My Naked truth – Steve

this is an interview with my friend Steve. We talk about Steve’s life, about what it is like to be disabled, about religion, sex and other things. It is amazing how many things Steve has been able to achieve that most people with no disabilities have not.
Hosted and produced by Gypsy Taub

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One thought on “My Naked truth – Steve

  1. paradoxgarage

    I am so glad to have watched this. Very beautiful and inspirational. So real. The clothing that we wear is metaphorical for the clothing of personality that we place over our spirit. “This is who I am” we announce to the world with our personae. Meanwhile our spirit lies hidden…waiting and longing for birth into a world where there is no pretense. Out of fear and shame we cloak our true self. In reality, our true self, while at times fearful, is where the love is. Thank you for this deed.

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