I am out of prison

Dear friends,

I am out of prison. It feels great to be out. 

I have a lot of healing to do. I plan on spending at least a year focusing on healing myself and my family. I am not planning to organize any body freedom events for at least a year. If anybody wants to organize a body freedom event, please respond to this post in the comment section and I will get back to you and explain the process.

I plan on staying out of prison. People ask me if I plan on having any contact with the so-called “victim” of my case. The response is that I will only have contact with him if he dissolves the 10-year stay away order which he can do very easily by calling the DA. If he doesn’t care enough to do that then there is no reason for me to ever see him again.

If you want to say anything to me, please use the comment section. If you don’t want your comment to be published, please indicate that in your comment and I will not publish it.

My very best wishes and naked hugs to all of you! I love you.