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Victory! – Nude parade permit granted by Judge for Saturday

Dear body freedom supporters,
we have great news for you all today! We had a huge victory in court today!
District Judge Seeborg  issued a TRO (temporary restraining order) to prevent SFPD from interfereing with the NUDE IN and nude parade that will be held this Saturday, September 26th at 12 noon at Jane Warner Plaza.
PARADE ROUTE: we gather at Jane Warner Plaza in San Francisco and march on Market Street to the City Hall, have a photo shoot there and then march back to Jane Warner Plaza.
PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD FAR AND WIDE!!! On such short notice it will be challenging for us to reach all our supporters. Please call your nudist friends and post this info immediately!
The details follow below.
We got one donation for $100 in the past 2 days. Thank you!!! We are still $200 short of our September payment to our lawyers. They spent the last 5 days working on our case non-stop and had to put aside their other cases. So please let’s rise up to the occasion and send them some money! Please paypal your donations to If you want to send a check directly to Gill let me know and I will provide his address. THANK YOU!!!
On Monday our lawyers Gill Sperlein and Larry Walters filed a new complaint in Federal Court against the SFPD on behalf of George Davis, Gypsy Taub and the SF nudists.
Ever since the infamous nudity ban took effect in February of 2013, the SFPD has been violating our 1st Amendment rights by refusing to issue a permit to our group of nudists. At least a dozen applications had been filed. Every single one of them was either ignored or denied, every time with a new flimsy excuse.
We have presented all this evidence to Judge Chen who presided over our initial case, but sadly he dismissed our claim. That’s why we filed a new claim this past Monday.
In the recent weeks we submitted another application for a parade permit for our annual nude in on September 26 at Jane Warner Plaza, but the SFPD refused to give us a permit.
Our lawyers fought really hard for us and ended up with a huge victory. District Judge Seeborg issued a TRO (temporary restraining order) against the SFPD.
Thanks to the TRO the nudists will be able to enjoy their freedom of expression and their constitutional rights unobstructed this Saturday, September 26.
9/25/2015 San Francisco (note from Gill Sperlein)


Today a federal district judge ordered the City and County of San Francisco and the San Francisco Police Department to issue a parade permit to George Davis, Gypsy Taub, and a group of other urban nudists.  Davis and Taub are currently in litigation with the City over whether San Francisco’ nudity ban can be enforced against individual engaged in political demonstration supporting body freedom and condemning the recently enacted ban.

 This separate  skirmish involved the SFPD’s refusal to grant a parade permit to the nude activist.  This is critical because permitted parades are exempt from the nudity ban.  But the SFPD stated that the group of 50 to 100 activists did not qualify as a parade and they must therefore walk on the sidewalk without a permit, and without the protection of the permit exemption to the ordinance.  District Judge Seeborg found that the ordinance failed to offer any guidelines on the number of people required for a parade and therefore the ordinance gave the SFPD too much discretion making the provision unconstitutional.

The parade of naked activists will take place in San Francisco starting at Jane Warner Plaza at noon tomorrow.

First Amendment attorneys D. Gill Sperlein an Lawrence Walters represented the plaintiffs.