“Your interviews helped me today to remember who I am. Keep up the great work. – V, Chile”
“I have been spending the last few hours watching your taped interviews with otherwise ordinary people, in the nude, on your ongoing program – “My Naked Truth TV” – and I just wish to say that I am totally enchanted and moved by these segments. A great big BRAVO to you on all counts, my dear! This program is the very best that I’ve seen in recognizing a precious, happy, and honest side of the human spirit and individuality since Naked News TV.
“Dear Ms. Taub,
I discovered your program accidently one Saturday night at 1am in San Francisco. Since that night, I have made it a point to stay up late just to watch you and your interesting guests. Tonight, I was even able to convince my partner (a man who is fast approaching 65) to get up from his long winter’s nap and take a peek. He was very impressed – loved your nipples but that is just how shallow men are sometimes. I think you are both daring and beautiful and look forward to seeing more of you in the future. Just a note from an ardent admirer—JG, San Francisco, CA

“I greatly appreciate your TV program “My naked truth” I see on the web. Your interviews are interesting and it’s nice to be filmed into a state of complete nudity. There is the pleasure of the naked, everything is beautiful and pure and sweet.
Nudity is an excellent condition that brings a feeling of wellbeing and happiness, and you, dear Gypsy, you know communicating with great qualities of spontaneity and simplicity. You refuse stereotypes, vulgarity and coarseness, who want to dominate us today.
Be naked (as rice) gives freedom, relax, joins, links to other people, it gives you peace signs, improves self-esteem, is back to being a child, is to find an irrational playfulness.
You are right to denounce the dark ages and to have a preference for the nakedness of the bodies and ideas.
I’m going to talk about you and your activities in a forthcoming book on art theory. A page is dedicated to friendly, rebellious Gypsy Taub. – MI, Italy”

“Just wanted to let you know that I think what you are doing with “My Naked Truth TV” is great! I have not seen anything quite like it on the internet, and enjoy the intelligent conversations you have with guests. Do you know of any others who do interviews like this? I think the fact that you and your guests are nude is also symbolic – that you are genuine and believe in what you are saying. That definitely comes across. The interviews are so candid and beautiful! So often, society tries to depict that nudity should always be associated with something sexual and shameful, but you demonstrate in such a positive way that the human body should be celebrated and never criminalized or hidden out of shame. Keep doing what you are doing and definitely keep your wonderful format!
Love and positive energy coming to you from Illinois – T”

“THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! The bravery and genuine sincerity that you bring to any honest life is honorable! I greatly appreciate what it is that you are doing. Is there a website or link to find out more concerning the ‘cuddling therapy’ which Travis and you speak about? Thank you for all that you do for those that aren’t yet brave enough to do! – GM”

“I found your blog, the naked TV one via a search on Flickr. May I say how impressed and happy it made me feel. You really do have a beautiful, natural bond with the people that you interview. I hope that you can (and want) to make it over here in the Uk some day. Best wishes and peace – P, Great Britain”
“First, please let me say that I enjoy and appreciate your vid-blog “MyNakedTruth!” I’ve learned quite a bit from some of the interviews, and am inspired to visit San Fran for some nude fun and to attend Burning Man someday. I am grateful for the information. – JQ”
“My name is J and I am part of a small naturist group living in the West of Ireland. We are big fans of your blog and think you are great. I may be over in San Fransico later in the year and would love to chat. Just let me know if this is possible, you could get an insight into whats its like being a nudist in Ireland. – JD, Ireland”

“So cool, I came upon your blog website by chance but I must tell you how much i enjoy it. The tv show you produce is very uplifting to a fellow nudist and dreamer of a more free world. i’ve always loved art, i started out as a model for art classes while in college and later started going to nudist resorts, the topics you discuss are near/dear to me. I am from Pennsylvania but now live in Los Angeles, CA, i’ve yet to visit San Fran but after hearing you talk of it.. i know i must go visit!! 🙂 Theres much i want to experience.. such as Burning Man.. i LOVE discoving that a like-minded soul exists out there.
Keep up the great work!! Your fan – TC, Los Angeles, CA”
“Just thought i would write to you and let you know how much I enjoy the site and the interviews. I have had many deeply spiritual experiences during my life and can experience the happiness and enlightenment in your web site. I expecially enjoyed Chi. what a wonderful free spirit she is… As I am also a free spirit and nudist and at one with nudity and sexuality it is so refreshing to see such a site as you have.
I am not sure where your base is but if you are ever near Brisbane in Australia doing a ride or whatever I would enjoy being a part of it. I have a strong background in recognising how the universe talks to us and how a person can tap into this energy.
Thank-you for your naked freedom and enlightened chats.
Many blessings to you – MK, Brisbane, Australia”
“you are fucking great, the naked truth its my favorite – O, Mexico”
“While I am not brave enough to do the type of interviews that you perform, I highly respect you for getting the word out and performing the way you do, thanks for everything, and I hope you continue to get the naked truth. – PT”
“I enjoyed your segment on walking downtown in San Fran. Would be so nice to be able to walk around the city without fear of arrest. Sorry to hear you got a ticket for showing too much skin on the beach. People are so afraid to see someone nude.
Thought I would share a pic with you of me with my morning coffee. I enjoy coffee and the paper in the morning…in the nude! Take care – P – North Dacota, USA”
“I caught several episodes of your show My Naked Truth on your website and I was particularly taken with the episode where you spoke with Faye and Patrick. It’s wonderful that you present a forum for a diversity of topics without censorship. As a liberal, I appreciate that point of view, of course, but I don’t get the impression in these interviews that there’s a real bias. You truly seem to be interested in getting to know the people and simply following where their thoughts lead them. Therefore, My Naked Truth seems a quite apt title.
I live in NYC, but if I were in San Francisco, I would certainly be a loyal viewer of your show. I wish you great continued success! – SW, New York”
“I found your site through the Sarakay videos. I have watched about four and found them thoroughly enjoyable.
I just finished watching the show with Steve which was very meaningful for me as I am a person with a disability, a birth defect called spina bifida, who spent most of my life walking with crutches and braces but have needed a wheelchair after an auto accident.
I been a nudist for most of my adult life and would also characterize myself as an exhibitionist. I guess that’s what I find most appealing about your show; that people not only lead and are willing to talk about their very interesting lives but also are totally comfortable with nudity in public (permanent public nudity, since it will be forever accessible on the Internet).
The one facet that I think would be interesting to your viewers is more about Gypsy and how your show came into being. ..Again, thanks for some very entertaining programming – DM”
“I’m A, Los Angeles – based Italian journalist.
I kept following your online shows, and I find your philosophy so inspiring, thank you for doing this much needed work. – A, Italy”
“I would like to just reiterate my approval of your show. I really enjoy the format as the more i watch the more i appreciate it for what it is and not for its “novelty” as some may see it. Although i do not agree with some of the point of views of the guests its a great exercise in freedom and individuality. I was wondering how you get your guests for the show? Are they friends, acquaintances etc? Do you plan to interview a person that is more conservative?(which i am definitely not) to give different points of view. Your task is a compelling one and one i wish to see more of, If your ever in the Philadelphia Pa. area you have at least one person to interview while here!!! Thanks for everything you are a trailblazer. – R, Philadelphia, PA”
“I just discovered your blog.
Its fantastic, I so admire you for having the courage to do what you do and I have watched three so far , girls and guys and enjoyed the conversations too- as well as the view.
I’d love to know how you came to be doing this and thank God you are. I subscribed to Naked News for a month but they were all so not relaxed at being nude it was just embarrassing watching them- mind you, way braver than me so credit where its due.
You’re amazing, so relaxed, so confident, so good looking. – PM”

“I would give anything in the world to be a part of these interviews that you have given by far. I would, if at all possible, LOVE to have an interview with you. I always feel extremely exhuberated when I talk with people about such life changing and life enriching experiences. And it’s even more wonderful, straight forward, honest when it’s done NUDE — “with nothing to hide”. 🙂 Nudism is always something that I have a lot to say about, and it has enchanted my life to the fullest.
I find you to be an extraordinary woman with a lot to offer from the soul… very attractive, too. :-M U, Philadelphia,PA”

“I’m not quite sure how I ended up in “the naked truth blog”, but im glad I got there. I’ve found the interviews extremely interesting.
Im an electronics engineering student in Chile (south america) and hear about these topics is difficult in my daily enviroment. I consider myself a man of science but I’m extremely aware of the importance of the spiritual dimension in our lives. As you can guess, among engineering students these kind of thigs arent known and sometimes I feel kind of lonely in that area of my life.
I really love the interview that you did with Polly and her BF. My GF doesnt speak english so I was explaining her about Polly’s extremely interesting experiences with masturbation/meditation. I’ve had similar experiences but I discover this coexistance between masturbation and meditation not too long ago so I dont have too much experience. If Polly could writte an article or even an ebook talking about her experineces and devoloping process would be totally amazing.
Your interviews helped me today to remember who I am . Keep up the great work. – V, Chile”
“As militant nudists, militant ONLY in the sense that we absolutely REFUSE to put on clothes or otherwise cover up our nudity, being nude in public is normal for us. Yes, we do also travel (nude of course) by car on cross-country vacations. We have camped in several National Parks (and the park rangers have never hassled us) as well as driving to Burning Man in Nevada the last 4 years and we have driven to San Francisco the last 3 years for Bay to Breakers and also Folsom Street Fair. We enjoy walking around San Francisco nude, along with everywhere else along the way. We don’t care if we get arrested, which as it turns out is harder to prosecute than the average streetcop might think and have chatted with cops on the street a number of times without being detained. If you have any requests of places in public here in our town you’d like to see of us, tell me and we’ll go take some. We are comfortable nude EVERYWHERE and not afraid to go nude ANYWHERE. Additionally, we are both bisexual poly-amorous and enjoy a very open marriage with multiple partners from both sexes. – G and C, Missouri, USA”
“I enjoyed your interview with George Davis, but wanted Davis’ and your thoughts about whether there is a relationship between sexual liberation and peace. I figured you both, standing there on television in your birthday suits, would have ideas about it.
A psychologist named James Prescott wrote an article which was published in the “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist” in 1975, “Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence.” Prescott surveyed anthropological literature about pre-literate societies. He looked at three things: infant abuse or neglect, attitudes toward adolescent sexuality, and adult violence. Prescott found a correlation between adult violence, and both infant abuse/neglect, and repression of adolescent sex (he found a correlation, too, between neglect and abuse, as you might imagine).
Prescott writes, “Societies ranking high or low on the Infant Physical Affection Scale were examined for degree of violence. The results clearly indicated that those societies which give their infants the greatest amount of physical affection were characterized by low theft, low infant physical pain, low religious activity, and negligible or absent killing, mutilating, or torturing of the enemy. These data directly confirm that the deprivation of body pleasure during infancy is significantly linked to a high rate of crime and violence.”
Also, “Premarital sexual freedom for young people can help reduce violence in a society, and the physical pleasure that youth obtains from sex can offset a lack of physical affection during infancy. Other research also indicates that societies which punish premarital sex are likely to engage in wife purchasing, to worship a high god in human morality, and to practice slavery.” I’d forgotten the part about wife purchasing, but it’s interesting in light of your conversation with George Davis.

The article is online at
There is also a cool picture at – TR, Minneapolis, MN”

““I came across your blogs tonight by accident and your videos gave me something to think about.
I am from Ireland, and I lived in the U.S. for about 8 years… I lived mostly in NY and San Francisco, but spent a lot of time in Arizona and Portland OR, too. I had to leave eventually in 2006 due to increased pressure because of my anti-war stance and my general disillusionment with the whole American experiment/dream gone wrong. I found life in the post-9/11 US extremely repressive, I saw everything as going in the wrong direction.
I live in Germany now, and I am working on a book on my experiences during my last few years in the US… it’s a period of American history I hope is not prolonged or repeated. Back in Europe, I don’t have to worry about death threats for expressing my opinion. (Also in Europe, by the way, casual nakedness, psychotropic drug experimentation, and frank and intelligent discussions are quite normal).
In any case, know that you have an ally here, and I give you my full encouragement in what you are doing there…. get it out of the city! SF and NY are like enclaves of sanity in a dark continent, so bring some of that magical energy to the redneck wilderness of the great American pickup-truck-traversed expanse… And don’t let anyone tell you that you’re “brave” or you’re “pushing the boundaries”… fuck the boundaries, they’re a figment of some other assholes fragile imagination! Americans need to be educated and you are doing just that! What you are doing is normal and correct, so don’t be intimidated, don’t back down and don’t give up! It’s important work! – BD”
“I come from a very conservative Country called Pakistan…. but now I am living in Rotterdam (Holland) Years ago, I came to Europe to find better living and to live a decent life…. but due to a kind Lady I found a new world and that new world is “Naturist” or Nudism and Since than I am a Lover of this Community and love to be a Naturist at all cost.
I have learnt that being a naturist you are just yourself and you don’t have to show off with your designer clothes or shoes. Being a Naturist… nobody knows that you are a Millionaire or you belong to a working class…. everyone here in this community is just the same.
Recently while browsing, I saw your site (My Naked truth)…. believe me I just love to visit this site over and over again…. the best thing I like about your interviewing people from different walks of life without being hypocrite and no fake smile above all no expensive clothes… you are just yourself thats what I like about you.

I would love to be a regular part of your site…. and I hope that you continue the good work…- AZ”

“Glad to see your amazing website Very nice interviews. I like to become a nudist. I live in Karachi, South Asia. Seeing your freedom and your lifestyle, you indeed are very lucky.
Can you guide me regarding some nudist living in Karachi, Pakistan whom can I meet and like to become one like them?
I really like to help in your causes. I believe that human body is such a beautiful specimen of nature. To see everybody freely expressing themselves is indeed a privilege enjoyed by a very few people. I am subscribing to your blogs. – LT, Karachi, Pakistan”

“I am from Morocco I have 28 years old I am a beautiful boy. I am single I have a diploma in graphic design computer. I speak english; french and arabic. I live in islamic environnement where is difficult to practise your freedom & your rights, I love nudity & sex. as you know if I want to move to any developed country I need a visa which it’s difficult to get, I want to meet people like you who are open minded where I can share with them my desire… you have made a giant & perfect work with a simple idea thank you for all I encourage you. – KI”
“I just wanted to say I love your blogs and the videos you post up. I have seen a lot of episodes from each blog (My Naked Truth being my favorite ), and I just wanted to let you know that the topics and stuff you talk about are very interesting and valuable to learn about. Also your a great hostess and I love you. So keep em coming and keep up the good work lookin foward to seeing more of your excellent work. – AK”

“My wife R and I will be joining and we love your videos. You are so open, well spoken, honest, respectful and hot. We wish we lived next door to you. Your videos that we have seen are fantastic, informative, colorful, exciting and open…..and very well done. We hope you never stop or we will be sad.

We are a married couple of over 30 years, happy, and visit nudist resorts from time to time…
We love the way you pose couples would love to see you do some behind the scenes with couples, traditional, gay, homosexual and bi. I don’t know how you feel about threesomes, but we do enjoy watching those from time to time including interracial…..which is a fantasy at this time. One thing we have been toying with is a video of R doing a nude hike with a friend. We have a photographer in mind, a male friend, and a safe private location in mind……now we just need to get to a warm Spring day in Ohio. – R and W”

“I have just found your blogg, thanks to Lloyd the San Francisco nudist activist who has pictures on flickr where he mentions you.
It is one of the best sites I have seen and a great information centre for nudists and clothists alike.

My wife and I and our friends who came over for Sunday lunch have just watched your two wonderful Sarah-Kay episodes which proved to be very thought provoking for us all. Claire and I were both brought up with religion, me in a devoutly religious Catholic family and Claire in a Jewish family that celebrated only the main Jewish festivals. Her family are also nudists and being naked during one of their home family religious celebrations is not unusual.

Having been brought up in a repressive religious environment where sex and nudity were dirty words I have never been tempted to revisit religion but your discussion on Shamanism in the second episode prompted me to start reading the Wikipedia article on Shamanism. Maybe all belief systems are not as bad as the one that I was brought up in.

Thank you again for your great website. – TK”

“First of all, I love your show. I’m a new nudist (26 years old), and I’m looking for people to talk about nudity and life with. Since that’s the theme of your show, I thought you might be interested. I’m not looking for anything sexual, I’m happily married. I’m just looking to talk with people who have a healthy appreciation for being naked.

About myself, I got into nudism when I realized it doesn’t embarrass me to be seen naked, and that I was in denial of that out of fear of what others would think. As soon as I realized this, I got my wife’s blessing, stripped down, and haven’t looked back. And it’s been really great! It’s helped me mature as a person and to grow emotionally. And it’s a lot of fun! So now I’m looking to find more people to share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences (I don’t have many) about nudity, and to hear theirs, to better understand myself and why we do what we do. – MP”

“I really want to see you. And & really like your work what your doing for other.. I am Bio-Medical Engineer working in Saudi arabia I love nudity very much I just want to be nude always every time every whare but my culture and society does not allow to do so. And it is prohibited here in this country. I feel soffocation to live here. I want freedom. When I saw you while browsing internet I feel you can help me only. Please suggest me what can I do to come out with this situation.. – JJ”
“I just came across your site, and i am so happy to see such a beautiful soul speak with such honesty and realness!
your mind is as stunning as your body! – James M”

I came across one of your videos while searching for some burning man pictures and was fascinated by your interviews. After that, I found your truth tv page and saw some more. While I do not entirely share your views or life style, I was fascinated with your down to earth and fair interviews. I like your open ended questions to draw out your subjects, and how you don’t overly glorify things just to glorify them. – Mark K”

“since september 2010 i am watching your programme on blip tv it is great for spreading naturising and shedding the textile which is unneccessary and my opinion textile to be accordance the weather. skin needs freedom. your contribution in this field a great (i am pakistani, by religion no longer muslim , i am living in saudi Arabia) – Rubin A, Pakistan”

“I occassionally view your naked interviews on net and like them very much. I am nudist by heart but unfortunately, In India, we have no nude recreational facilities and public nudity is not allowed. Sometimes I take opportunity of nude dip in ocean on odd intervals when no many people are around. – DD, India”
“I found your blog about a week ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t wait for more videos to be posted. My only selfish comment is that I would like to know from each of the interviewees about the role of nudity in their families and about their first experience with social nudity. Please keep up the good work! – D”
“I just came across your site. I’m a 30 year old man who is just discovering my inner exhibitionist. I truly enjoy being nude and love seeing others nude…I love the variety of shapes in the human form….it’s amazing at how beautiful each unique person is. I have been slowly watching your interviews and it’s really opening my ideas about sexuality. I’ve always been attracted to many women, but not in a way that most men are. I’ve never seen women as conquests, but rather I’ve always wanted to have a deeper human connection with the women I meet. I was wondering what your views are on polyamory. I’m starting to think it’s possible to enjoy a deep and profound connection with someone sexually and not have to be monogamous. I had always felt guilty about these feelings…probably because society teaches us to be ashamed of our sexuality. But I have this strong feeling that I want to share myself in this way.
I feel so free when I’m naked! I’m so glad I came across your webpage. You are a beautiful woman and what you are doing is amazing! – Mike P, New York, USA”
“I have watched numerous shows of yours. I really like the topics you discuss. I very much liked your interview with the creator/producer of the documentary, Flow. Keep doing what you are doing. – O”
“I just discovered your My Naked Truth website and absolutely love it. As a nudist, it is both enjoyable to see people being open and forthright while nude and I also enjoy the idea of exposing one’s self completely. I have to say, I especially enjoyed your interview with Fiona (with Anna) from August 2010. She seems like a very well spoken and intelligent person and I would like to chat with her personally. ..Thanks again for your great interviews! – J C”
“I just happened to catch your show last night and I must say I truly enjoyed it. So good that I figured I would check out your blog. The blog is awesome and the interviews quite nice. Of course I couldn’t help noticing the link to your other website lustful goddess. So obviously being an average person in America with access to the internet I have seen porn before, but I have always thought of it as meaningless and shallow as far as how and why it was produced…not your site though. I think the true amateur spirit that is in your site and in the couple sites you included links to is downright awesome. So hey great job and please keep up the great work. – A K”
“I meant to contact you after watching the Travis interview last month, and learned quite a bit about you in it and although I’m not a drug(actually love is my drug) user I’m very happy to be your friend as we both desire the same thing. It’s sad how many people don’t get the idea of non-sexual intimacy (or nudity). I’m now watching part 2!! – DH , Pacific North West, USA”
“Hello Gypsy, and thank you for being!

I was watching what I guess they call a stream where you were interviewing and conversing with a woman on a roof in Upstate California.
…what was being said produced and reflected on some fundamental philosophical issues regarding our freedoms, (or lack thereof) and the states of Nazi Germany and the Ex-Soviet Union where you were drawing similarities of social freedoms and application of local ordinance or law.
I am a Los Angeles Naturist of long standing although I wish that I would have discovered that thirty-some years ago, (I’m still a young pup at 59). There is a simplicity in honesty and an honesty in simplicity that is far too lacking in the world.
I have been politically aware for forty years and the information that was being shared in that video needs to be shared as thoroughly as possible. DK – Los Angeles, CA”
“let me commend for your bravery and for a great show. I have been following it now for several months on line and find it fantastic. I have enjoyed the topics and the people you have covered and the angle that you have taken on the body. – SDX”
“I just moved to San Francisco a year ago from the east, and love it here. I caught a glimpse of your show last fall, but haven’t been able to find it again until just last night. I’m very interested in everything you talk about with your guests.
Last night on the actual TV show, there were two women standing around in the bathroom. One was in the tub itself and the other was outside of the tub talking with her. I was fascinated by the conversation they were having right at the end of the show. It was on the subject of what was okay for kids to see at home, or not (sexuality-wise). As many of your show’s viewers would probably agree, our society is unbelievably prudish. When I was married, my wife and I were in France on topless beaches and I adored it. We also went to coed saunas in Austria and Switzerland and they were really amazing. But it also always struck me as funny that people almost automatically try to separate nudism/nudity from anything that had to do with sexuality or sensuality. I find it pretty hard to do that, and I never quite understood why that was necessary. I think it really has to do with the fact that — especially here in America — people generally can’t handle nudity because there’s an assumption that it will automatically lead to arousal, etc. Well in some cases it probably does. And if and when that happens, I’m not sure if I know why it’s such a big deal. But I also know it’s not the typical “point” of nudity in general.
…I was really struck by your show, and I really enjoyed watching the other episodes that I saw on-line and can’t wait to see more of them. I’m also really happy that I moved to San Francisco, where at least thank god some people are as open-minded as you and your guests are. It was really a pleasure to find your show again! – SM”
“I had seen your videos on my naked truth where you had interviewed ordinary people on video and its quite an eye opener refreshing where people are made to feel relaxed and comfortable – AV, China”
“I just wanted to let you know that I watched the videos at your blog, they are all awesome! I am a person who takes the nudity as a freedom more. And would like you to have me as one of your guests. And have some conversation with you about nudism and how it is taken by the society. I can’t find words to show my emotion!! – AH”
“hey wow, people get naked and talk about intelligent stuff?! i’m impressed 🙂 so, i guess the reason i’m sending this message is that i have had an incredibly difficult time finding legitimate social groups that are geared towards nudism and more open/progressive lifestyles. i’ve been aware of different alternative lifestyles and social philosophies since my late teens and have always been intrigued. i was raised Jehovah’s Witness, my parents were very devout and were super protective. i got free of it when i turned 18(am now 36) and its been a gradual process of opening myself up to different experiences and attitudes. i’m fortunate that i’ve always been very outgoing and friendly, i’ve been able to enjoy a wide variety of amazing relationships and activities. i am a single male, i realize that its probably very difficult to weed out the dudes who are truly interested from the ones who are hoping for an all out orgy. i’ve never been to a nudist beach or get together, but i’m sure the energy level is different when nothing is being hidden or accentuated. i will go through your blog and try to learn more. if you have any suggestions for reading material, websites, or meet and greet groups i would really appreciate any information. i honestly am not trying to accomplish anything other than exploring alternative social lifestyles. most everything i have found is sexually based(gangbangs, orgies, couples groups) which is cool, but thats not my immediate goal. before i got into anything like that i would rather get to know the people. not just show up and try to figure out how to navigate that situation. i just want to make some new friends and broaden my horizons. everyone in the videos has a huge grin and is holding themselves in a very relaxed manner. so there must be something about it that is good for the soul – MJH”
“Greetings from Lowestoft in the county of Suffolk, the most easterly point in the British Isles! I’m writing to say that I think your website is great – you have interviewed some very interesting people. How refreshing to see people talking openly and candidly about themselves without the burden of clothes.
I’m a professional life-drawing model, working for art-groups and colleges, including the famous Slade School in London. I love to be part of the art process. Life-modelling is not a particularly well-paid profession here in the UK, but essentially I do it for the love of it – the best reason of all I think!
I’d love to appear on your website – so maybe if I ever get to your part of the world you might consider interviewing me! – MA, Britain”

“I have enjoyed the latest updates, the topics are potent and quite interesting to hear. It is good to see you interview and find people from different walks of life. Keep up the good work and if your on the East Coast near Philadelphia ever, i will be glad to interview with you =D”

“Have been following your web site off and on for about 6 months now and speaking as an old hippie / nudist (although a non-conforming type) I love the candid approach that nudity brings to an interview. I also enjoy the diversity of topics with the colorful people you chat with. Keep up the good work and if you ever get the the northeast I can probably hook you up with a few people willing to chat on camera. – R”

“I was searching the web and somehow came up with your site!! I love it!! I love how you are comfortable with your nudity around others, especially since you aren’t trimmed. I am natural down there as well, by the way and not ashamed of it like many other women can be. I really enjoyed your talks with Anna, as she too is all natural and she and I both share similar things about childhood sexuality. – M, Philadelphia, PA”
“Just taking a moment to thank you for an opportunity to challenge my beliefs. MyNaked Truth is an interesting way to get peoples attention to express an opinion. I watched the video about the women who breastfeeds her 7 year old daughter and my first thought was that it was just weird. However, I’ve made it a frequent habit of asking myself where those ideas come from and this time as in many other cases I couldn’t find a viable reason why I held that view. – DN”
“i was watching my television just recently ( 1 in the morning on 1/24/10) and your interview with a beautiful red haired lady appeared on my television. i thought i was in a dream. you two look so beautiful in the interview together. – CD, San Francisco, CA”
“Gypsy, you will always have my support, someone that can fly in the face of convention as you have done gets my respect as well…- A”
“estuve viendo tu Blog y me gustaría saber si vas a venir a Argentina, acá podriamos grabar a nudistas y visitar buenos lugares naturales nudistas. Saludos! – D, Argentina”
“Dear Gypsy:
This is great news – you are coming back into my living room each Saturday night. I can understand why you might encounter resistance from the “status quo” – you are simply ahead of your time and certain people just cannot understand or accept that. Maybe they will catch up one day, I hope. But probably not – I am afraid there are more of them than us.
I’ll think about your offer to be a guest. I am no Miss America, but that’s not the point of your program. However, I am shy in person and probably would freeze on camera when asked to share my thoughts (whether I was naked or not.) Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with your natural talents.
I will continue to support you and your show and start searching for you in the coming weeks.
Thanks so much for responding to my Urgent! request. I really do miss you. I would stay up late on Saturday night just to see you and your pals talk about real stuff. Best of luck in all things you do.
Your friend forever – JG, an Francisco, CA”
“I love your blog & your shows. If you are ever in Florida (Orlando) I would love to appear on an episode & talk about my lifetime of public nudity as an exhibitionist & how I have had to hide it from my family. – B”
“I wanted to say ‘Hello’ and congratulate you on an excellent blog. I was first introduced to you via the web and your past adult site ‘Producer Carmen’. Some time passed and then the site was no longer accessible. Never the less, I continued to look for you and have just recently found you operating the ‘Naked Truth’. Congratulations… what a cool blog!
Your adult videos always attracted me as they were all very open and natural. To see you verbalizing and expressing that in a different forum is exciting to watch as well.
In short, thanks for creating the blog as I intend to read up and possibly learn a few things! Keep up the good work and best of luck with the blog, the message and ultimately… your movement. – TL”
“I’m just taking the time to view all of your interviews after stumbling onto your blog – what a joy! Thank you for making all of this public, and I hope that you don’t mind that I’ve linked my blog to yours. You’ve just made my evening! – K (nakeddenver)”
“hi im P an impressed viewer of ur talk blog hehe.
i was wondering is there a criteria of what topics u do or are u open to suggestion.
plus if it were possible id love to be a guest, have u been to oregon? is it solely the california area?
one of the things that i would address is my affiliation with autism and the art world. id love to give a shout out to all the wonderful youth forums in the nudist world. someone’s gotta inspire the youth to get on board. i applaud ur fearlessness, a strong women to get some motivation in this sad world. thank you. – P, Oregon, USA”
“I love your show! Just wanted to say that the idea is awesome! I love all the interesting guests, and you have a great informal style for interviewing them! You really make them feel comfortable, and bring out their “Naked Truth”. I wish I could get your show on tv, but the internet works just about as well. I hope you don’t plan on stopping your show anytime soon! thanks for the inspiring footage – E”
“dear gypsy,

thanks for prompt response and i wish there would be success in our goal for liberation of body, i would like you in the very beginning:
there were no clothese but people were protecting their bodies from the winter by covering by leaves grass and skin of tree. when the textyle was introduced and custom of clothes started on that people were considering the cloth like nowadays we are considering to he gold as precious item. when the production started bulky and now it is bulky, then people started wearing clothese.

I give you my .life, when i was very very small baby, my parents were sleeping on the same bed and on that time i started feeling like air is coming and that my dady was making love with my mama.
and once all the women gathered in the month of december, in the night i saw mooning was shining and in the morning i want out i saw the earth was covered by white cover and i put my foot on the white powder and i felt it was very cold and from that time i started that there is snow.

we, in those days having very short of clothese due to powerty and at night we all were removing dress and were sleeping nude. this was practice of those days and nowadays any body will sleep nude people will start saying shameless.

my opinion, the force teory would be avoided by the government, let government force the people to wear the clothese but whnat will be reaction of the people they would like to be nude. i say, nudism will spread whole the world. and i say let the people either they wear or not, it would be treated personal matter of the person.

my wife is against nudity, but i want make her sexy, now i would involve her in swinging activities. i think by this she will be sexy.

here i live nude, people say let you have room mate, but i think if find nudist then that can be ok otherwise i like to be remained single in a room. – R, Pakistan

“Gypsy, you are a truly amazing woman and you give me genuine hope that nudists will indeed prevail in San Francisco. You are putting your entire heart and appreciable insight into this effort and are using all of the wonderful tools and gifts that modern technology offers us today. We all owe you a great deal and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you.

I also wanted to share how impressed my 21-year old daughter Maxine was with you. Laura and I had brought her to San Francisco on November 17th to attend an important art exhibit and we made a point of swinging by city hall to offer our support at the demonstration. Maxine had heard so much from me (and from the media) about the selfless leaders like you and Rusty and George and she was moved by the things that you all shared. Incidentally, she’s one of those children who grew up within a nudist community and turned out just fine. Very happy and well adjusted! 🙂

Anyway, thank you again for being the kind of person who takes action. It’s because of people like you that good things happen for everyone else!

Peace and Love,



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