Dear body freedom supporters,

one of the leading San Francisco body freedom activists George Davis is facing 3 months in jail for making a nude speech in Washington DC. This is not just a blatant violation of our First Amendment rights- freedom of speech and freedom of self-expression. It’s an outrageous insult to human dignity. To make things worse, there will be no jury, the decision will be made by a judge. George’s trial is scheduled for August 11.

Please come join us for an emergency protest to support George Davis and to send a message to the DC police department, the DA and the Judge! Since DC is the capital of the United States our protest will also be sending a message to the whole nation.

The emergency protest will be held in front of the CITY HALL in San Francisco on THURSDAY, AUGUST 6 @ 12 NOON.

Here are some details of George Davis’ trial:

Charge: Indecent Exposure

Defense to Charge: No lewd conduct or intent present. Public nudity used for political and artistic expression.

Defendant: George Davis, body freedom activist and contributing editor to the book: Free Your Body, Free Your Mind

Significance of this court decision: This is a non-jury trial with a potential 90-day sentence. If George Davis is found “not guilty” by the judge, a precedent would be established to allow public nudity for political and artistic expression in Washington, D.C., enabling this city to join progressive world class cities like New York City, London, Amsterdam, and Berlin where these freedoms are currently recognized. The rest of the USA and the world would take notice of this “not guilty” decision and be influenced by it.

On the other hand, if George Davis is found “guilty”, critics who consider Washington, D.C. a provincial, backwards, reactionary town may find their opinions justified.

Facts: About noon, May 1, 2015, George Davis, Stacey Lunin (a well-known NYC body freedom activist), a sketch artist, and videographer went to the Reflecting Pool by the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. The plan was for George and Stacey to undress, make short body freedom speeches, to pose for sketch artist(s), dress, and leave. George Davis sent media releases of the event to the Capitol Police, DC District Attorney, and DC Mayor’s office, and to international, national, and local news media, and to the DC art community. Except for the Capitol Police, nobody showed up at the Reflecting Pool. This event took place at the same time as the “Black Lives Matter” riots in Baltimore– a higher priority story for news editors to dispatch reporters to than this event. Nevertheless, George Davis proceeded to undress and make a Body Freedom speech. He was immediately arrested and charged with “indecent exposure”.

Legal case law in America holds that simple nudity is not lewd. For the charge of “indecent exposure” to hold, the DA must prove lewd (sexual) intent. Unless they intend to lose, few district attorneys would allow a case like this to go before a knowledgeable judge or jury. Mr. Davis’s court appointed attorney told him that the DC Capitol Police pressured the DA to prosecute this case so that the Capitol Police would know the judicial reaction to future Body Freedom actions in DC.

PS: Please donate to help us pay our lawyers who are preparing to file an appeal in the 9th Circuit Court! Thank you so much to everyone who donated in the past. Paying our bill for July was a challenge, but thanks to a very generous donor who made a $400 donation we were able to do it and have $20 left for the month of August. Please send us what you can via paypal to gypsytaub(at)gmail. If you need to mail a check or if you want to send a payment to Gill Sperlein directly please let me know and I will provide the address.