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summer of love nude parade 2016 San Francisco


Jane Warner Plaza (Castro and Market), North on Waller Street, North on Divisadero, West on Haight to Stanyan and back – East on Haight, South on Divisadero, South on Castro to Jane Warner Plaza.

We will stop at Haight and Ashbury corner to take pictures.

Dear body freedom lovers,

you are all invited to our very first Nude Summer of Love Parade in honor of Jerry Garcia. August 1st is his birthday and August 9th is the day he died.

Please join us to celebrate the hippie movement and all the liberation that it brought to America and to the rest of the world.

The hippie movement started here, in San Francisco, and then it has and still continues to change the world. As we all know, body freedom, sexual freedom and freedom of choice and self-expression were very important aspects of that movement. Civil rights movement and massive rebellion against the oppression of the human race have also permanently changed our planet for the better. Today we take many of our freedoms for granted and often forget that it took a multi-generation world-wide movement to secure those rights and to make them a normal part of our daily lives.

Let’s get naked to honor and to celebrate the power of love and freedom! Let’s get naked to celebrate the beauty of an open heart and an open mind! Let’s celebrate the beauty of nature, of the human body and spirit!

The Summer of Love started in the 60-s but it never has to end. It is up to us to keep it alive in our hearts and minds. It is up to us to continue this tradition of liberation of the human race through love, understanding and compassion. It is up to us to continue pushing the envelope and reaching for greater and greater freedom. It is up to us to never give up and never settle for mediocrity.

Please join us in our celebration of the new spirituality and the new world! it is up to us to create that world, it is up to us to manifest our dreams and to inspire others to dream.

Please come as bare as you dare and please feel free to wear flowers, to paint peace signs on your body and to bring signs or objects that reflect the spirit of the Summer of Love!

We will gather at Jane Warner Plaza (Castro, 17th Street and Market Street) at 11 am. The parade will begin at 12 noon.


Dear body freedom lovers,

My name is Gypsy Taub. You can find my naked interviews and other activism on www.MyNakedTruth.TV, as well as on channel 29.

Thank you so much for coming to celebrate the Summer of Love with us! I dedicate this parade to Jerry Garcia, my greatest teacher and healer. Jerry was born on August 1, 1942 and died on August 9, 1995. The Summer of Love wouldn’t have been the same without him. Our world today wouldn’t be the same without him.

In my opinion the Summer of Love and the hippie movement in general are by far the most important and the most healing and liberating phenomena in the history of the United States if not in the history of the whole humankind.

The spiritual depth and the cultural impact of the 60-s are so vast and so multi-dimensional that a life time wouldn’t be enough to process nor fully understand it.
I feel that the Summer of Love is a doorway to eternal and all-encompassing vastness of the Universe through the hearts and minds of those who choose to believe in it, to experience it and to grow from it.
It is something that can only be experienced in your heart, deep in your heart.

I would like to share my personal story of the Summer of Love.

I was born and raised in Moscow until I was 18. Russia is a beautiful country with lush forests, golden fields of wheat and endless meadows of wild flowers. Russian people are beautiful. There was a lot of love in Russia and a lot of pain. And my childhood was a mix of both.

Decades later I found out the origins of my pain: I had been severely abused as an infant and a young child. I blocked out the memories but the darkness was eating me alive.
As I grew older my pain grew and by the time I was in my late teens it seemed to have consumed me almost entirely. I felt more and more separated from myself.
I came to the States when I was 19.

The world seemed so dark and there seemed to be little hope that my life would ever get better.

I spent countless hours contemplating suicide and expected to be dead by the age of 25.

But then I moved to California and discovered LSD, which was soon followed by my first Grateful Dead concert on acid. LSD opens your heart and your mind. It allows healing energy to flow freely. That concert changed my life.

I remember Jerry Garcia singing a very sad and beautiful song. It felt like there was no one else there, just Jerry and me. No one had ever touched my heart so deeply. It felt like Jerry was the only person in the Universe who knew my pain.

My life was never the same again. My dark ages were over. Instead of suicide fantasies I now had hope. I continued my therapy with the Grateful Dead. I fell in love with the deadheads. I went on tour in 1995, the last months of Jerry’s life. That was my summer of love. It was my dream come true, my dream that I had as a child and then abandoned because I thought it was impossible on this planet to be that happy and to be surrounded by such kind and loving people. I realized that dreams do come true. I realized that I was born to be free. Jerry introduced me to God. I realized that the Universe was made of love. A mad desire to share that love with the world spread through my soul like wild fire.

I want everyone to realize how beautiful and how loved they truly are, how beautiful life can really be. I want everyone to reconnect with their true self, to find their true power, to conquer their fears and to move beyond them, to wake up from the nightmare, to dare to dream.

I want everyone to open their hearts and minds to the vastness, to the endlessness of this Universe and not to feel insignificant, but rather to realize that you are a welcome guest in this world, a beloved family member of the human race and of all creation. We are not here by coincidence, we are here by choice, a choice made on a higher level, with a bigger purpose, with a destiny. We are all here to love and to be loved, to discover our true selves and to reconnect with the divine harmony that we were meant to co-create.

The Summer of Love was a manifestation of a dream, my dream, your dream, our dream together. Many of us have abandoned our dreams, got lost in pain and fear, became separated from ourselves and from each other.

It is time to heal that separation, time to return home, time to let the love in, to embrace the magic of creation and manifestation and to resurrect our hopes, our dreams and visions. It is time to open our hearts to the love and our minds to the magic of this Universe. Magic is not just a word from a fairy tale. Magic is just as real as love is. It permeates all creation. We just need to believe in it enough to let it in, to let it heal us, to let it guide us, to let it become a part of our daily lives and of our future.

Today, in our quest for greater personal freedom, let’s celebrate the magic of the human body! Without our bodies we wouldn’t be able to exist in the physical world. Our bodies are a true blessing, a magnificent extension of our spirit. Without our bodies we wouldn’t be able to hug and kiss each other, we wouldn’t be able to feel and sense the earth, the sky, the wind, the rain. Without our bodies we wouldn’t be able to sing and dance, we wouldn’t be able to make love. Our bodies are not something to hide, nor be ashamed of. Our bodies are to be celebrated, honored, cherished, cared for, respected and loved.

The hippie movement was probably the first form of body freedom movement in modern day America. Body freedom was an integral part of the personal freedom that the hippie movement embraced and strived for. And so it is today, a big part of the personal freedom, of freedom of choice.

Time is an illusion, the Summer of Love can be just as real today as it has ever been. It is up to us to keep it alive in our hearts and minds.

Let’s spread the Summer of Love to every corner of this planet. Let’s celebrate it every day until the whole world heals and becomes whole, and when it does let’s keep on celebrating it forever just for the fun of it!