September 26, 2015 – Nude In and Parade in the Castro

nude in nude parade 2015

NUDE PARADE – NUDE IN in SAN FRANCISCO – September 26, 2015, Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro – My Naked Truth TV from Gypsy Taub on Vimeo.

Dear body freedom lovers,

OUR PERMIT HAS BEEN GRANTED BY THE SFPD!!! We are going to have a fully permitted parade with police escort. Instead of bullying, assaulting, citing and arresting us the SFPD will be escorting us and blocking traffic for us!!!

you are all invited to our very first Valentine’s Nude Love Parade next Saturday, February 13 at noon. The parade will start at Jane Warner Plaza at noon, will march to the City Hall and return back to Jane Warner Plaza.

Please join us the day before Valentine’s to celebrate love in its purest, most natural form! Let’s remind the City of San Francisco that love knows no bounds and obeys no rules. Let’s remind everyone that we are only here today because our parents got naked and made love, that we were all born naked and that we are always naked underneath our clothes. The more we hide from our true selves the more separated we become from ourselves and from each other. True love knows no judgement, no hate, no separation! True self love means accepting yourself fully just the way you are, true self love means being completely free from shame in all its forms including body shame.

Drop the pretense! Drop your pants (or skirts)! Take it off and join our parade! Get fully naked or as bare as you dare!

nude in nude parade 2015

Gypsy Taub

Enjoy the video and the photos from the 2015 Nude In Parade:

nude in nude parade 2015

nude in nude parade 2015

nude in nude parade 2015

nude in nude parade 2015

nude in nude parade 2015

nude in nude parade 2015

nude in nude parade 2015

nude in nude parade 2015

nude in nude parade 2015

nude in nude parade 2015


by Gypsy Taub

Dear body freedom lovers,

Welcome to the very first Valentine’s Nude Love Parade in the history of San Francisco! The Universe really helped us out, along with our lawyers Gill Sperlein and Larry Walters! Thanks to their victory in district court last September the SFPD actually didn’t break the law this time and gave us a parade permit like they were supposed to.
This parade is fully permitted. No one will be cited nor arrested for being nude today.

Let’s hope that Valentine’s Nude Love Parade becomes a long lasting tradition in San Francisco and other cities worldwide!
After all, most of us make love naked! Even the biggest prudes wouldn’t be able to deny that.

Please join us to celebrate love in its purest, most natural form! Let’s remind the City of San Francisco that love knows no bounds and obeys no rules. Let’s remind everyone that we are only here today because our parents got naked and made love, that we were all born naked and that we are always naked underneath our clothes.
When you are naked can you make love to another human being, you can make love to mother nature, to Mother Earth, to the ocean, to the breeze, to the sky, to the stars, to the whole Universe!
When you are naked you can make love with all your senses, with your whole being!

Why is it that we are prohibited from making love to mother nature? We were all created by and are all a part of her. We all came from her and will all return to her at the end of this incarnation.

Why are they calling us criminals for wanting to fully embrace the Universe the way we were created, without any pretense, without any lies and misrepresentations of our true nature?
How did they manage to mind control us into believing that we are inherently ugly and need layers of fabric to cover up our ugliness? How did they manage to indoctrinate us so deeply that even though we all want to be free so many of us are still afraid? How did they manage to pass the nudity ban that will incarcerate you for a year merely for taking off your clothes while the police literally get away with murder.

We have been sentenced to life in prison, the prison of body shame that is. It’s time to revolt, it’s time to break free.
The good news is that ultimately love always wins. The good news is that ultimately progress always wins. The good news is that humanity is going through a major spiritual transformation. We are all waking up to who we truly are and shedding layers of who we are not. That’s where the body freedom movement comes in. It is a part of the global shift of consciousness, of global awakening of the heart, soul, mind and body. Our movement is about the soul more than it is about the body. For body shame imprisons our very soul, it is nothing short of mind control, it is the work of the Devil.

Body shame is also a form of sexual oppression that has been injected into us like a deadly poison by the Catholic Church.
We don’t need some sick pedophile priest to tell us that our genitals are ugly, that we will burn in hell if we masturbate or have sex before marriage. We don’t need to be a part of this Satanic Cult.

They tell us that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. They glorify the idea of a human being getting tortured to death to absolve us from our sins. This is not love of God. This is called human sacrifice. This is called Satanism.

And what about which burning? When any woman who wasn’t 100% conformist was burned at the stake in front of her children? Catholic Church is really a huge Satanic Cult.
Does this shock you? Just think about it for a minute. Just open your mind and think for yourself. I promise – God will not strike you down.
In July of 2014 Pope Francis Bergoglio, Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby were found guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

Google Kevin Annett for more information.

The same institution that glorifies human sacrifice in the name of God has tortured, raped and brutally murdered millions of innocent people worldwide, has destroyed cultures after cultures, has wiped out almost all forms of spirituality that were based on worshiping nature and loving and celebrating life.

Catholic Church couldn’t stand sexual freedom, they couldn’t stand body freedom, they had no mercy for anyone who held beliefs different from theirs. They destroyed freedom of thought, freedom of expression, sexual freedom. They destroyed women’s rights. They destroyed human rights.

Their deadly toxic ideology is based on nothing but guilt, fear, shame and self-hate. Telling children that they will burn in hell is the worst form of hate speech.
This poison permeates our culture to the core. We need to identify its cancerous tumors that have spread throughout our minds and souls, we need to remove them and heal from them.
We need to learn to truly think for ourselves, to question every statement and every belief that was shoved down our throats by our parents, our society, our government and especially our churches not limited to Catholicism, for there are other huge religious institutions that operate the same way as the Catholic Church.

We need to heal from our self-hate so that we can truly think freely and love freely, so that we can feel our true emotions without shame, so that we can interact with one another without fear of judgement, so that we can truly love and be loved in the most fulfilling and joyous ways.

The City of San Francisco was named after St Francis. He was never officially ordained by the Catholic Church. He was a non-conformist. He preached to lepers and even to animals. He embraced the poor and dedicated his life to humanity. Not everyone knows that St Francis was a nudist. He often preached in the nude.

His famous words were: “I shall go naked to meet my naked Lord” after he stripped down in front of his towns people and threw his clothes to his father who had sued him for using his assets to rebuild a small church.

Our city was named after a nudist. Saint Francis would be proud of us right now. I bet he would gladly join our nude love parade.
It’s Valentine’s weekend. Let’s talk about love.

First comes self-love. For without loving yourself it is impossible to love anyone else. It’s really important to forgive yourself. Once you take full responsibility for your impact and truly forgive yourself, you are free to love others, to grow spiritually, to truly be happy.

True self love means accepting yourself fully just the way you are, it means being completely free from shame in all its forms including body shame.

The more we hide from our true selves the more separated we become from ourselves and from each other. True love knows no judgement, no hate, no separation. The better we can learn to love ourselves, the easier it will be for us to become free from the darkness of the past, from the soul-shattering shame that has imprisoned our hearts for so long.
On this beautiful Valentine’s weekend, let’s celebrate our first victories over the nudity ban! Instead of bullying, assaulting, citing and arresting us the SFPD is going to escort us and block traffic for us. The tide is turning. I want to thank and congratulate all of you! We are winning!

Let’s celebrate love, let’s celebrate it together, let’s celebrate it in all its forms and expressions. Let every day be Valentine’s day!

43 thoughts on “September 26, 2015 – Nude In and Parade in the Castro

  1. BonsaiTreeGardener

    Aw, this was a very nice post. In thought I would like to put in writing like this additionally – taking time and actual effort to make an excellent article… however what can I say… I procrastinate alot and in no way appear to get something done.

  2. GeoffJ

    As I’m from the UK, the mother of all prudish society’s, I was delighted to discover this parade. Wish it could happen here but a very long way from that being so. Perhaps it would be the one reason why I would visit America to be able to take part.

  3. Gypsy Taub Post author

    The vimeo video for the Nude In Parade has been updated. This one doesn’t appear to have any shakiness. I apologize for the bad video that was posted before.

  4. L Jak

    Oh, btw, I had meant to ask: is the video shot with a limited frame rate or on a GoPro, maybe? Or am I just only seeing it be kinda jerky on my end? I’ve played it in different browsers, and all behave the same.
    Contrast that with the Valentine’s March vid, which is smoooooth!

      1. L Jak

        Oh….. I only see it on Vimeo– author: Lustful Goddess. Is that right? Im referring to the September Body Freedom video. Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Anyway, it’s almost stop-motion jerky, so I wondered if that’s the way it was filmed.:)

        1. Gypsy Taub Post author

          Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! The original file was good, then I compressed it for vimeo and that’s where it got fucked up. I am recompressing it now and will post it shortly. I don’t think they will let me keep the same URL, I will repost it though and will post the good one here on my blog. Thanks again!

          1. L Jak

            Ah. Thanks! I’d never before used Vimeo, so I had no reference point. The dancing looked especially fun…. and I plan on dancing with y’all next year.:)

  5. NL

    Walking Nude in the Streets of San Francisco

    This is not the first time Gypsy and her Body Freedom network have strip down to make a point. But, this was my first time publicly nude on the streets of San Francisco. I had been thinking about it for months and finally decided to uncover myself.

    At Noon at Jane Warner Plaza (JWP), Gypsy stood naked on a chair and gave a brief speech promoting the parade and Body Freedom in general. (Where a group of naked people are gathering, it is not hard to attract a crowd.) Gypsy counted 35 people without clothes, women making up about one-fourth. She encouraged everyone to carry Body Freedom signs. We then took a group picture before starting our march.

    From JWP, the parade worked its way up Market Street 1.6 miles to City Hall. We walked on the bike lane with police cruiser escorts in front and back of the parade with another police officer on a bicycle to our left. I inadvertently stepped off the bike lane for a few steps, but the cycling officer politely told me to stay on the bike lane, which I did. At intersections, the police stopped traffic for us so everyone could cross together.

    Market Street in San Francisco on a Saturday afternoon is a busy place. Like any urban area near a downtown, hundreds of people line the streets, automobile traffic is continuous, and diners are relaxing in restaurants with large windows. Before and during the parade, dozens of photographers pulled out their cameras, camcorders, cell phones, and tablets. Some parade goers posed for pictures. Most of the paparazzi were present at JWP, the beginning of the walk, and outside City Hall. Across the street from City Hall, we posed for another series of group shots. By the time we started our trip back, there were hardly any cameras.

    Gypsy carried a blow horn to direct us and lead us in chants, such as “Body Freedom. Body Freedom. It’s not lewd. It’s not rude. We’ll keep marching in the nude.” and “Join us now, nude or dressed. This parade’s a big success.”

    Everyone was friendly both in and out of the parade. I met several people, and we talked on and off during the excursion. No one was lewd or violent. No one got arrested. We received both compliments and complaints. Compliments came from admirers who appreciated our convictions. Complaints came from irate individuals telling us to cover up. Fortunately, we received a lot more compliments than complaints. A few cars honked their horns at us.

    Not every marcher was “naked” per se. Some had body art with or without body freedom messages. A few others wore masks they bought from a street vendor at JWP. A small handful, who were sympathetic to our cause and clearly not gawkers, walked with us but kept their clothes on.

    Our permit was only good for 2½ hours. Promptly at 2:30 PM, Gypsy told everyone to cover up, which almost everyone did as required by law. This meant only covering our genitals. Women stayed topless, which is legal. One man brought no clothes with him and had to use a Body Freedom sign to cover himself the rest of the way. We also lost our police escort, but by then we were only a few blocks from returning to JWP.

    I found the experience wonderful and liberating. If you have ever had that dream of being naked in public with lots of onlookers around, make it a reality. If you are comfortable at nude resorts and beaches, take it to the next level. If you decide to join us next time, I have three recommendations:
    • Bring comfortable walking shoes, lots of sunscreen, and a bag with shoulder straps to carry your clothes. One woman started the parade barefoot but put on her shoes after a few hundred feet, because she stepped on a piece of glass.
    • Take public transportation. Parking is scarce. The Castro Street Station of the Muni Metro is conveniently located across the street from JWP.
    • Arrive on time. Gypsy is very good about starting on time. Just as we were returning to JWP, a woman wearing only high heel shoes was walking towards us. She was running late and wanted to catch up with the parade. We told her it was over.

    Maybe I will see you naked at the next parade!

  6. L Jak

    I was so sorry to miss and not participate in the pre-VD parade…. alas, I was too far away. But I *did* spend most of the day nude at my bf’s (as usual), so, a win, anyway.:) I definitely will make one of these. The opportunity to demonstrate is just too appealing.

    Are you planning to post coverage of the event here? I can’t find ANYTHING via Google search, save for brief (censored) news items.

  7. James Ray

    Hi Gypsy

    Last night I made a post about the video which as I pointed out is quite amazing from a conservative Mid West point of view. I did a little research today on the nudity ban in San Francisco. I had no idea, but apparently it is a hot topic. Perhaps individuals misusing their positions in Government tend to oppress others to achieve their own personal desires believing it will produce more votes and cause them to rise to power. This is a a big problem in Washington and I truly believe politicians are running this Nation into the ground. Anyway, I am interested in the situation although I doubt I ever go to San Francisco.

    I dug around the internet and learned a little about your history. My background is simple. I grew up on a farm in the Mid West and eventually left the farm, went to college and studied mathematics. This was brought about by rejecting the conventional wisdom, i.e. I should remain on the farm which would have been politically correct LOL!

    My neighbors are from the Ukraine and they are research scientists working on cures for cancer. They did not stay on the farm or in the Ukraine. One has a PhD in Chemistry and the other a PhD in Biology. Needless to say they have the best looking lawn in the subdivision! These two from the Ukraine are not in the United States working as research scientists because they followed conventional wisdom, at least from the USA perspective. I know when I was in college the brightest Math students were not from the USA!

    I am going to read a little more on this issue of public nudity in San Francisco and then make a post about it with my perspective that will tie my thoughts together from a conservative, political, and religious perspective coming from an individual who although conservative is sick and tired of the oppressive government of the USA and the political hacks and whores in Washington and local government. I will say I am a gun advocate and carry a gun where ever I go. I have a permit of course. However, gun rights advocates are meeting the same type of political hysteria and oppression as the free thinking nude people of San Francisco. There is something about this even more important than carrying a gun or walking around nude. Maybe it is the desire of free thinking people to escape political oppression which historically dates back to the beginning of time. If I can walk around San Francisco nude with a gun strapped to my hip I will have defeated every corrupt politician in this nation. Now wouldn’t that be a trip?

    If I stand nude beside you protesting on the street corner with a gun strapped to my hip and ask the bully cop if he wants to respect my rights or die by the sword I bet he would have a nervous breakdown! This is question the Greeks asked the Persian Empire several thousand years ago The Greeks won. We should rise up, stand up and never back down.

    Anyway, after I learn more about public nudity in SF I will share my thoughts, and perhaps send you a picture of myself nude with a gun strapped to my hip taken in my backyard because If I did that on a street corner where I live the local government would freak out and go up in flames LOL!

    Just the thought of you being able to protest on a street corner in San Francisco is refreshing because in many parts of the world and event the USA that is not politically correct!

  8. James Ray

    I let my kids watch the video and they got the biggest kick out of your 11 year old son. We live in a very conservative state in the Mid West so they are not accustomed to seeing a naked boy protesting on the street corner of a large city. I am sure you can appreciate the uniqueness of the situation, at least from the perspective of the conservative Mid West. I got a big kick out of listening to them as we watched the video.

    When the video was over I asked them if they think nude is lewd and I got a unanimous “No!” We talked briefly about the distinction between nude activities like we saw in the video and outright lewd behavior. They agreed there is a distinction and did not see anything about the video that struck them as being lewd or inappropriate behavior.

    My 10 year old daughter inquired what your son would do if his classmates from school came by and saw him naked on the street corner protesting. She saw him waive a few times and wondered if it was someone he knew.

    Anyway, it was an interesting topic of discussion for a family from the Mid West. Good luck with your fight to bring about more reasonable viewpoint of nude.

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      LOL!!! That’s funny! My kids are very free about their bodies. They have concerted other kids to be nude on the beach that we went to. It was amazing to see how contagious body freedom is when presented in a fun way. I am sure Daniel (my 11-year-old) would be proud to show that video to his friends. In fact, his birthday party is coming up. I should suggest that he show this video to his friends. I am sure they will all get a big kick out of it. Thank you for your support!

      1. A.S.

        Really, he is 11? Even in the video from last year (September 2015), he looked like he is at least 12. Now he looks like he is 13. Your other son could easily pass for 17 or 18! Did other parents bring their kids? How did you not get a fine or child endangerment? In any case, keep protesting, and keep protecting the 1st Amendment.

  9. Allen Simeon

    Thank you for all of your hard work on this issue.

    I have been fighting for this same cause for many years now here in New Jersey. We won a partial victory for a clothing optional beach at Gunnision Beach, Sandy Hook, New Jersey. We now have grown to over 4,000 people attending this beach naked on summer weekends…..and everyone just loves it !!!!!

    Your son reminds me of my own, also 11. He loves being naked at home and outdoors and he has even converted most of his school friends. He invites them over for a nude Jacuzzi party all of the time.

    Thank you again and hope to meet you the next time my family visits SF.

    All of our best…Allen & Cynthia Simeon
    XX OO

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      Thank you guys so much for your support. I am so happy to hear about the 4000 naked people on your beach! I think we should all push for federal legislation so they would leave us all alone. Oregon equality law is great, wherever men can go top free women can too. But of course, full nudity is a big step forward from that.

      I hope to meet you too!

      Much love! And Happy belated Valentine’s!

    2. Mike Browne

      Congratulations on the successful protest march! Kudos to you and your family for standing up for nudist rights In San Francisco.
      Our local beach (Lighthouse Beach on Long Island) lost its nude status after Hurricane Sandy—thankfully we still have Gunnison Beach in New Jersey. Allen and Cynthia, maybe we’ll meet you there this summer.


      1. Allen & Cynthia

        Mike Browne…
        Our entire family (daughters 5 & 15 and sons 11 & 8 ) will be there from day one (Memorial day weekend) and just about every weekend there after. We also attend during the week days if we can get away.

        We are always sitting under a blue/white stripe umbrella with a hand made nude Styrofoam figure waving with one hand and holding a sign with the other hand with the initials “NJGBA” written on it. Stop by and introduce yourself.

        We live nearby (only 6 miles away) in a house one block from the beach. We usually invite guest over for the night and/or weekend…so get to us early before all of the guest beds are gone. (we have 5 guest beds) First come first served on the guest beds, so come to Gunnison beach early and meet up with us to claim a guest bed. Sorry no pre arrangements can be made ….must be present on the beach so we can all meet and get to know each other better.

        There are several other nudist families who all attend on Sandy Hook’s Gunnnison Beach also and live nearby our house in the next town. They all bring their families over to our house for BBQ, Jacuzzi, pool party, lawn tennis and other adventures. Our house & property is very large and private.

        We are all very liberal and open minded for all life styles.

        Hope to meet you this summer at Gunnison Beach !!

        1. Rocco Severese

          Hi Allen

          We are a nudist family from Brooklyn NY. I used to attend Gunnison Beach before I discovered Lighthouse beach. Not sure what to expect haven’t been there in 9 years! My wife and oldest daughter would like to give it a try on June 17. Hope to see you there!

  10. John

    Hi Gypsy,

    Stopped by the event today. It was really refreshing to see people like you arguing for such rights and your speech really hit it home for me. I wasn’t able to join you and your fellow nudists today but I am really looking forward to your future events! Keep on fighting the good fight.

  11. Graham

    Greetings from England UK, I have been a nudist for around 60 years, I wish I could be there to march with you.
    My very best wishes for Saturday!

  12. Amy

    This is such a great cause!!! I’m new to the SF area and growing up I’ve always been so sheltered on “you shouldn’t be naked, it’s all about sex….”, such negative energy. It’s always led me to feel ashamed of my body, even though I’m in great shape. Since the move, I’ve become so much more confident and proud to be a women in my body and have been wanting to share that with people in a positive way. I hope to participate and see you there!!

  13. Karl Kreile

    Dear Gypsy,
    thank you for these lovely pictures!
    They help me to remember a great day during my visit in San Francisco!
    Love from Berlin/Germany

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