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NUDE LOVE PARADE – Sunday, March 17 @ 12 NOON till 2 PM

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NUDE LOVE PARADE – Sunday, March 17 @ 12 NOON till 2 PM

Start: Jane Warner Plaza (Castro)
Finish: Haight and Stanyan (Golden Gate Park)

The parade route is published here:

GYPSY TAUB’S SPEECH at the parade is published at the bottom.

by Gypsy Taub:

This Sunday March 17 the 4th annual Nude Love Parade will March from the Castro to the Golden Gate Park.

Body Freedom Network has held a Nude Love Parade on Valentine’s weekend every year since 2016.

This year the parade was postponed due to rainy weather.

Now that we finally have sunny weather we can proudly March down the streets of San Francisco without freezing our balls off.

We welcome everyone to join us as bare as they dare. This event is clothing optional.

The March is fully permitted by the SFPD so no one will be cited nor arrested.

We invite everyone to celebrate love and body freedom with us. We are all born naked. That’s how God created us and God doesn’t make mistakes.

The most beautiful thing our bodies can do is make love. We make love naked.

Our bodies are not something to be ashamed of. Our bodies are to be appreciated, cherished, respected and loved. Without body acceptance self love is impossible and without self love it is impossible to be happy.

The San Francisco nudity ban that was implemented by Scott Wiener in 2013 is a ban on happiness, a ban on love, a ban on self respect.

The nudity ban made non sexual nudity a crime punishable by up to a year in jail.

This is not just a ban, it is an outright war on human dignity, on love and free expression, it is a violation of our inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It goes against the Declaration of Independence, it violates our first amendment rights, it is an insult to life itself.

We are going to continue fighting the nudity ban until it vanishes and becomes an embarassing thing of the past, until history leaves it in the dust.

We are going to stand up and march for love, freedom and happiness this coming Sunday and for many years to come.

Please join us in our celebration of love and body freedom!

The next nude event will be our nude contingent in the Gay Pride Parade.


Dear body freedom lovers,

thank you so much for coming to our nude love parade!

My name is Gypsy Taub. You can find me on the web at www.MyNakedTruth.TV

We normally do our Nude Love Parades on Valentine’s Day but due to rainy weather had to postpone it..

The Nazi power brokers of San Francisco are so threatened by the power of our message that they only gave us 2 hours this time and told us that our permit will expire early if we get to our destination early. I don’t think it’s even legal what they did. I guarantee you that no other parade gets subjected to those kind of fascist limitations. Nazis hate freedom of expression, Nazis hate the truth, Nazis hate free speech, Nazis hate body freedom, Nazis hate sexual freedom. They hate life itself and it all stems from self hate.

But we refuse to live in self hate. They say misery loves company. That’s why those Nazis are so worried that everyone is going to bail on their body shame and they will be left alone in their misery and self hate. They really wants us all to be as miserable as they are and preferably even more miserable. They are trying to get rid of their own feelings of inadequacy and defectiveness by dumping them on us.

The nudity ban has been in effect for over 6 years now. The nudity ban is a lot like high school bullying. It was created and upheld by a bunch of passive aggressive narcissistic power mongers who roll their eyes and hiss like snakes at the site of a naked body. The nudity ban is the most blatant form of hypocrisy and self hate. It is an insult to life itself.

The bureaucrats and the prudes love to scream about public nudity being harmful to children. They have spent hundreds of years screaming this nonsense. Never once in history has it been backed up by any legitimate research. In fact, legitimate research concludes that public nudity helps children and young people grow up with a much more relaxed attitude towards their own body. People who saw naked bodies while growing up have much healthier, much more realistic expectations of their own bodies. There is ample proof of public nudity having a positive effect on everyone. There are tribes in Ecuador, for instance, who don’t wear clothes. Crime and insanity are almost non-existent there, while our society is up to its ears in crime and insanity.

I am not saying that public nudity alone would cure crime and insanity, but it would be a step in the right direction.

If you think that your body is obscene and disgusting, how are you going to make love with that body? It’s no wonder that we have an epidemic of sexual dysfunction in our society. It’s no wonder that the vast majority of people in the United States are deeply dissatisfied with their sex lives.

Can you imagine what it would be like if dogs were ashamed of their bodies? Luckily for them they are free from body shame. It’s no wonder dogs never suffer from sexual dysfunction.

When body shame is institutionalized it is a part of a bigger agenda. It’s about making us hate ourselves, it’s about making us feel defective. Because it is much easier to dominate and control a population that is filled with shame and fear than it is to control people who love themselves and think for themselves.

Institutionalizing body shame is like institutionalizing slavery. Just because slavery was forced on us for thousands of years and was considered normal for nearly just as long, doesn’t make it normal and doesn’t make it OK. Slavery is a crime against humanity. And I dare say that laws that criminalize the human body are a crime against humanity.

No politician, no spouse, no parent has any right to instill body shame in anyone. Our parents, our society had no right to force us to hate our bodies, they had no right to make us feel defective and disgusting, just as they had no right to hit us nor abuse us emotionally.

We can learn from the mistakes of our past and live differently. The time has come to realize how deeply destructive and morally wrong body shame is. The time has come to recognize human dignity as an inalienable right. And how can anyone talk of dignity if they are afraid to take their clothes off in front of others because they are filled with body shame and self hate?

Body shame is nothing but a psychotic delusion. The nudity ban was created by a bunch of delusional psychopaths in their desperate attempt to assuage their own emotional pain by forcing it on others. Body shame is a pathology, a contagious disease, it is a cancer that is eating away our souls and minds, It is like a plague that alienates people and destroys intimacy. It is a war on love. It is a war on life itself. It is like black mold in our brain. It is impossible to see things clearly through the filter of body shame and self hate.

We need to wake up and help others wake up. Talk to your loved ones, liberate yourself and then others by practicing body freedom in your every day life. The truth is a powerful force that moves humanity forward. The truth is like oxygen. It heals wounds of the soul and spirit. The truth shall set us free.

There is a reason why we call it naked truth. Naked means pure, innocent, unadulterated, uncensored and uncontaminated. Let’s be naked in every sense of the word and let’s practice the naked truth!

Thank you!

Our next nude event will be my Birthday Suit Parade at the end of June to celebrate my 50th birthday. We are going to have a nude contingent in the Gay Pride Parade a week later. And sometime in August we will have our annual Nude Summer of Love Parade.

Please join our email list to stay in touch!

Naked hugs,

Gypsy Taub