gap Monitors” positioned on the Parade
Route. Please comply with their directions.
- The ONLY place you can stop (maximum 1 minute) is at the
grandstands, with preapproval from our Parade Manager.
- “Moving” choreography should be repeated every 30 seconds for
maximum enjoyment by the crowd.
- NEVER stop to perform, or perform for more than 30 seconds, unless
the parade has halted for a natural reason.
- DO NOT STOP to perform at the broadcast cameras or any other
cameras along the route. Perform your 30-second moving routine.


(NEW FOR 2016)
- DO NOT STOP to perform at the broadcast cameras, or any other
cameras along the route. You can perform your 30-second moving
- Alcohol or mind-altering substances cannot be consumed or
distributed in the Parade.
- Metallic Mylar balloons, Mylar confetti, and high-flying Mylar
streamers are prohibited along the Parade route because of MUNI
overhead wires. Mylar sheeting on your float is fine. Some companies
do make plastic Mylar that looks metallic. Please check when ordering!
- Electioneering for candidates, legislation, or ballot initiatives is
- Nothing may be thrown into the crowd. Your contingent (except for
wheel monitors, who never leave their wheels) can hand out items to
the crowd.
- Please do not hand out stickers with heavy or permanent glue
backings, nor place them on public property, including buildings, poles,
rails, or MUNI booths. The city will charges for their removal and this
has a negative impact on our donations back to the community.