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My Naked Truth TV – San Francisco elections – don’t vote for Scott Wiener!!! from on Vimeo.

Dear body freedom supporters,

we are staging a protest against Scott Wiener and the nudity ban on November 2nd, Sunday, at 12 noon at Harvey Milk Plaza (right next to Jane Warner Plaza).

We invite you to join us nude, dressed or anywhere in between if you don’t want to continue losing your civil rights and your rights to fair housing, if you don’t want to watch San Francisco get sold to the highest bidder by the Republican puppet Scott Wiener.

Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell took $200,000 from a Republican real estate investor and power broker Thomas Coates during the last election. Thomas Coates invested one million dollars into Proposition 98 that would have eliminated rent control in the entire state of California. Is is clear to you now who Scott Wiener represents? Google “Scott Wiener + Thomas Coates” and read major San Francisco news papers as they expose this dirty alliance.

Please help us defeat Scott Wiener in the coming elections! Join us on November 2nd!

SPEECH at the protest against Scott Wiener by Gypsy Taub:

Dear friends,

Scott Wiener should have 2 terms: one in office, one in jail.

Scott Wiener has been a tool in the hands of Republican power brokers ever since he first ran for office. Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell and 2 other supervisor candidates accepted a $200,000 bribe from a wealthy Republican real estate investor from Southern California named Thomas Coates. When we exposed this fact at our protest about a year ago a reporter called and questioned Scott Wiener. Scott Wiener told him that we were trying to subject him to defamation and slander. He told the reporter that there was a $500 limit on campaign contributions and that we were lying.
Scott Wiener must have forgotten that 2 years prior to that his love affair with Thomas Coates had been exposed in all major San Francisco newspapers. The $200,000 was not given as a campaign contribution but was given to the elections committees. It was a loop hole designed to circumvent the $500 limit and to hide the bribes from the public.

Who is Thomas Coates anyway? And what role does he play in San Francisco politics? I wish I could tell you more about him. He lurks in the dark and it is hard to know what power brokers say and do behind closed doors. But we do know something very ugly about Thomas Coates. He invested a million dollars in Proposition 98 the goal of which was to abolish rent control in the entire state of California. That is who funded Scott Wiener’s elections 4 years ago. That is who Scott Wiener represents.

Scott Wiener is portrayed in the mainstream media as a raging liberal who is pro-gay and anti-eviction. He is often portrayed as a people’s hero.

But anyone who has ever tried to look deeper and to become more informed knows that Scott Wiener is bad news. Our City has been taken over by greed and corruption. Scott Wiener is one of the biggest payers in that scam. Along with a few others he is spearheading the gang rape of the City and the people of San Francisco.

Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell were both responsible for legislation that lead to mass evictions. Furthermore, they wage a war against the homeless. While in the past many homeless people found shelter in the Golden Gate Park, there is now a $500 fine for sleeping in the park. The goal is to evict all those who are low income and to force them out of the City along with all those who are already homeless.

Scott Wiener also spear-headed the creation of so-called “shoe box apartments”. Progressive Supervisors were adamantly opposed to that. “Shoe box apartments” were meant to accommodate the servants who would serve the rich once the rent prices in San Francisco become unaffordable to most. That way the rich can have their servants, while the rest of us can live in shoe boxes.

The biggest contributors to Scott Wiener’s election campaign are real estate investors and tech companies. I have nothing against real estate investing and nothing against technology. What I am against is gentrification and exploitation of the many by the few. I have a problem with thousands of people getting evicted so that their dwellings can be sold to people with deeper pockets at a high profit margin that benefits the few and robs the rest of us clean.

Scott Wiener even widened the sidewalk so that he could throw more people out on the street.

Scott Wiener claims to be pro-tenant yet Ellis Act evictions more than doubled since he has been in office. There are 15,000 homeless people in San Francisco and 36,000 vacant units. Homelessness is not a real problem in America, greed is.

I come from Russia where we all had housing and we had no homeless people at all. I never saw a homeless person until I came to New York City at the age of 19. While I do not condone totalitarian regime that we had in Russia at the time, I feel that fair housing is one of the most basic human rights.

Scott Wiener has been at the forefront of the gentrification of the City. He represents the 1% while brutally betraying the rest of us, the 99%.
Scott Wiener is widely hated by housing rights advocates and homeless advocates. But that is not all.

At one point Scott Wiener tried to push through a legislation that would allow the Board of Supervisors to override decisions made by the voters through ballot measures. Here is how it works. Activists and voters spend huge amounts of time and money to create a ballot measure and to collect thousands if not tens of thousands of signatures. Then if the measure passes by means of hard core grass roots efforts Scott Wiener wants to be able to just flush it down the toilet. He had the nerve to ask the voters to give up their own voting rights to him and to other corrupt corporate puppets on the Board. Luckily people weren’t stupid enough to let him have his way.

Scott Wiener has no respect for our children and their future. He voted against giving free Muni passes to school children in these difficult times when many families cannot afford to pay for transportation. What were those children supposed to do? Stop going to school? That’s Scott Wiener’s vision of our future.

Scott Wiener tried to undermine the grass roots efforts of the environmental activists. He tried to destroy environmental protections that took many years of hard work to implement. He is selling out not just our people but our planet and, once again, our future.

Scott Wiener caters to Big Soda and big food corporations. After many years of community organized efforts laws were implemented to protect children from soda and processed food. Trucks that sell those items were not allowed near schools. But Scott Wiener came to save the day. He made major efforts to overturn those protections. Scott Wiener has no problem with our children dying from diabetes so long as he can continue taking bribes from big corporations.

Scott Wiener has been crushing and destroying the free spirit of San Francisco as well as our constitutional rights. He implemented the nudity ban that prohibits non-sexual public nudity. The first and second time you get naked it’s a $192 fine, the third time is a $500 fine or a year in jail. Not only does this law violate our most basic human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it also violates our freedom of self-expression in both political and artistic ways. The nudity ban contains no exceptions for political nor artistic self-expression therefore directly violating our first amendment rights.

Scott Wiener’s vision of our future is fascist corporate hell where the majority of people are dirt poor, have no civil rights, eat toxic processed food, drink diabetes-causing soda, breath cancer-filled polluted air and are barely surviving while serving the select few, the 1%.

If you share that vision of the future then go ahead and vote for Scott Wiener. Don’t forget to send him a few hundred thousand dollars worth of bribes. It’s the only way he will represent your interests.

And finally I would like to remind you all that San Francisco was named after Saint Francis who was a nudist and one of the most passionate body freedom activists on this planet.

Saint Francis served lepers, preached to poor people, and even to animals. He renounced possessions, and rebuilt small churches.
“I shall go naked to meet my naked Lord.”

These were the words St Francis of Assisi addressed to his father in one of the most well-known scenes from his life.

Francis had taken some of his merchant father’s finest materials to raise funds to rebuild the Church of St Damian. For this act his father brought him before the court on charges of theft and of rebellion against parental authority. And so the famous scene unfolded. The trial took place before the bishop and his court in the presence of merchants and townspeople.

In response to the charges laid against him, Francis proclaimed: “I return not only my money, but also my clothes. I shall go naked to meet my naked Lord.” At which he stripped off all his clothes, threw them to his father and walked off naked.

When he preached in the nude, the townspeople in Assisi first laughed at him and then were won over by his words.

It’s funny that even back in the 12th century Saint Francis didn’t get apprehended in any way for stripping naked in front of the court and the whole town. Apparently, neither the local authorities nor the Catholic church had any issues with Saint Francis practicing public nudity. Even his preaching in the nude did not get him cited nor arrested, nor excommunicated from the church.

Yet in today’s San Francisco 800 years later Saint Francis would end up in jail for expressing himself the way he did freely back in early 12th century. Apparently, 800 years ago in Italy there was way more freedom of self-expression and way more tolerance toward the human body than there is in today’s America.

It is important to see the darkness for what it is. It is important to be informed and to take action.

Whether Scott Wiener manages to steal the upcoming elections or not, and regardless of how much money is being thrown into his election campaign by the power brokers, regardless of how badly the mainstream media distorts his true image, the most important thing to remember is that ultimately power belongs to the people. The only way we will lose is if we let ourselves surrender to fear and despair. That’s what the power brokers are counting on, that is what they are trying so hard to generate and trigger in us – fear and despair.

When fear threatens the best way to conquer it is to face it and then to open our hearts and to let the love win. Love is stronger, bigger and deeper than fear any time of the day. Love is the only thing that will outlast all other emotions.

Look at history and you will see that tyranny has never lasted. Every tyrant in the human history has fallen from grace. Even though the tyrants want to blind themselves to the lessons of history, their ignorance is not bliss. Their delusions don’t affect the truth. Progress will win over darkness. In spite of the efforts of many, humanity has been evolving and will become free of tyranny. No matter how much money Wiener and his puppet masters spend on manipulating the public and no matter how powerful they may seem at the present moment, history will leave them all in the dust.

The future belongs to us and is entirely up to us to create the way we want it. The only way tyrants can steal our power is if we let them. Let’s not forget that ultimately we are the ones in charge. Let’s use the power of our will to make way for a brighter future. We have love in our hearts and we have each other. We can inspire and be inspired. We can free ourselves and help others break free. We can spread freedom like a wild fire. Let’s get to work! We are the ones we have been waiting for.