Monthly Archives: May 2022



by Gypsy Taub

Fear lurks in the corners
Of my heart and my mind.
Fear drugs me and numbs me,
Fear puts me to sleep.

Fear lies to me laughing
As I blindly believe it,
As I burry my sorrows
In the depth of my heart.

Fear stops me from loving,
Fear stops me from living,
It fills me with dread,
Paranoia, self-hate.

It paints a picture
Of a dark, cruel future.
It laughs and it tells me
That there is no God.

It tells me that I am
Its prisoner forever,
That there is no hope,
That there is no escape.

It burries my passion
In tears and heart aches.
It declares its victory
Over my love.

Now I finally get it
And I get really angry –
My heart beating loud,
Rage boiling my blood.

I rise up in rebellion
And I stare at it screaming:
“No, I will not let you!
No, You won’t take my love!”

Its eyes pierce me with thunder,
Making me tremble
As I punch it with vengeance
Staring straight in its eye.

Then a miracle happens
As I take back my power.
Fear turns into ashes,
Just a pile of dust.

And I see the sun rising,
And I hear God’s whisper:
“This was all an illusion.
You were born to be free.”