George Davis expelled from Body Freedom Network for sexual harassment

Dear body freedom lovers,

the next nude event for us is the Body Freedom contingent at the Gay Pride Parade. Please join us this year! It is so much fun to march down Market St with our signs as the crowd cheers and celebrates body freedom with us!

We need some help to pay for the parade application and also for our amazing lawyers this month. Please send donations by paypal to gypsytaub(at)gmail(dot)com. If you want to send $ directly to Gill Sperlein or if you dont have paypal please email me.

I will not be participating in any events organized by George Davis. If you weren’t present at the Nude Women’s Day Parade here is an update for you. George has been sexually harassing my daughter for along time now and I finally decided to expose him to the movement and to the world. If he comes to another event of mine I will get a restraining order against him. Considering that a minor is involved it will not be hard to get the restraining order. I have email threads and other proof for those who have doubts and for the judge, of course.

I believe that people like George are hurting our movement, not to mention the damage done to the children who are subjected to sexual harassment and possibly sexual abuse by such people.

I plan on organizing another nude love parade in the summer. It will be called “The Summer of Love Nude Parade” and will happen sometime in August, on or around Jerry Garcia’s birthday.

Many nude blessings to you all! By the way, I went swimming nude today at a regular non-nude beach in Mexico!

I love and miss you all!



6 thoughts on “George Davis expelled from Body Freedom Network for sexual harassment

  1. A Fan

    Just posting here to notify you. This is about a different but related issue and an upcoming court fight and rally in Oakland. I’m very sorry to hear about your issues with George, but please don’t let that color your feelings about this issue — he is not FORMER.

    This is about FORMER sex offenders who must register as such for the rest of their lives, even mere misdemeanants convicted for a single count of indecent exposure. There is no way out from under registration for life other than to file for a pardon, and good luck with that. Everyone convicted of a sex offense, even a mere misdemeanor, since 1944 is caught up in this registration crap, it was made retroactive, even to shoe who had years earlier met the standard to be relieved of registration and hadn’t had to for maybe decades.

    This is related to the sick attitude in this country about sex, nudity, the body, it all intertwines. (Of course these things involved in this should not be allowed, at least not most of them, but this issue is not about stopping and punishing them, it is about after all that is done and over. Probation and parole is supposed to be the test of whether the person has reformed.)

    Mind you, we are talking of people many of whom long ago finished any sentence they had, whether no jail for a misdemeanor, such as indecent exposure, but a short stint on probation, or a jail sentence, or a prison sentence for a felony and subsequent parole — all done, completed possibly decades ago, no subsequent offense (or they would not be registering, they would be in jail. No current sex offenders register, only those who no longer are sex offenders have to register).

    Well, never mind all the more and more and more severe crap they keep adding on to registration, leaving many homeless or other, but the latest is that Obama has first a couple years ago on his own executive authority, and now just signed into law a federal block to anyone who has to register from being able to ever leave the country to travel anywhere outside the country for any reason. Sounds unconstitutional, but the way Obama has been doing it is that after you board the plane, the US sends a seriously libelous notice to the destination country saying you are a sex offender traveling to their country for the purpose of committing sex offenses. And when you land, they stop you and send you back, you are not allowed to enter – all countries have sent every such persons back.

    Now it is to be done via a new law Obama just signed, which even expands the effort to block travel by putting a new mark on the face of the passport to identify passport holders as sex offenders. And everyone applying for a passport will have a full background check done, and if found to be a registrant, they will have the mark on their passport for all to see any time they show it. And the US will now be seeking to enter treaties with countries around the world to require this, and thus locking it into International law.

    Well, a lawsuit has been filed to challenge this law. The federal judge denied a request for a TRO to block the mark on the passport. Now the judge will be considering the government’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit. And a rally is being planned for the hearing on July 27 and outside the court after it is over.

    Here is the announcement, from Janice Belluci, who has taken up the fight on behalf of registrants:

    International Megan’s Law (IML) Protest – July 27 in Oakland
    Posted On 5 Jun, 2016 – 0 Comments

    Join California RSOL in protesting International Megan’s Law (IML), the law to prevent Registrant international travel, at the U.S. District Court in Oakland, California, July 27, 2016.

    The government has filed a motion to dismiss our lawsuit against IML, the recently signed law by President Obama, to keep Registered citizens in permanent internal exile. The court hearing for that motion will be at 9:00 a.m. in Courtroom Three of Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton, 3rd Floor, 1301 Clay Street, Oakland, California, 94612.

    We need as many of our supporters to fill the courtroom as possible to show the court, and America, that there are many Registrants, families of Registrants, and friends who suffer under the yoke of unconstitutional, ex-post-facto, punishment. The government’s travel notifications to foreign countries, its “unique identifiers” placed upon the passports of Registrants, as well as its requirements that Registrants provide the U.S. Government advance travel plans – under threat of imprisonment – amount to a complete ban on international travel for those on the Registry. These policies are already taking a terrible toll on those who, long ago, paid their debts to society. The Registry has become a continuously expanding regime of ever-escalating torment.

    After the hearing, which will probably end by 10:00 a.m., there will be a rally in the plaza immediately outside of the courtroom in front of the entrance.

    We expect to have media covering the event and Janice Bellucci, President of RSOL, and lead attorney for the lawsuit, will speak, along with other members and supporters of RSOL.

    Please join us there! If you cannot, then please consider donating to California RSOL to help make our work in challenging this, and many other terrible laws, such as residence and presence restrictions, possible. Please also consider volunteering your time.

    Thank you for your support! Please contact us at with your questions or concerns or offers of assistance.

    When: July 27, Hearing at 9:00 a.m., The rally begins at approximately 10:00 a.m. in the plaza in front of Court entrance.

    Where: U.S. Federal District Courtroom 3, Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton, 3rd Floor, 1301 Clay Street, Oakland, California, 94612

  2. Awerty

    Serious question: are erections without lewd behavior frowned about in the body freedom network? I wouldn’t want to be accused of being a perv just because I am easily aroused by nude bodies.

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      I personally have no problem with people getting an erection as long as they respect other people’s space and don’t impose on others. For instance, if you get an erection and you are just minding your own business its ok. However, if you get an erection and start staring at someone at the same time in an unwelcome way, or stare at someone who is not interested in any sexual interaction with you then you are acting in a lewd and disrespectful way. I hope that answers your question.

  3. Martin Kadden

    I was worried about something like this. You always publish reports about your parades & demos and when there was nothing about the April 3rd parade I got worried that something had gone wrong with it.

    Those of us who cant be there in person like to read about your successes Gypsy. There is no reason you should have to work with anyone you dont want to.

  4. Albert Giesbrecht

    I am saddened to hear about your daughter being sexually harassed. I don’t know George Davis, so I can’t speak to his character, but speaking as a nudist with 30 years of experience in the movement, I can say that there is zero tolerance for such behavior.

    I haven’t been to any of your rallies or parades, in light of these allegations, will you continue? You and your family are more than welcome to attend our events in Vancouver.


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