Time Served

Dear friends,

Judge McCannon who illegally resentenced me behind my back in violation of the Penal Code and the Constitution, (and added 14 months to my original sentence), got recused (kicked out) from my case. My new judge Jacobson is a real sweetheart. He resentenced me today to time served. That means I am going home in the next week or two. I want to thank my amazing lawyers David Cohen and Clint Christopherson for their outstanding work, their love and their passion.

I want to thank my dear friend Sam who helped me pay for my lawyers as well as everything else that my family needed help with while I was incarcerated.

I want to thank my friend George whom I have never met, who helped me in so many different ways, who answered the phone every day, who was always there for me as a dear and loving friend. I also want to thank those of you who supported me through this painful experience, who expressed their support and respect for my freedom to chose who to love.

I will be home within the next couple weeks. I will keep working on manifesting the rest of my dreams. I have no doubt that I will succeed beautifully.

I am looking forward to seeing you again. I love you.

Gypsy Taub

8 thoughts on “Time Served

  1. Richie99

    To this day, the city of SF, California, has a ban of public nudity is a law, and those who are nudist can not be outdoors in public, could get caught and be arrested. when a ban/law is made, the law will never be removed from the law books.

  2. Horst Zeidler

    Hallo Gypsy,
    ich freue mich für dich, dass du endlich wieder nach Hause zu deiner Familie darfst. Hoffentlich kannst du deine Gedanken an die Haft schnell vergessen und deine Pläne und Projekte mit neuem Schwung und Elan wieder managen. Denke dabei an deine Gesundheit!

    ich wünsche dir viel Kraft, viele Grüße aus Germany, Horst Z.

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