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Hi, there,

this is Gypsy Taub.

I just wated to let everyone know what has been happening in my life ever since I expelled George Davis from my events.

Most of you probably know that a couple years ago I made a speech and a TV show about George Davis trying to lure my daughter Inti onto his yacht. He has made multiple attempts to hit on my daughter and it all srtarted when she was 10 years old when he told her that she should marry him. When she responded that she was too young to marry he told her that in other countries gils even younger than her get married so she is not too young to marry him.

A number of inappropriate moves were made by Geroge over the years. I told George to stay away from my daughter multiple times. But he never gave a damn what I thought. He started talking to Inti behind my back when she was about 15, trying to lure her onto his boat. He made a comment in a long public conversation saying that my daughter and I are obviously both sexually attracted to him.

I finally decided that I had enough and made a public speech about it followed by a TV episode on My Naked Truth TV.
I also made it clear that anyone who supported Geroge Davis was uninvited from all my events.

Here is an old post with the video that clarifies what happened for those of you who are new to this story:


I also staged a protest against Andy Golub who was fully aware of George Davis’s behavior but still continued organizing his San Francisco event with George even though he did not need George at all at that stage of organizing ( the video of my protest was never released but hopefully some day I will have time to edit it.)


Literally 2 days after I made my public speech against George Davis the Child Protective Service was on my door step. They were sent by some anonymous dude who claimed taht I sell child porn of my kids on the internet. This never happened before, but what a strange conicidence that it all of a sudden happened right after I exposed George’s pedophilic bullying of my daughter! Of course, no evidence was provided because such evidence does not exist.

Then recently an anonymous member of our meetup group posted the following comment:

the nudist police

What incognito emoji is saying about this Meetup Group

The Naked Club and This group of pedophiles exploits children. At the meetups, Naked Club … (name withheld by Gygpsy) and Gypsy, expose themselves naked in public to innocent unsuspecting children. Also at the meetups, Gypsy put her naked children on public exhibit, collected money from the pedophile photographers, then posted the pictures of her naked children on the internet (a crime called Pandering Obscenity Involving the Use of a Minor in Nudity-Oriented Material or performance). …(name withheld by Gypsy) masturbates in public at meetups in violation of lewd conduct laws. And then These two lewd hypocrites appoint themselves the judge of others conduct, spreading lies about other nudists. Gypsy is a bully and a hater with a megaphone shouting her lies about others. Gypsy is too old to strip for money, so now she exploits her children striping them for the money. Child Protection Services needs to lock her up. and …(name withheld) is too old and ugly to be naked anyway, wearing a girdle for his fat belly, grey hair and butt pimples OMG.”

The part that says: “spreading lies about other nudists. Gypsy is a bully and a hater with a megaphone shouting her lies about others.” is especially suspicious. Since I exposed George Davis publically not one person called me a liar and not one person tried to defent George’s actions. It seems like this anonymous member is the only nudist out there who is especially concerned about what I had to say about other nudists. By the way, Geroge Davis is the one and only nudist I have ever said anything negative about so this comment is obviousle trying to defend George and no one else.

Shortly after I noticed that comment I got another visit from the child protective service. The social worker who came to my house told me the same exact accusations that were made in the meetup post. Geee! I wonder who would that be! Those accusations came with an online link that mysteriously didn’t work. I told the worker about George, she interviewed my kids and closed the case.

But this isn’t all. George also organized his own event, on the same day as my event this Saturday, the day before Folsom Street Fair. This day is very easy for someone who doesnt want to do any organizing because there are a lot of out of town nudists in SF on that day. George had someone else named Smiley write to me and pretend that it was Smiley’s event. Smiley emailed me asking me to send out invitations to “his” parade to my whole email list. He said he had already obtained a permit. I asked him to postpone his event because it was on the same day as mine, and I told him I might have a problem trying to get a permit for my event now that they gave it to him for his event. I asked him to postpone and that I would help him promote it to my list. The Smiley guy never got back to me.

I realized later from looking at the Meetup group for this event that it was George Davis’s event all along.

In any event, if any of you are planning to go to George’s event this Saturday I want you to understand what kind of a person you wil be marching behind. If that’s the kind of a laeder you want to follow then by all means attend his parade.

And if not then we have a much better parade for you to attend:

Rally to legalize psychedelic medicine followed by the nude love parade through Haight Street:


I am looking forward to seeing you there!


Gypsy Taub