The rally starts at 11 am and the parade will start at 12 noon on Sunday, June 23rd at Jane Warner Plaza. We will march to Haight and Ashbury and back to the Castro.

The rally and parade are clothing optional and are fully permitted by the SFPD. There will be live music performed in the nude.

Body freedom activist Gypsy Taub turns 50 next week and will be celebrating with a Birthday Suit Parade and a nude rally to legalize psychedelic medicine in San Francisco.

A number of psychedelic plants (including magic mushrooms, iboga, ayahuasca and peyote) were decriminalized in Oakland early this month. This unanimous vote by the Oakland City Counsel was a land slide victory for the psychedelic advocates, therapists and patients, as well as for everyone on this planet who believes in freedom of choice and who believes in “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as stated in the Declaration of Independence.

The psychedelic rally is aimed at bringing the same freedoms of the mind to San Francisco which was once the home for the Summer of Love and the cradle of the global psychedelic movement in the 60-s.

Gypsy dreamed of this victory for over 25 years and has spent the past 15 years working on legalizing psychedelics. She had a TV series on public access in Berkeley called “Psychedelic Dreamer” (that featured documentaries, lectures, interviews and discussions about psychedelics) and another TV series called My Naked Truth (that was started in 2004) where more than half of the episodes were dedicated to education and promotion of psychedelic medicine.

The psychedelic rally will be the 3rd one organized by Gypsy this past year and will be followed by a Nude Love Parade. It will combine body freedom and freedom of the mind that the Summer of Love represented.

There will also be a nude contingent called Body Freedom Lovers in the Gay Pride Parade in late June. The next event after that will be the Nude Summer of Love Parade. It will take place in August near the birthday of Jerry Garcia, the leading band member of the Grateful Dead. This will be the 4th annual Summer of Love Parade organized by Gypsy.

San Francisco body freedom movement started as a series of protests against the nudity ban that started in early 2013. Since then San Francisco body freedom activists have never stopped protesting and have had nearly 50 nude protests, rallies and parades. The members of the movement believe that it is entirely up to the individual and not up to any government, to decide what one is allowed or not allowed to do with their own body. We are free to dress and undress the way we want. We are free to engage in any sexual activity we please as long as it is consentual. We are free to ingest any substance we want as long as we don’t harm anyone else. We are the sole owners of our own bodies and should not be criminally prosecuted for what we do to ourselves.

Gypsy Taub runs a psychedelic rehab for street kids in Puerto Penasco, Mexico where she uses different psychedelics (primarily ibogaine) to help street kids get off of meth, pills and glue, and to heal from PTSD and depression:



On June 21st this year Gypsy plans to launch a Go-Fund-Me campaign for her psychedelic rehab in Mexico (where ibogaine has never been criminalized).

Now that ibgaine is decriminalized in Oakland, Gypsy Taub can do her healing work not only in Mexico, but also locally, without fear of imprisonment. She is expanding her psychedelic rehab services to homeless people in Oakland via her non-profit organization called Life On The Street Support Services (EIN: 83-2701341). She is currently helping an old homeless man in Oakland with his heroin addiction.

Gypsy wrote to her supporters: “I hope you can join us on June 23rd, as bare as you dare. The event will be clothing optional and permitted by the SFPD so no one will be arrested nor cited. Instead, the SFPD is going to block traffic for us as we run naked through the streets carrying signs about legalizing psychedelics. What could possibly be better in this world?”