Monthly Archives: July 2014


Dear body freedom supporters,

we are going to challenge the nudity ban by showing the City Attorney and the SFPD that body freedom is here to stay.

Come join us this Sunday at Dorey Alley at 3 Pm for a NAKED DANCE LOTTERY where participants will be selected at random to win awesome kinky prizes, 1st price being a $500 gift certificate for Mr-S-Leather store.

Here is the latest EBAR article that talks about the event and about our naked dance lottery:

We are going to have a blast and would love to have it with you!

Please come and dance or just hang out. We will be in the Body Freedom Network booth on 10th Street.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS for the booth. If you would like to help out please come early, at 11 am or so.

We want to thank everyone who has donated to our legal fund in the past and to ask you to help us out with whatever donations you can make – every little bit makes a difference. Without your continued support our federal case would be impossible. Thank you so much!!!

Please let your friends know about the naked dance lottery!

See you on the dance floor!