My Naked Truth TV presents – nude interview with Collin parts 1 and 2

My Naked Ttruth TV – Collin part 1 from Gypsy Taub on Vimeo.

My Naked Truth TV – Colin part 2 from Lustful Goddess on Vimeo.

A nude interview with Colin, a young traveler, about his childhood, his views about government and religion, his psychedelic experiences and activism.

One thought on “My Naked Truth TV presents – nude interview with Collin parts 1 and 2

  1. Mister MRonald

    Dear Humanitarians,

    What are the real estate possibilities of converting vacant lots within the limits of the city into vegetable gardens? It most likely would be a 501-c non-profit business that would coordinate their production yield signs toward charitable efforts wherein profits from real sales would be used to pay staff members of the 501-c designation. Necessity probably would enclose the gardens with construction privacy screens that are something like paper towels with such Contractors. That way, if the Nudists wanted to grow a natural garden, it would not be a distraction to Motorists.

    Modern population seem to be Righteous Young People, energetic Teen-agers, and 20-somethings in the calendar years of the 2000s. Righteous People know what is different, what is right, and what is wrong–and they want to do the right thing; They are people who go to Churches of God-fearing Religions. Humanitarian Altruism seems to be the new wave of the Future Generations.
    I, myself was the one who watered the small backyard garden in a 1/2-way house where I lived for a while quite some time ago. It was owned by some Relatives. I was amazed at the amount of vegetables that I yielded with just daily watering, weeding by hand, and a few cans of aerosol insecticides.
    The 501-c gardens would be an excellent way of confronting hunger problems that is currently ethnic issues of many non-profits groups. It will provide back-pressure support leadership for Fashionable Farmers who are more concerned with driving their autos to a Sports Event for leisure-time pursuits than being concerned about the quality of produce products. The 501-c Vegetable Gardens in the city could provide somewhat of a blueprint for sub-dividing farmlands in our agriculture territories. I’m going out into the Country to grow some food. So, what are the possibilities?

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