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Gypsy’s Speech For the Nude Valentine’s Love Parade

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Appeal of the Restraining Order and Court Transcripts:

False Charges of Molestation:

Motion to Dismiss and Reduce Bail:

Affidavit of Truth:

Dear friends

Thank you so much for coming to our annual Nude Valentine’s Love Parade.
This is Gypsy Taub from Santa Rita Jail.

My bail amount is 2 million dollars. I am incarcerated on false charges over allegedly violating a restraining order that was based entirely on lies and false accusations, without any evidence, by a jealous abusive woman named Raven Thrasher.

This bogouse restraining order was obtained for her 15-year-old son, Phoenix, against his will. Phoenix used to be my son Daniel’s close friend.

I have been thrown in jail for stopping at the traffic light at the intersection where he used to live, even though that address wasn’t on the restraining order. I was given two more misdemeanors for driving by his house after Judge Sandra Bean explicitly told me that I was allowed to use that intersection.

I was charged with attempted child abduction, felony child abuse, felony stalking, and a few restraining order violation on Dec 17th, even though I wasn’t anywhere near Phoenix’s house. On that day my son Daniel was trying to meet with Phoenix at a nearby target to offer him a Lyft ride to a youth shelter where Phoenix could be free from his mother’s abuse.

I was also charged with molestation even though I have never once been alone with Phoenix and have never once touched him, short of giving him a hug in front of a crowd of people.
The molestation charge was based on a few emails sent to Phoenix in May, even though none of the emails were sexually explicit, most of the emails contained just music.

There are many facts that demonstrate that Phoenix is being abused by his mother, you can read more about it on my website – My Naked Truth . TV

Despite numerous reports to the child protective services and police, authorities have zero interest in investigating Ms. Raven Thrashers abuse of her son. Despite the fact that all of Phoenix’s friends were trying to help him escape from his mother’s abuse, and Berkeley Police knew this very well, Phoenix’s mother is not facing any criminal charges.
On the other hand, I have 20 charges now, that probably amount to close to 20 years of prison time, even though I have never been alone with Phoenix and never touched him inappropriately.

Phoenix has told me that he loves me. He never wanted this restraining order. He didn’t show up for the training order hearing and put four cuts on his arm when the first temporary restraining order was issued. When we called the police, Phoenix’s mother refused to let them see Phoenix’s cuts and they never bothered to follow up nor investigate. You can read the full story on my blog at –

Yesterday was valentine’s day, today we celebrate love. But unfortunately love is illegal in this country for a lot of Americans. It used to be illegal to love a person of a different race, of a different religion. It used to be illegal to love a person of the same gender until just a few years ago. It is still illegal to love a person based on age restrictions imposed by tyrannical government and by tyrannical parents.

I was 16 when I had a 54-year-old boyfriend. His name was Alex Hyzar. He was my first lover. He treated me very well, gave me a lot of love, taught me a lot about personal freedom, helped me heal, and had a tremendously positive impact on the rest of my life. I called him a few months ago to thank him for all the love that he gave me.

In todays America Alex would have been thrown in prison for loving me and my heart would have been broken. Luckily this was in Hungary, where there is more freedom of love.

In California, the age of consent is 18. But many young people get married every year at the age of 14. This requires consent from one of their parents. If Phoenix and I wanted to get married. It would be perfectly legal for us to be married and to be lovers, if Phoenix’s mother gave us consent. Since she chooses to go against Phoenix’s will, he is not allowed to be with me, no matter how much he loves me. Since Phoenix’s mother has no respect for her son’s feelings nor desires, our love is considered a crime.

And I’m facing about 20 years in jail right now because of my love for Phoenix, even though I have never been alone with him.

How is it okay that young people in this country are literally owned by their parents? This is nothing short of slavery. We need a youth rights movement in this country. We also need to legalize love and personal freedom.

In conclusion, I would like to add a few words regarding the big picture.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. I also believe that we all (including myself) create our own reality one hundred percent.

I see this as a spiritual challenge to grow and to let go of all the old fear and limiting beliefs.

I invite all of you to do the same. Let’s all evaluate and face our old fears and limited beliefs. Let’s grow spiritually and let’s create together a beautiful world of love and freewill.

Above all let’s open to the love that God and Goddess have for us. Let’s let the magic in and let us all move forward toward the deepest love, the highest truth and a brilliant future on a personal and global level.

The nude Valentine’s Love parade will not be canceled. I will be with you in spirit. Have a great parade for love and freedom for all of us.

Much love and naked hugs to all, Gypsy.