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I was born and raised in Moscow, the land of Pussy Riot. I live in San Francisco with my 3 kids. I have been an activist for over almost 12 years. Anti-war activist, 911 truther, media activist and now a nudist activist. I love my kids, love music, love to dance, love to travel. My favorite place on this planet is Mexico. I am a psychedelic advocate and healer. Legalization of sacred psychedelic medicine is one of my big dreams along with world peace, a healthy green planet Earth, and abundance for all. Remember that you are beautiful and that you are always loved.


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I stumbled upon this funny and beautiful quote. Please, let me know if you know who wrote it. Here it is:

Gypsy  Taub  Nude: Unveiling the Beauty Within

Nude activist Gypsy Taub bares all for a positive body image

If you have an insatiable sense of adventure combined with a deep appreciation for the human form, then you will surely be captivated by the enchanting world of Gypsy  Taub. This unique and mesmerizing art form celebrates the raw beauty of the human body, intertwining it with the vibrant spirit of the gypsy lifestyle.

Embracing Freedom and Expression

When you witness a Gypsy  Taub  Nude masterpiece, you are transported to a realm where inhibitions and societal norms are discarded, and the essence of self-expression takes center stage. This art form dares to challenge conventions, allowing the viewer to indulge in the uninhibited energy that emanates from each stroke of the artist’s brush.

Experience the Sensual Journey

The sensuality that oozes from every corner of a Gypsy  Taub  Nude artwork is undeniable. Each curve, every contour, and every brushstroke weave together to create a tapestry of passion and desire. Through the strokes of the artist’s skilled hand, the beauty of the human body becomes a story waiting to unfold.

  Unveiling the essence
  Captivating moments frozen in time
  A celebration of self-love and acceptance

  Embracing the raw beauty within
  Exploring the depths of human connection
  Transcending societal boundaries

Each Gypsy  Taub  Nude artwork tells a unique tale, inviting you to explore your own perceptions of self, sensuality, and freedom. It serves as a reminder that beauty is not confined to societal standards but is eternally embedded within each and every one of us, waiting to be discovered and celebrated.