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you can find my Affidavit of Truth where I discuss my false charges here:

I am going home soon despite the blind, deluded and hateful judge McCannon who thinks that he knows everything but in reality is totally deluded and lost in ego. Not only did he convict me of crimes that I did not commit (and he knew full well that I was innocent after seeing all the evidence), he also gave me a 10-year stay away order that no one asked him for. The so-called “victim” never wanted a restraining order against me. It was his child-abusing mother and my power-abusing judge McCannon who wanted it for all the wrong reasons.

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If you are into music and spirituality, check out this site:

and here is another good one:

And if you want to help your local young artists, please donate to Youth Spirit Artworks. This wonderful organization provides housing for people who enroll in its art programs.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon. Please, share your thoughts in the comment section..

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Gypsy Taub


  1. George

    A protective order can be dissolved by the victim. All he needs to do is fill out this form:

    and file it with the clerk at Rene C Davidson Court in Oakland. He can even try submitting it online at

    A hearing will be scheduled and he can tell the judge that he wants to dissolve the protective order. The clerk should be able to give him his hearing date when he files or shortly thereafter. He can call the court clerk later at (510)-891-6000. .

    He needs to put his name, address and phone number in the first field, then he needs to put the address of the Rene C Davidson Court in the next field (after Superior Court of Alameda County), then he needs to fill in the case number which is 19-CR-010394.
    He needs to put his name after I,______________(protected party), The order was issued on your sentencing day which was November 4, 2021.

    For the “reason” he could say something like this:

    “I am an adult now. There is no reason for this protective order to stay in place. The defendant is a kind person. I am in no danger. I want this protective order to be dissolved.” (He can attach a separate page if he needs more space.)

    Then he just needs to fill in today’s date and sign. The rest of the form is for the court to fill out. I hope this helps.

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