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rally to legalize psychedelics 2018 San Francisco

Rally to legalize psychedelic medicine & Nude Summer of Love Parade – 2018 from Gypsy Taub on Vimeo.

Dear friends,

we are going to have another rally to legalize psychedelic medicine followed by a nude love parade.

The rally will start at the San Francisco City Hall and the parade will march through Haight to Stanyan and back to the City Hall.


We had a great rally and parade on August 19th. Photos and videos will be posted shortly.

This event is clothing optional – as bare as you dare.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a question or suggestion or if you want to help.

Psychedelics are non-addictive, mind-altering plant-based medicines that do not harm the human body and pose no danger when consumed in safe conditions and within reasonable dosage.

The most known psychedelics are psilocybin (magic mushrooms), LSD, MDMA (ecstasy), DMT, ayahuasca, ibogaine, 5-MeO-DMT or Bufo Alvaris (frog medicine), salvia devinorum.

Psychedelic medicine has been used mostly underground to successfully cure PTSD, depression, different types of headaches, addiction to hard drugs and pharmaceuticals, autism, as well as an array of other mental and emotional conditions.

Despite their tremendous healing properties, most psychedelics are illegal in the United States.

In recent years new studies have been launched with the intent to legalize psychedelics. But the process of FDA approval is so tedious, so expensive and so prohibitively long that activists have decided to take matters in their own hands and start a movement to end prohibition of psychedelics.

Body freedom activist and founder of a psychedelic clinic and rehab for street kids in Mexico (Jerry Garcia Family Healing Clinic) Gypsy Taub organized the first legalization rally on August 19, 2018. It took place at Jane Warner Plaza in San Francisco and was followed by the 3rd annual Nude Summer of Love Parade.

The second rally will take place in front of the San Francisco City Hall on Saturday, September 29th and will be followed by a Nude Love Parade through Haight Street.


Hi, everybody,
My name is Gypsy Taub. You can find me on www.MyNakedTruth.TV
Thank you so much for coming today.
Today we gather for our second in human history rally to legalize psychedelic medicine.
We have had many protests and rallies for body freedom that were dedicated to our birth right to decide for ourselves what to do and what not to do with our own bodies. What could possibly be more basic than ownership of your own body? Or ownership of your own mind?
Our freedom to take psychedelics is about both. It’s about our body freedom and our freedom of the mind. And as much as the government wants to control our bodies it wants to control our minds even more.
Even though public nudity is a controversial subject we have always gotten quite a bit of media attention for our nude events. Local and often international media routinely announced our nude parades and gave us media coverage.
However, our first rally to legalize psychedelic medicine was met with a 100 % media blackout. I am not sure if any independent reporters showed up to our rally. They may have. However, not a word was allowed to be published anywhere.
There was only one online magazine called The Rooster that published a story about our event only to pull it the next morning.
It is very clear as a bell that Big Brother is threatened by the freedom that psychedelic medicines have to offer.
For those of you who are new to the subject, psychedelics are mind-altering plant based remedies that expand consciousness while causing no addiction and no harm to the human body.
Some of the most well-known ones are LSD, MDMA or ecstasy, psilocybin or magic mushrooms, DMT, ayahuasca, peyote, ibogaine, salvia, bufo alvarius or toad medicine.
Psychedelics are widely misunderstood in our society mainly due to very intensive government propaganda and the fact that they activate dormant areas of our minds that we normally don’t have access to.
Psychedelics have been used for at least 10,000 years and most likely from the very beginning of human existence. They were used in sacred ceremonies on regular basis to clear the mind and to heal the soul by activating direct connection with the divine. That connection with the divine is what poses the biggest threat to those who seek to control and to literally own our souls through fear. Those people have become disconnected from their own souls, they have lost their own connection with the divine because of the infant and child abuse that happened to them and because the trauma remained unhealed and only got deeper as the result of denial.
The people who seek to own our souls – all the Hitlers, Trumps and Putins out there, all the fascists and the white supremacists, from the skinheads to the Illuminati – are all very broken disconnected people lost in their own pain, shame and fear.
It’s important to have compassion even for Hitler for there is a Hitler in everyone of us and the only way to heal is to love and seek to understand ourselves the way we are.
Our pain comes from infant and childhood trauma. What makes it hard to heal is that we don’t remember it. Our minds wipe it out because a child would not be able to survive in a constant state of mental torment. We are given the blessing of forgetting the abuse but later in life that asset turns to liability and the wall that we built around ourselves in order to numb the pain ends up numbing all of our emotions and ultimately leads to total self-destruction if left unattended.
Our society is caught in a vicious cycle of child abuse and frantic denial of it. We are taught to ignore and repress our dark emotions, we are taught to deny them and run from them at any cost. That’s where our problems begin and that’s why psychedelics are seen as a threat instead of our greatest blessing and ally that they really are.
Psychedelics open the veil, they erode denial and sometimes outright wipe it out and we are confronted with the horror of the infant and child abuse that we managed to forget and repress for decades. That’s what a so-called bad trip really is. It is nothing but a memory of abuse.
In order to heal, however, we need to reconnect with the disconnected, the forgotten and the lost parts of ourselves. Psychedelic medicine allows us to remember those emotions and sometimes the literal memories of infant and childhood trauma.
I myself had no memories of rape whatsoever. I grew up believing that I had a happy childhood.
I became deeply depressed and suicidal as a teen and in my early twenties I started taking psychedelics. It felt like the Universe unfolded in front of my very soul, whereas my previous existence was like a prison cell that I was so accustomed to that it seemed normal to me.
Psychedelics showed me that I was a beautiful person despite what I was taught every day by my parents and society. They showed me that I as a spark of consciousness had no boundaries, that I had the power to create any world I chose to create and that I was infinitely loved by the higher consciousness and higher power. I realized that the Universe was made of love that permeates all creation and that I myself was an integral part of.
It was a fascinating journey that showed me the highest love and the deepest despair, it showed me pain and dread that seemed unbearable, and at the same time it gave me the strength to face my fear and the power to heal that pain.
Through my psychedelic explorations I was able to gradually lift the veil that at first seemed like an iron curtain, like a Berlin Wall. It took me over 20 years to uncover the source of my pain and to finally get my memories and the understanding that I needed to face and to heal that pain.
I was raped and tortured by my grandfather. It happened for the first time when I was 2 weeks old. And it happened a number of times in my early childhood. There were at least 3 men who abused me and a few other children together. I only have a few memories but it was enough to make a big break-through in my healing process.
I remember the psychedelic journey that revealed my first memories. I remember thinking “Now I understand what is wrong with our world. Now I understand how much pain we are all in.” And it became very easy to instantly forgive the entire human race for its madness and self-destruction.
I went through a very painful time when my memories started to surface, but I knew that it was a part of my healing process and I knew that my hard work would pay off. I continued working with psychedelic medicine and there finally came a time when the horror gave way to joy. I remember that turning point at a Grateful Dead show when the whole Universe orgasmed in celebration of my recovery and my newly found freedom.
I have had a very interesting and beautiful life, I have traveled a lot and learned a lot of amazing things, had a lot of amazing experiences. But I have to honestly say that nothing that I ever experienced in my regular life can even begin to compare to the joy and the healing power of my psychedelic experiences.
I feel very sad for everyone on this planet who hasn’t had access to psychedelics or never experienced them out of fear and ignorance. Ever since I took my very first hit of LSD in my early twenties I promised myself to dedicate the rest of my life to sharing psychedelic medicine with everyone I loved and everyone I could possibly convince to embark on this healing journey.
I currently run a psychedelic clinic and rehab for street kids in Mexico. We have been helping 16 kids quit drugs and heal from their childhood trauma. The results are truly mind blowing. Within just a few month of psychedelic therapy our street kids were able to quit meth and pills and now most are either drug free or still sniffing glue but in much smaller amounts and are getting better and better.
I am really happy to see how much more our society has opened up to the healing power of psychedelics thanks to those who bravely continued taking psychedelics despite the prohibition, thanks to our medicine men and medicine women who continued producing and making available this sacred medicine. Many of those beautiful people served jail time for using and sharing this medicine. I dedicate this rally to their courage and their love. I want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart for carrying on this sacred tradition despite the stigma, the misunderstanding and the cruel punishment that our society imposed on them for their noble cause.
May love and compassion prevail in this world, may healing spread through this planet like wild fire. May psychedelic medicine become recognized, legalized and utilized to heal humanity so we can embrace a new enlightened future of love and understanding!

Our next psychedelic rally and a nude love parade are scheduled for Sunday, December 16. They will start here at the City Hall, please take a flier. Please put your names on my email list if you are not on it yet so we can inform you of future events.
Also, please make a small donation to my healing center for street kids in Mexico if you can.
Thank you all for coming!