Margarita and Osage


EVERY SATURDAY AT 12 NOON AT JANE WARNER PLAZA – JOIN US TO COCCUPY CASTRO – talk to people take photos, distribute fliers and just have fun!

Interview with Margarita and Osage – a beautiful couple of hippie travelers. We met in Berkeley and then went to some music festivals together.

3 thoughts on “Margarita and Osage

  1. Paul Anderson

    I don’t blame him either being in the middle of two lovely ladies. So true about your statement and it’s a natural thing that can happen at anytime. Getting an erection is not always sexual. I get them sometimes just standing up and letting the blood flow.

  2. Paul Anderson

    Hi Gypsy,

    I like how you find people that are so natural in front of your camera. Has there ever been a guest that was uncomfortable to do a video? Also I noticed that Osage started to get excited and wondered if you ever had one of your male guest get fully excited on camera and how you handled it.

    I photograph nudes here on the east coast and had a male model pose nude for me and as soon as he disrobed he got excited. We had to wait a few minutes before continuing.

    1. Gypsy Taub Post author

      Thank you, Paul, I didn’t notice Osage getting excited but I don’t blame him. I know that there is a lot of oppression against women out there but I am getting sick of seeing oppression against men. I am sick of men getting criminalized forgetting an erection. Give me a fucking break! Just getting an erection doesn’t threaten anybody unless the person acts in certain ways. I really feel that laws around that issue are coming straight form the Dark Ages.

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