letter from Gypsy’s trial attorney


July 13, 2022

Board of Parole Hearings
Attn: NPED
P.O. Box 4036
Sacramento, CA 95812-4036

Sent via US Mail Only

RE: Taub, Oxane “Gypsy” CDCR#WG8026

Dear BPH Commissioner:

I am writing to you in regards of advocating for Ms. Taub’s early release. I was her attorney and represented her at trial last summer. I am intimately familiar with Ms. Taub’s case and got to know her and her family very well.

Ms. Taub is a single mother of three children. Her daughter Inti Gonzalez is 21, her middle child Nebo Gonzalez is 19, and her youngest son Daniel is currently 17. Ms. Taub is a very loving and dedicated mother. Her children miss her immensely and have suffered tremendously due to her two-and-a-half-year incarceration. Daniel cried through his entire testimony at Ms. Taub’s sentencing hearing. Ms. Taub has informed me that she is sending her and her children’s sentencing testimony for your review.

I also understand that her case is currently under appeal.

In my opinion, I believe that Ms. Taub’s bail was excessive during her incarceration at Santa Rita Jail, especially due to her history of respiratory issues, her “advanced age” during Covid 19, and the fact that she was accused of non-violent crimes.

As her trial lawyer, I do believe her version of the facts and I do believe that she is
innocent. I also believe that she was genuinely concerned for the victim as it is in her
nature to help people.

Throughout the process, Ms, Taub had three separate opportunities to accept the plea agreement which would have been time served with her ability to go home. Ms. Taub believed in her case and opted to go to trial, which as you are well aware is her

Constitutional right to do so. Ms. Taub went from a time-served offer to a seven-year
confinement just for taking her case to trial.

I advocate for Ms. Taub’s early release. She has no prior criminal history. She is a very loving and dedicated mother, a highly respected community activist and a kind and caring human being. She is not a threat to the community.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. Please contact me directly with any



Christoph. Dobbins
Attorney at Law

cc: Client

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