AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF GYPSY TAUB, the founder of Jerry Garcia Family Clinic in Mexico, the hostess and producer of My Naked Truth TV series and much much more

Please forgive me for this rough version. I will be updating it as I write more. To make it easier I made chapters that focus on different arenas of my life and activism. Scroll down and you will see them highlighted.

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I was born in Moscow, Russia, on June 18, 1969. My legal name at birth was Oxana Chornenkaya. But my mother changed my name to Olessia (Forest girl) when I was about 5 years old. 

I like that name a lot. It comes from a Belarusian novel by Kuprin about a girl who was raised in the woods by her grandmother who was a medicine woman. The girl was raised to be a medicine woman too, but when she tried to make friends in town the authorities came after both of them trying to burn them and they ended up fleeing. I always loved the forest and could always relate to the character in the book. 

My mother, Larissa Chornenkaya, was a French teacher when I was a kid and then opened her own clothing business in mid 80s. She was a fashion designer and a very successful business woman at the time. However, most of my childhood she was a stay-at-home mom. My mother passed away in 2010.

My father, Victor Chornenky, was a college professor of Physics and an inventor. He specialized in laser physics. He is currently inventing and developing cutting edge holistic medical devices in Minnesota.

I have 2 siblings. My sister Diana Chornenky is 2 years younger. My brother Dennis Chornenky is 11 years younger. They both live in the United States.

I attended school #45 on Grimau St in Moscow between 1976 and 1986. My school had the highest education standards in Moscow. A lot of celebrities sent their kids to our school. We had very tough standards, a lot of homework and very little time left to play. It was also known to be the best English language school in town. 

I was a very good student especially as I got older. I was very passionate about languages. I spent countless hours listening to the voice of America in English and just really indulging in all aspects of the English language from poetry to politics. I was about 15 when I won the first price in a city-wide English contest in Moscow. That victory was very easy. I knew I was going to win no matter who ran against me simply because my passion for the English language was immense. I knew it better than the judges at the contest did. 

By the time I finished high school in Moscow I was fluent in English and Hungarian. I had studied German for about 2 or 3 years and got the highest scores in written and spoken German at the entry exam at the best language college in Budapest. My German wasn’t all that great but they gave me 10 out of 10, so I guess it wasn’t all that bad either. I also studies Japanese for about 6 months with our Japanese neighbor. I never exceeded in Japanese because I had way too much on my plate already and because my teacher was just a neighbor and not a professional teacher.

I fell in love with my Hungarian classmate Sandor Szabo when I was 12 and started learning Hungarian language. I ended up attending Hungarian gymnasium in Moscow where children of Hungarian diplomats and business people went. I attended that school for 3 years after our regular school hours. I became fluent in Hungarian and fell in love with the Hungarian culture.

Hungarian people are unbelievably kind, freedom loving, intelligent, open-minded and very open sexually. Being immersed in that culture as a teen was deeply healing and liberating on every level. To this day I feel that I owe my sexual liberation to the Hungarian people. Even though I never once had a Hungarian lover (besides my first love Sandor with whom we only made out), watching my classmates French kiss and make out in front of teachers who totally respected their freedom of expression, was deeply moving and liberating at the core of my soul.

I started writing poetry when I was 12. Those poems were dedicated to my Hungarian first love, Sandor. And then at 14 I fell in love with my American classmate Alec Guroff and dedicated about 60 poems to him over the course of a number of  years. I almost completely stopped writing poetry when in my mid 20s.

When I was 18 (in 1987) I left Russia and moved to Hungary for 9 months. I studied French and Italian for one semester.

I moved to the United States when I was 19, in the fall of 1988. I landed in New York City and shortly after I moved to Boston where I lived for about 2 years.

When I was about 20 I met David Taub who was a biology major at CalTech. We got married but despite the passion that we felt for each other our relationship didn’t last.

Formal Education: 

I really wanted to go to college in the US. I had spent over a year preparing for the tests to get into college. I ended up getting 800 out of 800 in Math 2 (which was pretty advanced), 800 in Chemistry and 770 out of 800 in Physics. Even though my scores were very high none of the big schools accepted me. A kind stranger explained to me that I was wasting my time because even though all those schools say that financial status doesn’t affect their decision, it totally does. The kind stranger explained to me that none of those schools would accept me and that the best way to go about it is to move to California and apply at UC. They were right. I followed their advice and was accepted to UC Berkeley. They told me I had to first go to a smaller school for 2 years first and then I would automatically go to UC Berkeley.

I enrolled at the City College of San Francisco and completed a year and a half worth of classes in one year. The counsellor didn’t want to let me take all those classes. She said it was way too much to handle. I majored in pre-med because I wanted to become a psychiatrist. I took Calculus, Physics, Chemistry and English. I really enjoyed school especially my Chemistry class. I got A-s in 35 out of 36 units, I only got a B in my Physics lab (we had a very lousy teacher).

Even though I enjoyed school a lot and even though I got straight A-s, even though everybody was praising me, I made an honest evaluation of the year that I spent in college and had to honestly admit to myself that I didn’t grow as an individual during that year. I had grown a lot more when I was working as a waitress at the Palestinian Algiers Cafe in Boston. I met a lot of beautiful people who worked there (they were from all over the world) and the customers were cool open-minded people. I learned a lot more about life while working at Algiers than I did when I spent a year in college being an overachiever. 

Embracing life:

Everybody was praising me for my academic success, yet I felt so wretched and so empty inside. I decided to quit college and embrace life instead. Everybody was against my decision, and that’s how I knew that I was making the right choice. 

I learned immeasurably more about therapy and about myself as a human being than I would have ever learned in college. This decision also lead to the most beautiful, the most magical and the most healing chapter of my life – the Grateful Dead spring tour of 1995. 

Psychedelics and spirituality:

Psychedelics have always been my sacred medicine that literally saved me from suicide a few times, healed me all these years and opened doors to other dimensions of my Universe that I had only dreamed about as a child. And it would be safe to say that my psychedelic journeys have taken me far beyond my wildest dreams. I discovered at a Grateful Dead concert on LSD in the early 90-s and my life was never the same. The many years of suicidal thoughts and despair were over. Touring with the Grateful Dead and surrendering to the love in psychedelic states at the concerts healed me to the point of unrecognizable. 

I owe my life and the health of my soul to psychedelics (which are sacred plants and extracts of thereof).

I was first introduced to psychedelics in my early 20s. The first time I took LSD with a group of friends in Southern California was truly magical. It showed me the beautiful parts of me that I always ignored and disregarded. I had no idea then how important that day would be in my life. LSD has helped me heal tremendously throughout my life, especially in times of tragedy and despair. I consider it my old friend who has never once let me down, who walked me through the dark nights of my soul and who always showed me the light at the end. Between psychedelics and the Grateful Dead my healing process skyrocketed and opened worlds to me that I never dared dream of. I feel truly sad for everybody on this planet who has never had an intense psychedelic experience.

Another magical experience that opened a new chapter in my life was my first peyote meeting on the Navajo reservation in Steamboat, Arizona. Surrounded by complete strangers, by Indian people who were as far from my Russian culture as they could possibly be, I felt that I was surrounded by family for the first time in my life. Peyote opens your heart and takes you on amazing journeys. The ceremony is so magical, so powerful and so mystical, words fail me. Peyote is a lot like LSD and mushrooms, but the way Navajo people do the ceremony is very different from what we, white people do. At that ceremony people cry together for 12 hours. One person stand up and shares their pain, and everyone else feels that person’s pain like their own. We cried rivers together as people openly talked about their deepest feelings. Crying was alternated by uplifting chanting. People’s heart rate aligned to the beat of the drum, which lead to everyone’s heart beating in unison. By the end of the ceremony I literally felt reborn.

When I went into the teepee at night it was surrounded by desert with lots of cactuses. At night it snowed a bunch making our ceremony even more magical. Snow would collect on the roof and sometimes fall inside the teepee through the opening at the top. In the morning everything around us was covered in snow. It was truly a new beginning.

When the love of my life Serguey committed suicide in late 1998 I was very close to suicide myself. I went back to the Navajo reservation in Shiprock, New Mexico to another peyote meeting. The ceremony was very intense and very painful for me because peyote makes all the anaesthesia go away and you come face to face with your fear and pain. But with the help of the medicine man Isadore Nakai and his wife Sylvia I was able to face my fear and discovered God right inside me. It was the most life changing event of my life.

After Serguey’s death I had two choices. I could either day (by far the easiest choice) or I could stay and learn why this happened and stop it from ever happening in any future lifetimes. I had to change or die. In the name of love I chose to change.

I traveled extensively with my favorite jam bands: Widespread Panic, Phil and Friends, String Cheese Incident and Phish. I took psychedelics (LSD and MDMA) at many shows. These bands are very deeply shamanic. Going to one of their shows on psychedelics has always been a very deep spiritual journey for me. During time of grief I experienced very deep and almost unbearable pain during those journeys. I would cry rivers at those shows. It helped me get closer to Serguey spiritually, and it helped me heal and grow at an unprecedented (for me) rate.

I owe my accelerated spiritual growth to Serguey. He was the first person in my life who loved me so much that he broke down my walls of defense (which I didn’t realize existed until he broke them). He helped me discover who I truly am. After he died it was my mad desire to reunite with him that drove me to grow and change far beyond what I would have otherwise pursued. 

I went to Peru in early 2000. I took ayahuasca in an Amazon village called Barrio Florida (near Iquitos). My goal was to get in touch with Serguey’s spirit. The journeys were utterly terrifying. I had about 4 or 5 of them until I finally reached a break through. I learned later that the terror of my ayahuasca journeys was due to my infant abuse that I was unaware of at the time. I discovered years later that I had been raped and tortured by my grandfather for the first time when I was only 2 weeks old. Ayahuasca helped me enter that realm and about 10 years later I was finally able to get my memories of abuse by taking LSD and MDMA at a Grateful Dead show and purposely revisiting my ayahuasca trips.

I received my first ibogaine treatment in the fall of 2014. Besides my peyote experience after Serguey’s death, my ibogaine treatment was my second most life changing experience and I would say it was the most healing one. After getting more memories of abuse by my grandfather and another 2 pedophiles, ibogaine showed me images of my mother being abused by him and others. I was later taken into the love and felt like I was cradled in the arms of the Goddess for a timeless amount of time. It seemed like the healing that happened to me during that treatment amounted to hundreds of lifetimes at least. So much trauma was processed, it seemed to go on and on forever. My kids noticed a really big change in me. Daniel said that I stopped yelling at them a lot and that I stopped looking so sad all the time. During that treatment ibogaine played amazing heart-melting music to me, probably the most beautiful music I have ever heard.

Ibogaine became my new passion. I learned how to administer it and started helping street kids in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. I used ibogaine to help them quit meth and other drugs. In my opinion ibogaine is by far the most amazing medicine on this planet because it heals childhood trauma no matter how severe. Since all our problems stems from infant and childhood trauma ibgaine cures all emotional problems including addiction and a vast array of disorders considered incurable such as borderline personality disorder, PTSD etc…

One of my recent discoveries was bufo alvarius, 5-MeO-DMT found in the desert toads of the Sonoran Desert in Mexico and very few other places. Poison is collected from the toad, dried and smoked. This a brief and, if administered properly, a very intense experience that lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. It can help you get in touch with your pain. A lot of people cry very intensely on it. Other times it can take one into a blissful state. Both ways the experience is deeply healing and is very instrumental in healing trauma. It also works very well against drug addiction. I have been administering it to street kids to help them with addiction and PTSD.

Another very important aspect of my personal spiritual path is my close connection, my friendship and my healing work with Lazaris. Lazaris is a channeled guide who has never been physical. I discovered Lazaris shortly after Serguey died. His teachings and meditations have and still continue to transform my life and the lives of my children and other loved ones. 

My kids and I normally do at least 2 to 3 Lazaris meditations per day. We work with different issues with the help of Lazaris recordings and techniques. The results are phenomenal.

Lazaris came to our planet during the biggest spiritual transformation that humanity ever has and ever will go through. It is happening now. It has been unfolding over the past few decades  and is nearing its peak.

Lazaris teaches us that we create our own reality 100%. It is the most liberating thing that I have ever learned about this world. Lazaris teaches us to create our reality more and more consciously. He also has a huge amount of tapes about healing from shame, pain, fear, anxiety, hurt, anger, rage, jealousy, envy, loneliness, despair and everything else in between. Many of his recordings teach about magic (including global magic). In order to be truly powerful we need to transform our negative agendas. As we heal our souls we get more and more power because true power and high magic are fueled by love.

Lazaris tells us that as humanity we had 2 possible futures the nightmare and the dream. In his earlier recordings Lazaris had said that it was still unclear which choice humanity was going to make. However, in later years Lazaris said that we chose the dream, that humanity would not only survive but prosper, and so will of course our planet.

Lazaris says that we have destroyed our planet so much that there are no solutions to the environmental devastation on the physical level. He teaches, however,  that there are solutions through metaphysics where thought creates reality, and as we learn how to create our reality more consciously we will be able to evolve and create those solutions.

I use Lazaris techniques on daily basis. I attribute most of my success as an activist to Lazaris techniques that I used extensively to consciously achieve that success. 

Lazaris recordings are unbelievably powerful. You can find them on www.Lazaris.com


Music was my guide into outer space. I went on tour with the Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, Phil Lesh and Friends, Phish, String Cheese Incident (known as jam bands for their ample improvisation). I could never count how many shows I have seen. I would say well over 500 shows of just the bands mentioned above, not counting other bands, music festivals and local music. 

I took my kids to a number of Rainbow Gatherings, to Burning Man about 7 or 8 times and to a lot of music festivals: Symbiosis, Lucidity, Enchanted Forest, Peace Village Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, High Sierra Music Festival, Gypsy Music Festival, Lockin, Oregon Country Fair, Faerieworlds, a few smaller ones that weren’t that memorable and probably more that I don’t remember.

As far as me playing music is concerned, I studied piano in Russia as a kid. I hated it because of how absolutely oppressive the ways of teaching were. When I was a teen I was lucky because I had a young 9-year-old friend Kolya whose mother Tamara Koloss happened to be a one of the best instructors in the most prestigious school of music in Moscow. That was the school where kids prepared to go to the Conservatory of Music. Kolya’s mother taught me in exchange for me teaching Kolya German and babysitting. I studied piano with her for about 1 semester. It was incredibly fun, empowering and inspiring. I learned so much more in that short period of time than I thought was humanly possible. Sadly, when I left Russia my classes with Tamara ended.

Since then I hardly ever took any classes. I just took guitar classes in Berkeley with my older kids Inti and Nebo for 2 semesters. Inti and I also took one semester of violin classes. This was in 2015 or so. 

Nebo has since become a very creative shred guitarist. He learned most of it on his own from Youtube tutorials and has a huge passion for electric guitar. Nebo is a very good teacher. He teaches street kids to play guitar.

Inti has been playing guitar and piano on her own, she has also been studying music theory on her own. Inti bought a drum set and has been playing drums too.


I spent a good 10 years in a row traveling and periodically returning to the US for more psychedelic music and more psychedelic healing. 

Besides Russia where I was born I have lived in: Ukraine, Hungary, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, the US (New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco (and Oakland, Berkeley), Minneapolis, West Palm Beach and Ocala in Florida, Navajo 4 corners reservation in New Mexico, Hawaii (Maui and the big Island)). 

I traveled and spent shorter amounts of time in Finland, Sweden, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Austria, Chekoslovakia, Croatia, Belgium, Panama, Canada.

I traveled all over the US. Besides Alaska, I believe I have been to every state. Most of my travel in the US was about music. 


My first protest that I went to was the women’s march to keep abortion legal in Washington, DC when I just came to the US (I was about 19). Later I attended some smaller events for that cause locally. I am still a firm believer in reproductive freedom. 

Nobody enjoys having an abortion. But every 3 minutes a woman dies trying to perform an illegal abortion. That was the statistics 30 years ago, I don’t know how it is now, but I am sure it is still a huge problem. Many of those women have kids already and cannot afford to feed any more.

I don’t believe in late abortions. I believe that abortion should be legal, free and should not require parental consent. However, I believe that it should be limited to the first 4 months of pregnancy. Many countries where it is legal have such restrictions.

In 2001 when I was living in Hawaii, I learned about the horrendous realities of child prostitution and started doing research about it. I created fliers that I would hang on street posts and later handed them out at events like Burning Man. 

While in Hawaii I also participated in local activism against a developer nicknamed Bulldozer who wanted to destroy our local community market and in a protest against the US occupation of Hawaii that was aimed to stop more military bases in Hawaii and make them clean up the nuclear waste that they already contaminated Hawaii with.

When the attacks of 911 happened I was living on the Big Island of Hawaii. I knew from the very beginning that 911 was an inside job because of endless contradictions in the news reports. I was wondering why it wasn’t blatantly obvious to everyone else. All you had to do was pay attention to the news and you would figure it out if you weren’t in a comatose state.

In 2002 I moved to San Francisco to become an activist. The timing was perfect. That’s when the peace movement erupted. Numerous protests started happening in opposition to the Iraq war. We were hoping to stop that war before it began. When the war was announced I was at a protest against it. It was raining. I had my kids in the stroller and a snugly. It was so sad that we weren’t able to stop the war.

When I was 16 living in Moscow I made friends with an 8-year-old girl from Iraq. We became best friends. I spent a lot of time with Sama, her older sister Nedal, her younger siblings Amor and Tesar, and many other little kids from the Middle East. Sama’s family was so beautiful. Her parents were young diplomats but they were so kind and so down-to-earth. I remember Sama had her 8th birthday party. It was a lot of fun. At the end I had to go home. A good couple dozen kids from the party went outside with me. They really didn’t want me to leave. They were giving me their sandwiches to take home with me. I will never forget their love.

I lost contact with Sama when I left Russia. To this day I have no idea what happened to her and her family during the war. I only knew their first names and have no idea how to look for them now.

I went to almost every single protest against the war in Iraq with my kids.

911 truth activism:

At the anti-war protests I was looking for people who were interested in exposing the US government for the 911 attacks. Very early on I met Carol Brouillet who was the biggest 911 truth organizer in the US at the time. I joined her organization Northern California 911 Truth Alliance and helped Carol promote her very first big international 911 truth conference in San Francisco. I helped plaster posters and hand out fliers and helped pay for advertisement. The conference was huge, we had 2 or 3 floors and many speakers who came from all over the world.

I spent $1500 on a full page ad in the Guardian. The ad was filled with information about 911, as well as details about our upcoming conference. At the time (and even now) the only way to get any 911 truth information into the newspaper was by putting it in an ad – it was my creative way to bypass the censorship.

I was still afraid of being visible at the time. I remember Carol announced on stage that I was the biggest sponsor of the conference. I was surprised to hear that. Carol asked me to stand up. The panel and the entire audience applauded. I realized that my anonymity was over. I wasn’t expecting to be exposed like that but I was glad that it happened that way. It was very liberating. 

Carol taught me later that it was safer to be in the spotlight than to it was to hide. That’s what a lot of big activists believe. However, sadly, our dear friends and amazing activists Mike Ruppert and Ted Gunderson were still assassinated by the government a decade later despite their nationwide recognition.

I started producing my first TV series in San Francisco called Uncensored 911. It aired for an hour twice a month on channel 29. I added 2 more 911 truth Tv series to get more airtime. I also started airing 911 truth Tv series in Berkeley. I aired presentations from our conference and later when documentaries started coming out I aired those too.

I hosted weekly political film screenings and discussion circles at the Humanist Hall in Oakland for about 3 month. One month was dedicated to 911 truth.

I gave the 911 Truth Alliance the idea of having a 911 truth film festival every year on the anniversary of 911. Carol was receptive to my idea and the festival continues to this day. We sometimes had it in 2 locations, at the Veterans Building in San Francisco (per our close friendship with Veterans for Peace) and at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland. 

In May of 2006 I organized the West Coast premiere of Loose Change, a legendary and to this day my favorite documentary film about 911 that became the very first internet blockbuster. We showed it at the Grand Lake theater in Oakland. The owner of the theater Allen Michaan is a great activist. He often hosts activist film screenings and events for free.

USA Today interviewed me about my screening and published a big story on page 3 about Loose Change. It was the very first time 911 truth was represented so well in the big media. The author of the story was on our side and wasn’t sure if USA Today would even publish it. It was a huge victory for our movement, especially considering that that story was released at the same time as the government propaganda film “Flight 93” came out. “Flight 93” was mentioned very very briefly on the last pages buried in shoe advertisements.

I continued producing 911 truth TV series from 2003 until about 2009. Then I started focusing on my new TV series called My Naked Truth that is a series of nude interviews with activists and other interesting people as well as coverage of my body freedom events that I organize.

The most radical thing I did to protest the government orchestration and cover up of 9/11 was my “whistle blowing” protest at the Kean Commission events in late 2004 that were created by the US government in attempts to brainwash the American people. On 4 different occasions I disrupted the lying speeches of the members of the Kean commission that was supposed to investigate 911. After my last protest the Kean Commission canceled their next event without an explanation and never came back to the SF Bay Area again. I successfully ran them out of our town. 

The video of my protests went viral. It was getting 1000 views and 100 downloads a day on Google Video. At the time it was considered a huge number. Google censored me and took the video down. I had to threaten them with a lawsuit to put it back up. The video was still successfully censored later. Even now Youtube slapped a government propaganda box onto my video without my consent.  


A few years after my whistle blowing protest 2 members of the Kean commission wrote a book about how the Bush administration limited their investigation at every step. It was quite a surprise to us that there were actually honest people in that commission who even had the guts to expose our government for its lies.

Media activism: 

I became a Public Access producer when I moved from Hawaii to San Francisco in 2002. I was producing Uncensored 911 (TV series about 911 being an inside job) that aired on channel 29. I also had a live TV series called “Bust the Consensus” (named after the concept of breaking free from mainstream way of thinking from a Lazaris tape). I moved to Berkeley in 2005 and started airing my TV series in Berkeley. I continued airing them in San Francisco as well.

Besides the ones named above I produced:

Hippie News Network – TV series about the war in Iraq, protests and other political footage, 

Politics From The Heart,  

Election Scams – about stolen elections and the voting machines,

Dirty Secrets of the US Military – based on interviews of Kay Griggs,

911 = Inside Job – I had a total of 3 TV series about 911,

Psychedelic Dreamer – about the healing properties of psychedelic medicine,

My Naked Truth – nude interviews with activists and interesting people as well as coverage of protests against the nudity ban adn nude parades in the City. It is my longest running TV series. It is still airing in Berkeley (channel 28) and San Francisco (channel 29).

I submitted news clips to Newsroom SF a number of times, a great alternative news show by Rod Laughridge.    “Newsroom” was nominated for an Emmy and won several Western Access Video Excellence (WAVE) awards.

I made a documentary about a private school (Burke school) in San Francisco that deceived the Board of Supervisors and robbed their neighbors of their parking spaces. 

Another documentary I made was about Marco Kozlowski, a real estate guru, and his students. I will have to reupload them some day.

Most on my work was never posted online, and of what has been posted a lot was taken down first by Google video, then by Blip.tv, then by Youtube. Most of my videos are currently on Vimeo. I am hoping to find time to reupload my old TV episodes some day.

Since the fall of 2012 (when the SF nudity ban was introduced and then passed) I have been focusing on organizing protests and parades, and making video coverage of my events. My Naked Truth TV has been the only TV series that outlasted all the others that I produced.

Health freedom activism:

I have been a proponent of natural medicine since I cured myself from allergies in my early 20-s. 

The more I learned about the corruption and greed of the medical and pharmaceutical industry in the US the more I felt the need to defend natural medicine against suppression of information and propaganda attacks.

FYU, properly prescribed medication is the 5th leading cause of death in America. (Some sources say it is the 4th).

I got involved in the efforts to stop forced vaccination in California around 2013. I organized a number of protests against vaccination. One of them was a protest against censorship by KPFA radio of Bonnie Faulkner’s show Guns and Butter. Bonnie was prohibited to interview Gary Null on her show and was prohibited from using his documentary as a gift for KPFA fundraiser. 

I organized a protest in front of KPFA, and at night we projected the forbidden documentary onto the wall of KPFA. 

Gary Null has had his own radio show about alternative health for over 30 years in New York and is considered one of the leading authorities on alternative health. Watch this documentary by Gary Null:  “Silent epidemic, the untold story of vaccines”


And watch this video:

U.S. gov’t loses landmark vaccine lawsuit:


Beyond this, forced vaccination violates the Nuremberg Code (established when the Nazis lost the 2nd world war)

I will just say that all the epidemics of common infectious diseases were stopped way before mass vaccinations began.

Vaccines have been found to be contaminated, for instance, with  60 monkey viruses. Vaccines have been conclusively proven to cause mental illness, autism and death. About 3000 children die every year from vaccines in the US alone. Autism is growing at an astonishing rate – mainly due to vaccination.

6 doctors who spoke out against vaccination were assassinated during the battle between vaccine corporations and the people of California in 2013.

I believe that it is up to the individual what they choose to put or not put in their own body.

I believe that all drugs should be legal to consume and I believe that no government authority has the right to force anyone to get vaccinated, considering especially that vaccines pose a risk of death or permanent injury.

I also fought against CODEX, the nasty phony organization that represents the global elite. They were created by the WTO (World Trade Organization) and have powers greater than any elected government of any country. Just as the WTO, they create laws behind closed doors and enforce them globally with zero regard for what citizens of individual countries want or believe in. CODEX attempted to make all vitamins and supplements illegal worldwide. Vitamin C would require a prescription and cost $40 had they had their way. They tried out their tyrannical laws in Europe but were soon taken to court and lost.

I researched them and distributed fliers urging people to fight against CODEX. I also warned owners of health food stores about CODEX. They tried to push their laws a few times in the past couple decades but I haven’t heard about them any more since they lost the lawsuit in Europe.

Body freedom activism:

As I mentioned before, my sexual liberation began with my immersion in Hungarian culture as a teen. I have always been a passionate person and sexual freedom was an important vessel of expressing love. Body freedom was an aspect of personal freedom for me and of course, it was also essential to freedom of sexual expression.

I became a strip dancer at the Naked Eye in Boston in my early twenties in order to provide for my parents and my little brother. It was a liberating experience, my first time being nude in public. 

If you want to learn more about it David Davis did a great job at showcasing that period of my life in his documentary called “Body Freedom”:


Here is a great short documentary by the MODE channel that talks about my life and activism:

Adult industry:

I became a strip dancer in 1990 or so in order to support my parents and my little brother who were illegal immigrants at the time. I mainly danced at the Naked Eye in Boston.

When I was in college in San Francisco in early 90-s I got into nude modeling and made a few adult videos, mostly solo. A few with girls and one with my Russian partner, Serguey.

I modeled nude again a decade later, in San Francisco. But soon got tired of it and became a photographer and videographer for ATK hairy, the biggest website of natural women on the internet. I modeled for them first on a few occasions and then started shooting photos and videos for them. After a year or so of that I started shooting videos of real couples for Homegrown Video. I shot for them for years. I enjoyed the romance and the beauty of the couples. It was an honor to witness and capture on film their love and their romantic self expression. Many have thanked me and said it was a very liberating experience.

I have an adult website where I appear as a model in a few videos and photo shoots ( there are a few solo videos of me, some girl-girl ones and a few boy-girl ones, by far the hottest ones were with the love of my life Jimmy). Most of the time, though, I was behind the camera. My website features exclusively my work that is not posted anywhere else. The site is called Lustful Goddess (www.LustfulGoddess.com). It doesn’t make much money because I haven’t spent much time on promoting it. Whatever money that it does make goes to Jerry Garcia Family Clinic fund to benefit street kids in Mexico.

Natural Medicine:

I was raised in Moscow with very little knowledge of natural medicine. I became interested in it when I had my first big health problem. When I moved to the US at the age of 19 I developed a really bad allergy to acidic foods. I discovered Paul Bragg, the founder of health food stores in America. Bragg is practically unknown in the US but in Russia very well known. He was dying from TB at 16, discovered fasting and saved his life. 

I got his book called “The Miracle of Fasting”. Fasting cures so many things. My allergy was completely cured after doing 24, then 36 hour fasts and then 3 and 7 day fasts. Within about a year my allergy was permanently gone. It came back about 3 or 4 times after that for brief periods of time, always after a long fast (when the toxins are being dumped by the body). For a good 2 decades now I have no allergy and have forgotten that I even had it. To this day I fast 24 hours once a week.

In 2001 I was told that there was a good chance I had cervical cancer. I refused invasive hospital procedures and instead discovered “We want to live” by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. Aajonus had cancer, leukemia, diabetes and a few other diseases when he was 20. He discovered the primal diet (raw diet that includes animal products). Aajonus became a health pioneer after he cured himself of lal those diseases with raw milk, raw meat and primal diet in general. He was assassinated by the government after a few unsuccessful attempts. He was an activist and fought government suppression of raw milk. I am not sure why there is a global conspiracy against raw milk. It might be because it cures cancer, diabetes, asthma and many other health problems. It might be the Big Pharma and it might be the dairy industry that hated Aajonus so much. Because once people rediscover raw milk no one in their right mind will ever want to drink commercial milk again.

After I started following the primal diet my health has been exponentially better than before. At the age of almost 50 I have more energy than I did when I was 20.

Around mid 90-s I took Chinese medicine classes in New York. My instructor James Weiju had his own clinic in China. I learned about herbs and acupuncture. I only studied for a few months and my knowledge in that arena is very limited compared to how much there is to learn. However, my passion for Chinese Medicine never died. To this day I use the knowledge that I received form my instructor and new knowledge that I acquired since then. I also practice acupuncture. Since I never got full training in that arena I only use points that are 100% safe (below the elbow and below the knee). Those points are the most commonly used anyway so it gives me a lot of freedom.  

I love natural medicine as much as I hate the Big Pharma conspiracy against us and against natural medicine. I constantly look for new information.

I discovered MMS (Miracle MIneral Solution) and started using it and sharing it with a lot of people. MMS has come under fierce attacks by the Big Pharma. MMS is completely 100% non-toxic, dirt cheap and cures 97% if not more of diseases from cancer to Alzhimers to kidney failure. It has been used by over 20 million people and has never once caused any health complications. The propaganda lie that MMS is bleach is incorrect. The formula of bleach is different. The difference between MMS and bleach is one oxygen atom, the same difference as there is between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Their chemical properties are vastly different.

I have saved the lives of 2 friends with the use of MMS. One of those people was Cesa, my street kid friend, who was dying from a blood infection in Mexico. We saved his life with MMS. The other one was my friend Chris who had a heart infection and was dying in the hospital in the intensive care unit in Berkeley, CA, because all the antibiotics failed. 3 days after Chris started taking MMS I saw him at Berkeley Bowl (our natural grocery store) with his girlfriend Nora. A few years have past and Chris is doing great.

DMSO is an all natural extract from trees, a bi-product of paper industry. It is a very powerful solvent and a miracle medicine. It works really well with MMS, it helps take the MMS deeper into the tissues. I use those remedies together with mind blowing results.

I use a lot of natural supplements and I enjoy using foods and spices along with herbs and minerals. 

Between the psychedelic medicine, MMS, DMSO, Chinese and Western Herbs, primal diet, supplements, fasting, meditation and emotional and spiritual healing techniques by Lazaris – I am confident that nearly any condition can be cured provided that the patient is willing to get well and is willing to think outside of the box.

I especially enjoy practicing my medicine in Mexico where curing cancer is not considered a crime punishable by imprisonment as it is in the US, where people are so much more open-minded and willing to try new things. I call Mexico the land of the free. 

Street kids – holistic rehab in Mexico:

In late 2016 I went To Puerto Penasco, Mexico with my 3 kids. We met a 12-year-old street kid named Cesa. When Cesa told me that he was homeless I asked him if he wanted me to adopt him. Cesa said yes.

I spent a lot of time looking for Cesa’s mother. I finally found her. She was very distrusting at first but then later we became very close friends. I took Cesa to her (she was in Tijuana) and he stayed with her drug-free for a good 9 months. Cesa’s mother had 3 young children and an older sonJesus (age 13 at the time)  who was staying with her at the time. Also, one of Cesa’s brothers Alberto who was living on the street at the time, joined Cesa and also moved back in with his mother.

I paid their rent, their bills, sent them money for food, brought them clothes, bought them a computer and a washing machine. I supported the whole family for those 9 months.

UNfortunately, Cesa’s mother never did sign adoption papers. Instead she started manipulating me and using me for money. She also got jealous of Cesa’s love for me and started playing mind games trying to separate us. In response to that Cesa and his brother Jesus ran away from home and started living on the street again. They escaped during their visit to Puerto Penasco and never went back to their mother. The older brother Alberto had already left by then and was also back on the street. Cesa’s mother became an enemy and made multiple attempts to put me in jail.

I kept visiting Puerto Penasco and helping the street kids. We spent a lot of time with them, fed them at least once a day, brought them clothes, shoes and sometimes bicycles. Anyone who was brave enough to get an ibogaine treatment was rewarded with a bicycle or a phone.

In early 2018 we started giving the street kids microdoses of iboga. Since many of them were unable to receive an ibogaine treatment due to bad EKGs, I tried a different approach. I started microdosing them which is a way less intense way to get well but also very safe and did not require them to have perfect EKGs. I was blown away by the results. Within 2 to 3 weeks of microdosing there were drastic changes in the kids. Heavy drugs were no longer used, the use of glue was reduced dramatically or stopped completely. The levels of anxiety were reduced to nearly zero, the level of joy was greatly increased. I also took microdoses with the street kids to help me deal with my own trauma and to help me stay on my own spiritual path.

I always administer iboga root bark powder with a brown seaweed extract called modifilan. Modifilan delivers the minerals that are used up in the process of iboga repairing the body and brain. I came up with that combination on my own based on my own experiments a few years ago when using iboga root bark alone made my teeth weak and made them deteriorate. When I started consuming modifilan my teeth became strong again a couple months later. I shared my discovery with an ibogaine patient whom I met online and he reported amazing changes and a big breakthrough in his healing process when he added modifilan to his microdosing regiment. 

So now I always combine the 2, it works really well.

Most ibogaine clinics are sadly focused on making money more than they are focused on helping people. They exaggerate the dangers of microdosing without supervision. In my opinion microdosing is very safe as long as you supplement with modifilan. 

We were able to help the street kids a lot but they do need continued support. We are starting a GoFUndME campaign to be able to provide full time support and full time therapy for them. Quitting hard drugs is only the first step. There is a lot of trauma that needs to be addressed. They all originally ran away from home because of severe abuse by their family members. No child decides to run away from a loving family who treats them with respect.

Cesa had a father who beat his mother so bad that she nearly lost her eye. When she was pregnant with her second son (Cesa was her 4th son) he beat her up so bad that the baby was born with mental disabilities. He also abused the children, of course. During Cesa’s ibogaine treatment he got memories of being abused as an infant.

Ramon’s (who also suffered from autism) and his brother Chore’s father is currently in prison for 25 years for murder. In Mexico due to widespread corruption in the legal system almost no one ever goes to jail even when they rape or murder people. I can’t even begin to imagine what it had to take for Ramon’s father to be locked up for 25 years. On the same note, I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of abuse that man must have subjected his own children to. 

It is very important to understand that every single one of the street kids ran away from rape and torture. It is very important to understand that the reason they got into heavy drugs is their tremendous pain. It is important to understand that the only way to help them is to love them like your own, to respect their free will, to have tremendous patience and ability to forgive, and to use the most effective cures that above all address mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of addiction. 

Ibogaine addresses addiction on all those levels including the physical. Iboga (or the extract of it calle ibogaine) allows the patient to access their trauma and process it, heal it permanently. It is not a short term fix. It is a healing that permanently changes you. You can read more about iboga and ibogaine in the “ibogane treatment” tab of our website.

My work with the street kids is not easy. The kids love us but they do carry a lot of pain and repressed anger, they have a lot of unresolved emotional issues.

We went through a lot while helping them and while learning how to help them better.

We were robbed many times by the street kids. It was just 3 people out of 16 or 17 who robbed us, none of the others did even during a meth binge. The kids who robbed us apologized later. One of them, Richard, would give us money to make up for what he had done. The kids appreciate forgiveness and unconditional love. To me the stolen electronics and flash lights don’t mean much. Being able to help these kids means a lot more. And forgiving them for theft is not very hard especially when they express remorse and give you the biggest hug. 

What was harder to deal was violence. Chore whose father is in prison for 25 years is a really sweet person, but one time someone gave him alcohol and he got violent. My son overreacted and a big fight broke out. Chore hit my son Nebo on the head many times and in the stomach. He could have easily killed him. A few minutes later Chore lifted a huge boulder and nearly threw it at us (a crowd of street kids and me and my son Nebo). We called the police and the police took him to jail but also arrested me because I was filming them. I spent the night on a cement bed with no blanket, no toilet paper and I was lucky that I made friends with one of the guards. He brought me a sweater that someone else had forgotten and gave me lots of water and even offered me cookies. That guard and I spent a good few hours having conversations about natural medicine through the metals bars of my cell. I almost felt like a famous Russian revolutionary who always made friends with prison guards, so much so that the prison had to rotate them every few hours out of fear that they would help him escape…LOL..

We had many encounters with corrupt police who target the street kids, rob them, beat them up, use tasers on them and put them in jail for washing windows. Puerto Penasco is a very corrupt town controlled by the tourist industry, by hotels owned mostly by Americans. Street kids are an inconvenience and the authorities normally treat them like garbage.

We were also targeted because we are gringos, white folks. POlice would stop us and make up lies and excuses to fine us. One time they put guns against our backs because I slowed down at a green light. 

I was thrown in jail once because I refused to pay their fake fines. My son Nebo was threatened with federal prison (he is only 16). But then the cops just let them all (including the street kids they arrested), they let them all escape. Mexican police can be funny. 

My son Nebo was once thrown in jail after he was robbed and beaten be a tweaker. The police tried to extort money out of me but I did not budge.

However, I have to give them credit, that after I explained my work with the street kids to the police a few times, after I told them how much pain those kids had been through, they actually completely left us alone. In the past they pulled us over almost every time they saw us. Nowadays, they completely ignore us and when we do interact with them for other reasons some police officers thank me for my work and thank me for coming to their town.

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