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About Gypsy Taub

I was born and raised in Moscow, the land of Pussy Riot. I live in San Francisco with my 3 kids. I have been an activist for over almost 12 years. Anti-war activist, 911 truther, media activist and now a nudist activist. I love my kids, love music, love to dance, love to travel. My favorite place on this planet is Mexico. I am a psychedelic advocate and healer. Legalization of sacred psychedelic medicine is one of my big dreams along with world peace, a healthy green planet Earth, and abundance for all. Remember that you are beautiful and that you are always loved.

My Naked Truth TV – Kelsey Beyer interviewed by Gypsy Taub

A great body freedom activist and artist Kelsey Beyer is interviewed on My Naked Truth TV. Kelsey has been to mane of our protests, she got naked with us at the City Hall and at many other protests and parades.

My Naked Truth TV – Kelsey Beyer- interview by Gypsy Taub from Gypsy Taub on Vimeo.