Dear friends, clothed and nude, unite!

a group of anti-Wiener activists is organizing an occupy-style event near Scott Wiener’s house.

Weiner Roast
Sunday, October 27th @ 7 pm until we leave. Possible occupation down the street.
4096 17th st. is the address of the Weiner. (Diamond and 17th Street)
We are planning to have a cookout. Music, fun, annoyance of the Weiner. A lot of support is developing. We just need to spread the word. Friend request me on Facebook if you use it.

Please spread the word!

This is from

10/9/13 — This week the Land Use and
Economic Development Committee forwarded
my legislation to set uniform, citywide park
closure hours in San Francisco to the full Board
of Supervisors. My proposal improves on our
current patchwork, unenforceable park hours
policy by establishing a baseline closure of 12
AM to 5 AM for all parks, with exemptions for
walking, biking and driving through certain
parks. San Francisco is the largest city in the
country without clear park operating hours.

“I will translate. If you have a house you can be in the park. Unenforcable means Sfpd can now enforce. They will target the homeless. Anyone who believes different should become homeless for a night, go to the park, and wait. Set them up. Sit next to someone who does not appear homeless. I gave done this. The cops target the homeless and make jokes with the housed about the laws they selectively enforce.

We are all getting poorer. Without basic human rights for all, some of you will unfortunately experience the discrimination the homeless live with daily.”

“We are targeting Scott for the proposals Scott makes. We are unhappy with the park closures. You are unhappy with the nudity ban. Solidarity will build our numbers. The politicians laugh because we can’t get twenty people together. They think we don’t matter. The truth is people are busy surviving and they are scared. If we show success people will jump on the bandwagon also.”


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