When I exposed George David for his sexual harassment of my young daughter he responded with a barrage of insults and false accusations. Watch this video to get a better understanding of my conflict with George Davis.

IN THE MIDDLE of this video is an interview with my children about George Davis’s sexual harassment of my daughter. That video also includes my speech at the Women’s Day nude event in APril of 2016 where I exposed George Davis publically.

And to George Davis and his defenders I say this:
“I don’t give a fuck who you think you are. If you have no respect for my children stay THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE!!!”

If you want to read George Davis’s open letter that I made this video in response to here it is:

Open Letter to Gypsy Taub from George Davis:

I wish it were not necessary to write this letter, but recent actions against me by Gypsy Taub leave me no choice.

Many of you are asking what is all this infighting between Gypsy and I about? From a detached perspective, I am like many of you, scratching my head because right now most people consider the Body Freedom Movement and other naturist movements as small niche movements. Forget that it directly effects every one of us every day. Body Freedom and the making of a consciousness where all human bodies and body parts are considered normal and natural involves disrupting government/corporate censorship, creating realistic body image acceptance, ending excessive conformity, stopping overreaching church and state power, enhancing physical and mental health, and letting people fully enjoy the fun physical comfort and pleasure of a nice day.

As many of you know, Gypsy has publicly made allegations that I sexually abused her teenage daughter. The allegations do not involve inappropriate touching, rape, or any other legally actionable activity — they involve only Gypsy’s own twisted interpretations of remarks I have made, lifted out of context, and distorted to make them sound ominous. You can read the accusations on Gypsy’s site, 2016/06/page/3/.

As everyone who is familiar with her is aware, Gypsy sees the world as full of plots and conspiracies. She believes that vaccines are an evil conspiracy by the medical establishment to harm people. She believes that the Orlando nightclub massacre never happened, and was a hoax staged by the government to distract attention from election fraud. She believes that the 911 attacks were organized by the U.S. government.

Conspiracy theorists are masters of constructing elaborate conspiracies out of unrelated bits and pieces lifted from conversations and recollections. Gypsy is a dyed-in-the-wool conspiracy theorist. It should surprise no one that she could construct a story of pedophilia out of a few innocent remarks.

Legally, I could sue Gypsy for slander and libel. I would prevail. But considering that Gypsy doesn’t appear to have any significant assets, it would be excessively costly in time, effort, and money.

When Gypsy publicly denounced me in June, I was totally fine with the concept of never working with her again. However, a few days ago, Gypsy called Andy Golub, the New York City body-painting artist for whom I secured a permit for an October 23 San Francisco Body Painting Day and Parade. (Details of that event are at She repeated to Andy her sexual allegations about me and threatened to “expose” me and cause trouble at the event if Andy worked with me. She then told Andy that she wanted to help him put on this event.

What is actually behind Gypsy’s outbursts? Does she suffer from Narcissistic Peronality Disorder (the “Donald Trump” personality)? diseases-conditions/ narcissistic-personality- disorder/basics/symptoms/con- 20025568

This interpretation would be consistent with her attempt to take over Andy Golub’s event. Is it possible that Gypsy’s attacks were triggered by the fact that I have been organizing a Body Art Show event for September 24, the day before the Folsom Street Fair? — Does she perceive this as evidence that she is losing some of the control over the Body Freedom movement that she has gained in recent years by her persistence, energy, and attacks on her opponents (real or imaginary)?

Below is my letter to Gypsy. It is somewhat ironic that I take on some of Gypsy’s paranoid perspectives in dealing with her.


For your information: Andy Golub does almost all of his own production work. He raises his own funds, and gets his own artists and models. He is way more interested in art than the politics of Body Freedom. Except for the permit which he now has, he does not need any further help from either you or me. Except for maybe getting body painted and going to the after-party, I have very little more to do with San Francisco Body Painting Day. . . . My focus is on the San Francisco Body Art Show, September 24, Do you want to be in charge of that too?

So, tell me. What would you like to see me do? Commit suicide like your first husband? Run away from you like Jimmy (current husband)? Get into a flame war with you? Sabotage your events and projects? Shrug my shoulder, smile, and call you out as a nutcase and loose cannon like everyone else does? Write more open letters about you? Marry your daughter? Wear your slave collar and beg for forgiveness? Recognize you as the goddess that you claim to be becoming (Caligula anybody?)? Find you a psychiatrist?

I, like many others, find you toxic and divisive. I suggest you move on to whatever direction you want to go without intersecting with me, as I prefer to do with you. In case there is any ambiguity in the last sentence, it translates to “FUCK OFF!!”

George Davis


  1. Alexander Bolshakov

    Let’s put it briefly: a mother (Gypsy Taub) protected her daughter from being raped, killed and dumped into the ocean. Or maybe, she just suspected this could happen. By all means she has obligations to care of her children.
    I never met Gypsy but I occasionally happened to meet G. Davis once. He looks like a 80-years old loser who still tries flirting with very young women. If needed I can provide a photograph of him flirting. Shame on this guy if not more that he deserves.

  2. duncanheenan

    I have previously refused to take sides in this unfortunate dispute, and I continue to. It is none of my business and I don’t want it to be.
    I feel it is sad that two people espousing body freedom have had such a public falling-out, as it reduces the credibility of the whole movement and makes it an even harder struggle to convince the moderate majority of our cause. I urge all concerned to keep their disputes private, or even better -settle them amicably. You all say you want nothing to do with each other – there is the answer, just ignore each other and stay away fro each other.
    Making a lot of noise may appeal to one’s sense of mission, but it doesn’t actually persuade anyone. Ask yourselves, do you want to be famous, or win this campaign.
    For the sake of the body freedom movement, everyone, just calm down and keep to the point.

    1. Gypsy Taub

      So I should just let George Davis take my daughter on the boat with him and rape her since his dick is really itching to do that? For the sake of what movement, Duncan? What movement are you talking about? The movement of pedophiles and their defenders? That’s the movement that you and George belong to. Take your head out of your ass, Duncan! Your are UTTERLY DISGUSTING and you really make me think that you are a pedophile yourself!!!

      You act as if I and my children are your property, your slaves. You act as if we owed you something, and all under the guise of “for the sake of the movement”. Go rot in hell!!!

      It’s no wonder no one knows your name. I Googled it and what came up first was the fact that you got kicked out of the British Naturism forum and that your membership was revoked. That’s the only interesting post about you. There is no media coverage of anything you have ever done. In other words your only contribution to the body freedom movement is defending pedophiles (who are the exact reason why most people avoid nudist groups). Way to go, Duncan! Please keep your loser comments to yourself from now on. I am done with your disgusting child-raping philosophy!

      1. paul collins

        gypsy you are right what George davis done is absolutely disgusting and people who are taking his side are not really a true supporter of youre work gypsy keep up the good work

    2. John

      While in most cases, I agree that arguments should remain private, however, these allegations are somewhat serious. I say “somewhat” serious, because Gypsy and her daughter, fortunately and wisely, never let anything get beyond the creepiness/harassment phase (from what I gather).

      All you can do is let it be known that George Davis might not have the purest intentions and reasons when it comes to nudism and that he may be a danger to young women and girls. Unfortunately, from a legal standpoint, but very fortunately from Gypsy and her daughter’s standpoint, all there have been are inappropriate and unwelcome comments (and advances?).

      I only watched bits and pieces of the video, mostly just the part where Gypsy’s daughter tells her side of the story.

      As nothing did actually happen (thankfully and probably due to Gypsy’s protective parenting and teaching her children how to be safe), all one can do is speculate (quite reasonably) on what George’s intentions are and may have been.

      Now that you have alerted the world to the potential danger that George Davis might pose (and I only say it that way because all there is at this point is a he said/she said situation), I see no need to continue to make this fight public, unless of course he continues to harass your daughter.

      Once again, I didn’t watch the whole video, so if there is something important I missed, let me know and I’ll be happy to watch any 5 minute segments or so.

  3. Albert Giesbrecht

    Hello Gypsy;

    I have no idea who George Davis is, but I thank you
    for this video. I was going to fly from Vancouver to SFO, to attend one of the Body Freedom protests, but now you helped me save money. I am a nudist of 30 years, but I don’t want to be associated with this mess. I was rather leary about your children being involved, especially your son, because, from what I understand of the history of this stunt (since it’s not a movement) that a few old gay men were harassing their neighbours and shop owners by walking naked and making assess of themselves. Then you got involved, I guess, to show that if a woman were nude, then it wasn’t just a few old naked men getting their jollies. Then your son somehow got involved, and I was worried that he could become the target of harassment, or in 50 years be an old naked man himself bothering people. Not that I have anything against old naked men, I am 52 years old myself.

    It is a sad irony though was that the anti nudity law that you were protesting, was enacted to prevent allegations like this.

    I hope you and your family can find peace.



    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      Hi, Albert,

      you are obviously very confused about everything with regards to the nudity ban. First of all, I didn’t get involved to prove anything to people like you. I didn’t get involved because of my gender either, it had nothing to do with it. Actually, it’s obvious to me that you didn’t watch even a minute of the video that I made. You just started wallowing in self-pity and self-importance right away. Judging by your ignorant comment those must be your favorite states of mind.
      I am really glad that you are not going to come to any of my events. You really made my day by telling me that.



    I just watched your video and Wow! Good for you! Tell it like it is.

    I don’t know any of the people involved but I sure heard you. There is no room for paedophilia or anything like it anywhere or any time no matter what. If your children feel uncomfortable about anyone, that is all there is to be concerned about. Good for you Gypsy.

    You said so many things I can’t possibly speak to them all but I can say there are good people in this world (and I would like to count myself among them) who know that body freedom as you promote it is a good thing and making people uncomfortable is not. Real simple.

    Just a very little about me so you know who’s sending this to you. I am a 63 year old man, living in Hayward, with my wife, whom I have been with since 1978. I have been a non-activist natural person for most of my years, my wife, not so much. We did go to the Russian River for a while some decades ago. They had a nice nude beach there. I really liked the river.

    I call myself a natural person, not a nudist or naturist or the like. I call most other people cloth-ists. Those people have issues with their own selves.

    I have been following your activities for, I don’t know, maybe a year now. I really like what you do. You, to me, are positive energy.

    Good video Gypsy. I’m looking forward to the next instalment.

    Naked (and therefore far more real) Hugs!


  5. Joe

    Thank you for such a detailed and thorough explanation of this whole issue. I hadn’t really thought much about it before. I might have been thinking, “just a squabble between some people – no big deal”. I ignored it.

    But now, I get it.

    I think the turning point for me was listening to the open and honest comments that your family made. Your daughter (and her brothers) spoke clearly, and without hesitation. She was resolute and determined to be understood. She has no reason to fabricate fictitious stories. What could she hope to gain from that? In fact, your daughter (and you) have only suffered loss as a result of this. I am 100% convinced that your daughter is telling the truth.

    Therefore I, and many of my friends here in Australia, condemn this George Davis person. Attempting to solicit romantic meetings with a girl who has made it clear that she does not want such advances is what we call in Australia “harassment”. Asking her to marry, and then debating with her about whether it is appropriate for a young girl to marry at such a young age by referring to distant cultures, goes beyond a joke. It is clear to me that he was serious in his intentions.

    If this person, George Davis, was a decent human-being, he could have accepted your rebuke. He could have acknowledged his mistake and apologized publicly. He may not have been forgiven, but it still would have been the decent thing to do. But, no. He persists in denying facts that are overwhelmingly evident from listening to your statement and the statements of your family. That makes his actions even more despicable. (And by the way, I am astonished that whilst I can make a donation to the cause from the other side of the world as a poor student, this guy can’t even chip in a few dollars himself. What a scrooge).

    Despite what you said Gypsy, you are not alone. You have many supporters, known and unknown. I wish you all the best, and congratulate you on raising such loyal, dignified, and mature kids as those. There will be an outcry around the world if CPS ever try to do anything ridiculous such as taking them away.

    – Joe.

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      Thank you so much, Joe, I was very touched by your kindness and understanding. I appreciate you taking the time to express yourself. It made a big difference for me and for all of us, I am sure. Best wishes to you and your friends and much love from me and my family!

  6. Chuck

    Wow, that guy really sounds like a piece of work. Sorry you had to go through all that, but you’re doing a great job of making sure your kids are safe.

  7. Mirko

    I wish to u this situation gonna be solved 4 the best,4 you of course.
    Who do bad things to you,and your family,especially to them,cant be excused and forgived.


    Kisses and hugs from Italy ❤

  8. Jan & Gary

    Hi Gypsy:

    Gary and I are horrified over the situation that you and your children have been placed in by this George Davis. It is not only disrespectful, it is criminal!
    How dare him do this to your daughter and then deny and virtually slap not only you and your family in the face but laugh at decency in our society.
    Hope that this tidal wave of terror is subsiding and that he has left you and your family and daughter to try to put back the pieces of your life.
    We pray for you all and for the sun to come out and push these dark clouds forever.

    Luv & Best Wishes,

    Jan & Gary

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      Thank you so much, dear Jan and Gary! My kids and I really appreciate your support. Thank you for expressing yourself without fear and sugar-coating! Very true, I see George’s behavior as criminal. In fact, in California we have a law against “annoying a minor” that was designed for people like Geroge Davis. According to this law George could be going to jail for 6 months for his behavior.

      My kids and I had to deal with a gross pervert on the beach where we go to swim. He kept coming around every day, walking around us in circles and staring at us. No matter what we told him he would not stop. We finally got the police involved. He was warned but then he showed up again 2 days later behaving the same way. The police were awesome people. They told us” “We know he is up to no good”. The police woman said she stayed up all night thinking of a way to help us. The next day she told us about that law. A couple weeks later they arrested that man. We were out of town so couldn’t come to the police station to identify him. They probably had to let him go at that point. But he never harassed us again. He hardly ever comes to the beach any more. If he ever harasses us again he is sure to go to jail.

      We won against that pervert and we will win against George Davis!

      Thank you once again for your kind support and thank you for having the courage and the character to stand up for us! Much love!

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