1. Mike Alexander

    Hi, I ran across a really great video I think you’ll love. It’s (BPS) “LSD: microdosing & The Supernatural” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ekkXrfmPM8). It really made me sit back and think wow. I’m sure you know the subject, but maybe not the video because of he channel it’s from. (It’s short, but get into the 2nd half for sure.) I heard you mention in your 2018 video that you have a clinic, so I thought this would be interesting in case you haven’t seen this particular video.

    (I wish the world could just go naked!)

  2. Dan Conway

    Yeh I thought the same thing – while I love being nude now, I’d never have had his confidence at that stage in my life, it’s so good to see him embracing himself and his environment, some fantastic family portraits from the experience for you to all look back on :)

  3. Dan Conway

    I love the video, please thank whoever posted it, it’s great to see, feels as if I was there :) looks like a great carnival spirit for a great cause, and so many people turned out! :)

  4. David

    Hi Gypsy, congratulations on the successful completion of your Birthday Suit Parade! It is great to see all your family and friends coming together to celebrate your 50th birthday in a way that is most meaningful to you.

    You and your three children look great. Special mention to Daniel, as I haven’t seen him taking part in a parade for some time. I have to say Daniel has grown to be such a beautiful boy, both physically and spiritually. It is heartening to see that he has become so much more confident, while still maintaining his pleasant demenaor. I have no doubt he will grow to be a fine young man soon!

    All the best to you and your family! Keep the energy going in fighting for what you believe!

  5. Sean Desrochers

    I can’t wait to march with you guys! Missed out on another wonderful demonstration. I’ve been following Body Freedom for the last 4 years while living in Las Vegas, as a Bay Area native, I can’t wait to move back and join you in your next march.

    Happy 50th Gypsy!!!! Great turnout, awesome!

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