My Naked Truth – Julie and Rich part 2

PArt 2 of the interview with Julie and Rich. Among other things we talk about Julie’s near-death experiences and about Rich’s and Julie’s personal dreams and hopes for the future. We also talk about oppressive laws against nudity and sexual expression.
And here is a video about breastfeeding that we discuss in the interview.

2 thoughts on “My Naked Truth – Julie and Rich part 2

  1. chaosrhythm06

    I think it’s natural for girls to suck on their mothers’ breasts for that age but society, for millenia, decided on a cut-off age of less than or equal to 18 months. However, is it not true that girls, not in all cases but in general, want to be very close to their mothers? So it wouldn’t shock me to see a few mothers be liberal about breastfeeding their daughters. I would even guess that a few of those mothers bond sexually with the girls when doing that, although we’re not supposed to know that.

    Btw, I think that Julie is gorgeous. Her husband is a very lucky bastard to have her as his wife. 😉 I just wish she would stand up one time during the interview so that we could see her whole glorious body. She has that motherly figure that gets me going. I would love to spend an hour with her, if he would allow it.

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