WE NEED YOUR DONATIONS + Malaysia Nude Beach Games in San Francisco – October 4, 2014

Dear body freedom supporters,

one of the top First Amendment lawyers in the country Larry Walters just joined our Federal case against the City of SF and the SFPD. We are very excited and very proud to have him on our team.

WE DESPERATELY NEED YOUR DONATIONS FOR OUR LEGAL FUND. I had to pay $230 out of my pocket for the month of August and now we need to come up with $500 for September. We owe at least $13,000 but our generous lawyers are letting us pay $500 per month.

PLEASE PAYPAL DONATIONS to gypsytaub(at)gmail.com or email for more info if you want to donate but don’t use paypal.

George and I were just asked to resubmit our disclosures for our case. We need names of people who attended our protests and other nude actions as well as names of people who interviewed us and documented our body freedom activism. If you are one of those people (especially if you witnessed us getting arrested or cited) please email me back with your full legal name, phone number, address and email contact. We need as many people as we can get to make our case stronger. We also need names of people who were at the Naked Sword filming, World Naked Bike Ride and other events where nude people were present but not cited.

George Davis is organizing

Malaysian Nude Beach Games

Baker Beach, San Francisco

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Free. Registration 11am for noon start



We are going to be holding the Malaysia Nude Beach Games on Baker Beach. San Francisco. noon, Saturday, October 4, 2014. We will have athletic contests like running races, javelin throw, wrestling (Sumo and Greco-Roman), volleyball, human wheelbarrow race, and other contests. We will have a body decorating contest with body paint, dollar store accessories, and beach extras like kelp and seaweed. In the Malaysian games they had swimming contests (not practical at Baker Beach – cold water, currents, and sometimes waves) and something called “crabwalk races”. If we can figure what a “crabwalk race” is, we’ll include it. We are still open for other events to include.


In May 2014, about 18 people held a Nude Sports Games privately on a beach in a National Park in Malaysia. Most of the participants were from Malaysia with a couple from the Philippines and Albert Lam from Singapore. All the participants were Asian. Albert Lam posted a video of the games on the Internet. During the month of August 2014, the Malaysian police sought the arrest of all the participants and offered rewards for the identities of the participants. Several were arrested and held for a few days (“Perp” photos made for shame.). The event attendees were threatened with 5 year prison sentences. As of August 29, 2014, 5 were sentenced for 30 days and a fine. The videographer got 6 months for “distribution and possession of pornographic material”. This story was reported widely in the Asian regional press and Internet search engines. . . . Hence, the idea to call the games in San Francisco, the “Malaysian Nude Beach Games”. We will keep the name until such time as the Games can be held again in Malaysia without police harassment.

Let’s have some fun and make an international statement against the police state harassment of nudists. As long as we exercise it, we have this freedom.

Gypsy, Rich Pasco, Rusty Mills and Nomad are helping with the spreading the word. Even if you cannot attend, please distribute this information to your social network.

> For more details: George Davis (415) 722-2968 or george123570@yahoo.com