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STOP THE NUDITY BAN – action alerts

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4th @ 2 PM – San Francisco City Hall – ROOM 250. Full Board of Supervisors Meeting

If they reject the ban – we celebrate our victory!

IF THEY PASS THE BAN – WE ALL GET NAKED! Either way it’s going to be FUN!!!

Be there and be part of this historical moment!

stop the nudity ban!

Dear friends,

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SF Democratic County Central Committee Meeting where Scott Wiener, David Chiu and Malia Cohen who betrayed us will be seeking political support from the Democratic Party. Make public comment (2 minutes) and possibly get naked? You will not be alone if you do!

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30 @ 12 noon – City Hall steps – protest (clothing optional)

if it rains go to Center for Sex and Culture: 1349 Mission Street (between 9th and 10th St), SF, CA 94103

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4 @ 2 PM – final vote at City Hall Board of Supervisors –

if they pass the ban get naked with us! Bring a friend with a camera and go viral on Youtube!
Please, forward this email alert to your friends!

Contact Gypsy: (510)-318-1750 gypsytaub(at)gmail(dot)com

I want to congratulate you all for doing such a great job! Our story was #1 on Yahoo News:

If you haven’t seen the November 17th protest watch it on MyNakedTruth.TV

Check out my article that I wrote for the Guardian in England at their request:
I have started using Twitter where I have been posting links to media coverage etc:

On November 20th the Nudity Ban passed the first vote at the Board of Supervisors (6 to 5). Despite the tremendous support of the progressive Supervisors David Campos, Christina Olague, John Avalos and Eric Mar (Jane Kim didn’t speak but voted against the ban) the corporate puppets that comprise the rest of the Board voted “yes” and the ban was passed. The second and final vote is usually a formality and is most likely to be the same as the first one. The final vote is on December 4th at 2 PM.

If you have any faith in any of the member of the Board who voted against us please email or visit them. As far as we have been informed the only person worth approaching there is David Chiu. His was the swing vote. He betrayed us. I have heard that he has big career plans. In a private conversation he said he was with us, that he goes to Burning Man and has no problem with nudity, but he still voted against us – hypocrite! If you are not disgusted enough yet maybe you should try to visit and convince him. Let him know that without the support of the people he won’t be able to get very far. He still has a chance to save his reputation on December 4th – let him know.

Besides the Board of Supervisors we have the law suit against the city. I personally have a lot of faith in that. If that doesn’t work I am not giving up until this legislation is dead as can be. We will find a way to defeat it no matter what.

Contact Gypsy: (510)-318-1750 gypsytaub(at)gmail(dot)com