8 thoughts on “Documentary about Gypsy Taub by David Davis

  1. Richard Hoff

    Right on Gypsy! From earliest childhood on I have always felt that the phobia against nudity, and of course sex, was bizarre and sick. Your courage at bucking this phobia and the laws enshrining it is absolutely stunning! I have worked as a nude model for art classes for 55 years now and have always been comfortable with it, but I can’t imagine having the guts to deal with the wrath of established society and the brutality of police by going nude in public! In your video you stand out as the one sane and natural person in the council meeting and with the police. This is not merely a fringe issue. I agree with Wilhelm Reich that the mass phobia against nudity and sex is close to the root of the adult human stiffness, frustration, and anger that is destroying the world.

    1. Jim Smoke

      I have been a nudists all my adult life. I also bean following your movement for sometime now . Its just fantasist your on the right track your ! Your documentary video says it all. Good work Gypsy & David Davis.
      Jim Smoke
      Moosonee Ontario

  2. Nudist

    Great doc Gypsy! You are going to interview more people soon? I love your interviews but you don’t seem to do them too often anymore.

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