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Dear body freedom lovers,

join us, we have a nude contingent in Gay Pride Parade this coming Sunday, June 24th.

Here is the info:

Our contingent placement is 124 and we assemble on Main St between Mission and Market between 12 noon and 1pm. Step-off time is 1 pm. There is no need to be there early because there will always be some waiting time before we actually step off.

Also, our booth is in position #S022, on the west side of McAllister between Larkin and Hyde.
Please come join us! Please invite friends too.

In order to march in the parade you need to be fully nude. Jewelry and adornments are fine but genitals and breasts need to be visible. When people cover up their genitals it becomes a body shame parade, not a body freedom parade.

We need to march in one line, from left to right, otherwise we look like a loose crowd of unrelated strangers scattered through the street.
Please make signs if up have time to. If not, don’t worry about signs, your presence is way more important.

Please ask your friends who are going to be attending the parade to film and photograph us. The live broadcast never shows us and it is very hard for us to videotape ourselves, please do that too, but it is always great to get someone else to document our contingent in photos and video.

If you are planning to attend and videotape, photograph, please contact me after the parade so we can release a video and some photos on my blog and possibly some other places, like even a possible documentary film in the future.

I hope to see a big turn out, I hope you can make it!

Big naked hugs,